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inside Shen Li's weapon collection


inside Shen Li's weapon collection
Guess Who I Am chinese drama review
Guess Who I Am
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by MsNotes
Abr 5, 2024
24 of 24 episódios vistos
Completados 11
No geral 8.0
História 8.0
Atuação/Elenco 9.5
Musical 8.5
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THE CON ARTISTS: a refreshing entertainer

Both the leads are quirky con artists with their own missions to begin with who clash at first few episodes leading to a sweet flirty romance with the overused tropes of childhood connection, male lead having trauma and even a contract marriage.

What's new? Nothing.
What's good?
• the chemistry of all three couples
• those flirty banters
• pacing (not slow, not fast)
• no weird misunderstandings
• both leads relied on each other a lot so they had comforting bonding
• great friendships plus teamwork (I want to join Justice Committee too xD)
• satisfying ending
• a love triangle (but it brings comedy)(trust me you'll like Sheng Silin yet you won't like him enough to have SLS)
• sizzling OSTs

Now since FL's eyes have sort of a magic where just seconds of eye contact and whoosh~ any rich guy falls head over heels for her... such supernatural concepts can't pass over censorship so the story starts with FL writing a novel and all the rest happening inside her novel and ofc in end they make her meet ML in real life in some other way... personally I saw this start and end but ignored it since its all for censorship sake.

Half of the main plot is them trying to solve a past suspense that they tried to build which is flawed and predictable... but I love how GWIA is quite self aware of what they're serving us, like towards the end, the introduction of those comments saying —
« story felt cringe and mix match of every possible genre »
« they loved the yao-chuan couple »
Acceptance of all the cliches they're feeding you and this self mockery by the screenwriter impressed me.

1. 读心人 (mind reader) — by Momo Wu [what a seductive voice!]
2. 猜星游戏 (game of guessing stars) — Meng Huiyan
3. 爱的回答 (love's answer) — Wang Jiachang
4. 别爱我 (don't love me) — Wang Jiachang
5. 谁的谁 (who is who) — Wang Kaiqi
6. Bad guy — Liu Sihan
7. Kiss me now — Dai Yanni (we know when this song was played xD)

The bgm was quite befitting and all those interesting steamy vibey songs. At least our ears were busy lol.

Wang Ziqi and Zhang Yuxi make a nice eye candy couple (those kisses though!)... for the most part, it seemed like they were just having fun, even breaking in and out of their characters a few times, idk how Zhang Yuxi controlled her laugh being every rich dude's so called dream girl. all those wigs, costumes... that cheap version of Marilyn Monroe still haunts me xD

Overall it was worth the time, I had a good laugh and chose to go with 2x option whenever I was cringed. Now that it has finished airing, its good for a binge watch I guess if you're in the mood of a silly cliched romcom done in somewhat better way.
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