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inside Shen Li's weapon collection


inside Shen Li's weapon collection
Todo Mundo Me Ama
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Mar 17, 2024
24 of 24 episódios vistos
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No geral 7.0
História 7.0
Acting/Cast 9.0
Musical 6.0
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Another sweet romcom falling prey to the sweetest Censorship

so basically when their romance started, this drama has already ended *side eyes*

ELM is a decent romantic story which has a subtly good amount of bicker and banter of our leads Gu Xun and Qianling... their dual relationship of online gaming friendship versus their real life attempts to pursue each other were all fun to watch... but when they really got together at last, wait, our sweetest devil censorship enters the chat ;)

Lin Yi and Zhou Ye are pretty actors who have undeniably great chemistry but it leaves you disappointed when some scenes are absurdly removed from the drama... forget triple A games that they're trying to create in this drama, the real gamer is CENSORSHIP :(

ngl I'm being too nice with my 7⛧ rating cuz there were so many "nay moments"

◆ first few eps were hard to digest with ml being such a jerk, good that he got his karma tho
◆ sloppy editing increased the irk-factor
◆ seconds leads could've been a cute pair if they got enough time, I still don't know when Jiang Junnan fell for Xinyi
◆ survived last few eps with 2x speed
◆ and fresh graduates leading a whole unit haha, I'll let this joke pass
◆ ost was nothing special too

Then what saved the day?
◇ lightness. Its an easy no brainer watch.
◇ acting and visuals. If it was not Zhou Ye here, I would really cringe to death at some scenes. her face saved me. Lin Yi was also great. Boy looks good even when he cries.
◇ chemistry. the way she comforted him with a hug in emotional scenes was so precious! I wish they get a better script someday
◇ the slightest love triangle we get for a couple eps was not annoying at all.
◇ so what if those scenes were cut? We've some behind the scenes at least lol
◇ for an airing drama, it still kept me hooked somehow
◇ they dragged? yes. but still ended it at 24 eps... otherwise we know they're capable of dragging it upto 32 or 36 eps format lol.

I've listed the pros and cons, now its upto you if you wanna watch this light gaming business plus romance drama.

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Melancia Cintilante
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de MsNotes Flower Award2
Nov 15, 2023
16 of 16 episódios vistos
Completados 0
No geral 9.0
História 9.0
Acting/Cast 9.5
Musical 9.0
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So what actually happens?
There is a guy named Ha Eun Gyeol, he's passionate about music but he is currently the trophy son to his deaf parents and the only person who can communicate with the outer world in his family. And boy got a deaf brother too (Ha eun ho) who does taekwondo... So dude gotta be responsible for all of them but his guitar keeps calling him and he's unsure if he should pursue music or not... One night magical shit happens and he lands in 1995 where his parents are now his age and he is now going to play cupid for his future parents as younger version of his father (Ha Yi Chan) is a lively youngster who is in a band, is chasing a popular girl, has no interest in studies or Eun Gyeol's future mother (Cheong Ah)

Twinkling watermelon is another sunshine kinda, wholesome, cute cum melodramatic sometimes yet funny and enjoyable youth drama that I would recommend to anyone who enjoys this genre.

This show has a lot of music, dramatic comedy (often overdramatic with exaggerated expressions but trust me it will make you smile), two cute couples and a bunch of high schoolers who would apparently form a band and great friendships (usual to such youth dramas).

What I loved the most in this drama is Yoon Cheong Ah, the bunny girl who is literally the word "cute". A deaf girl who has not received much warmth growing up but she isn't all weak and tries to protect herself in whatever ways possible. I love how they chose the right actress Shin Eun Soo for this role because her smile is honestly all pretty and as worthy as Eun Gyeol talks about in some scenes.

Younger Ha Yi Chan acted by Choi Hyun Wook was again a bonus because we know he's great at portraying this funky outgoing guy vibe. Chemistry of Ha Yi chan and Cheong Ah was also so mushy and natural that made me root for them all along... Ryeom and Seol in ah also did a convincing job at their roles... haven't seen Ryeom before but he was good at acting all those frustrating scenes when he had to face the mess of his time travel.

Also I don't think I need to mention this but you gotta love the father-son duo, be it 2023 or 1995, you'll love how they fight, bicker, protect or kick each other or have emotional conversations. They're simply adorable.

A noteworthy character here is Yi Chan's grandmother acted by Go Doo Shim. Loved her positive presence throughout the show... somehow this show is such a comfort watch thing and quite entertaining if you end up liking the characters. I watched it as it aired so I actually become reluctant towards the end that like "is it really ending tomorrow? I'll miss them"

You'll get the suspense of "if Ha Eun Gyeol can make things right" as a bonus. The ending might have raised questions but most of the major questions were answered in micro details while some mysteries like the time travel link, the shop Viva Music are better left unanswered (because I don't think a satisfying backstory or explanation can be built for that) so its better being left like that.

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Destinada a Conhecer Você
37 pessoas acharam esta resenha útil
Mai 23, 2022
20 of 20 episódios vistos
Completados 3
No geral 8.5
História 9.5
Acting/Cast 10
Musical 7.0
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Cute fluff with a twist

Destined to meet you is adapted from the web novel "Ba Hun, Xu Mo Yi Jiu" (霸婚,蓄谋已久) (literal translation – Domineering marriage, long-planned), written by Yu Ge (鱼歌).

The story starts quite like the usual way of "contract marriage" dramas. She had to marry someone urgently and he is one of the good candidates out there, so she marries him. But the twist is that it may look like she forced him into this marriage but he actually came on his own.

Soon as they live and know each other, they like each other and you know a lot of fluffy moments coming up. But since this is the "Older woman/younger man" trope, she had to be the one taking steps and this is when the comedy comes into play. It gets so funny with all kinds of embarrassing and awkward, silly comedy. Her trials, his denial and etc etc…

The fact that this is so short like 20 episodes of 10 minutes which is equal to 3 hour 20 minutes, almost like a movie that can be watched in one go. Since I picked it while airing, I had to wait though.

What I loved is the female lead… a famous successful lady need not always be cold and bossy… she's rather cute yet strong. And the portrayal of the role by Lu Yan Qi is an advantage. I saw her last time in Under the Skin where she is in a supportive role but after watching this I really wonder why she isn't she a main lead actress. She deserves some good main roles.

The male lead is Yang Ze who is famous for his recent short drama "The killer is also romantic" and a bunch of supporting roles, yet another actor I think can do better. He should be moving to more main roles too. In addition we also have Ni Han Jin ( as Jin Xi Chen ) and Guo Jia Yu (as Liang Jingjing) in important roles.

What took away 1.5 stars —
— The story is good but the editing is bad… as i was confused in between because of the way next scenes come into frame…

To sum up, this is a cute drama that is short and binge-watchable, worth your time if you're looking for something fluffy with little twists, a total romance focused drama with silly comedy.

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Amor Oculto
150 pessoas acharam esta resenha útil
Jul 7, 2023
25 of 25 episódios vistos
Completados 0
No geral 10
História 9.5
Acting/Cast 10
Musical 10
Voltar a ver 9.0

The Wish of First Love that She wrote on Paper Stars came True!! ♥

Cute and Wholesome ♡♡

Hidden Love is a binge worthy, adorable drama about a young girl in love with her brother's friend. Sang Zhi met Duan Jiaxu when she was just 14 years old and again when she was 17, with time she develops feelings for him. Jiaxu who was 5 years older than him only saw her as his little sister but she always had a special place in his life (as a family). They part ways for a period of time and meet again! And whoa now that she's an adult there starts a story of sweetness, hotness and the chemistry that literally do not leaves a chance of giving you butterflies!!

To talk about chemistry, nah they've physics, maths and every subject you can think off. It wasn't even much about the story tbh, most of us just adored this pair together! The good parts about this drama is probably the CHEMISTRY (*chef's kiss*), the ACTING (they look way too natural) and the LIGHTNESS (name a drama with almost no toxicity).

Not like the story left much impression, there was a lot going on and they could've gone in depth with it but instead they focused on our main couple and how to develop their relationship better. Sang Zhi kept saying "I'm not a kiddo anymore" and him finding his home in her and yet teasing her about it. This... This sweet banter, understanding and comfort they had around each other won my heart.

Sang Zhi (played by Zhao Lusi) is such a thoughtful character. Not only she never gave up on her love, the way she was giving her 100% for him and never being insecure or so damn sure that "yeah he is the one for me" is lovely to watch... and did I mention I fell for Zhao Lusi once again!! She ate her character. even her playing a 17 year old was kinda convincing, tho she was 23 when this was filmed. And she sang two songs that always lit up the atmosphere of each scene. She's genuinely impressive.

Complimenting her is Duan Jiaxu (Chen Zheyuan) . This man is a walking green flag. The reason I don't blame her for the puppy love is because who would not fall for him if the guy is this sweet and caring... and visuals obviously!!... Duan Jiaxu got his own struggles but he still walks like a sunshine being nice to everyone around... so take note future drama writers "past trauma do not makes every male lead poker faced and cold"

We also have some beautiful relationships around our leads like Sang Zhi and her brother Sang Yan (Victor Ma) who bicker so much like any other sibling would do... and her amazing parents that give off ideal family goals...

Just a reminder that this drama is FICTIONAL, Hidden love is a completely romance focused cheesy drama that kicks away all the toxicity very smoothly (unlike reality). there's no way a kind Sang Zhi like this or perfect Duan Jiaxu like this or a fully healthy relationship like this would exist. So don't get your expectations too high haha.

I did encounter some typical cdrama tropes but how come they made this drama extra sweet. I hope I'm not going to get tested positive for diabetes by next week as I plan on rewatching this a little more XD... its honestly been long since I've rated a drama a 10 but this one deserved it for staying in its genre and truthfully being what it is, a romcom.

Also trying to address an issue...
•• Is the age gap really an issue? No it's just 5 years.
•• Did he liked her too when she was still a kid? No. It was always her having a crush on him until they met again after she became an adult. so he is not a pervert

If the chemistry wasn't enough to give you diabetes, the songs will - sweet and perfect for the moment

1. Only Want to Secretly Hide You (只想把你偷偷藏好) ~ by Zhao Lu Si & Silence Wang (you'll hear this song for half of the time in the drama and you won't mind it cause it's actually soothing to ears)

2. I Have Someone I Like (我有喜欢的人了) ~ Zhao Lu Si (Ioved her vocals for this song. Zhao lusi is just impressive ❤)

3. Be Your Light ~ Ma Bo Qian (my favorite one, love the feel good casual vibes of the song)

4.The One Who Stole the Stars (偷星星的人) ~ Yi Hui
5. Have You (有你) ~ Zhao Lei

6. Forever Star ~ Zhang Yi Hao
7. You are My Only Wish in this Lifetime (你是我此生唯一所愿) ~ Zhang Bi Chen

So Hidden Love is a 10/10 for me for being that perfect light romance drama that makes you blush in and out with the butterflies. it's worth checking out for the fluffy, sugar factor!! Would definitely recommend it!!

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Um Medley de Final de Ano
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Jan 10, 2022
Completados 0
No geral 9.5
História 9.5
Acting/Cast 10
Musical 8.5
Voltar a ver 9.0

It feels like I was listening to a lovely song

This has been one of my most anticipated Korean movies ever since I saw the Cast line-up. So, I finally watched it and this totally reached my expectations. Infact, I feel empty now. I wanted more of this!

A Year End Medley is simple yet overwhelms us with a bitter-sweet pleasure.

The movie starts from a full festive vibe where Seo Kang Joon is singing the Christmas song "Jingle bells, jingle bells… jingle all the way…" and everything is in like a happy to go state. Everyone can be seen gearing up for Christmas and finally when Christmas comes, we come across the other side of the coin. When most of the people are excited for Christmas and New Year with their friends or families, there are yet many people who have their own problems and loneliness to deal with… that's when this takes us on a "little" deeper ride but as the year finally ends, gladly everyone finds a "New Hope" in their life. It's like inspiring us to keep going on.

There are actually 5 different stories which are intermingled to each other. All characters were lovable. Yes! No negative or annoying character which makes this such a light watch. My favorite character was "Sang Hoon" (acted by Lee Kwang Soo) ~ a selfless, dedicated manager who supported a singer when he was in his down, he could have left him and signed up someone else but he became his pillar and made him a big star, when he was really popular, he didn't even try stoping him from signing into a bigger company so that he can get more opportunities. I loved how selfless and caring he was. They had a brother like bond which was truly precious to see. Infact, all 5 stories were special in their own way.

The Cast was the major factor that attracted me here and they all did a great job acting their own parts especially the Old duo – Lee Hye Young ( as Katherine ) and Jung Jin Young ( as Sang Gyu ) were great presenting a touching love story. It was the top notch acting that made this movie more memorable.

The best part of this movie is that it made us experience so many wide emotions in just two hours. All 5 stories gave me something. Then, the OST. Beautiful songs that match the situations. I didn't even realize how fast my two hours went and I was already done watching this movie. It's like a smooth ride perfect for a evening watch. I watched it alone this time but I would like to rewatch this with my family later…

Overall, just a bunch of ordinary stories wrapped up in colourful flavours which should be watched at least once.

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Mai 21, 2022
16 of 16 episódios vistos
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No geral 9.0
História 9.5
Acting/Cast 10
Musical 9.0
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The weight of your words; Is it heavy enough to save/kill people?

Are "mere words" enough to save someone who wants to end his own life? I think many people who are emotionally struggling need someone to talk it out… a simple talk may not end their years of problems and make them a smiling person again but it could be of little help.

Words can save people but they can destroy them too. "Tomorrow" is about the other side of the coin. The reasons, the thinking and the words that could've hurt a person so deeply that he wants to avoid this "tomorrow." This drama teaches us the real value of the words we speak. they are NOT trying to convince us that suicide is the right option rather they want us to be caring towards people and choose our words wisely.

Tomorrow is a fantasy drama that brings to you the right balance of emotional cases and stories of people suffering (who are at the verge of ending their lives) but the Risk Management team of Jumadeung is right there… just like Koo Ryeon says – "Our job is to offer them comfort, sympathy and support rather than a solution. They're the only one who can free themselves." …So they're grim reapers with angelic twist…

The best take by the writers are those stories, nothing very superficial or highly imaginative. They're social and human problems that may be relatable at some point. Since related to death and people's conflicting mental state, they tend to be dark sometimes… and the words in every scene are so quote-like. Every sentence with deeper meaning. I liked that.

Based on the webtoon "Tomorrow" (내일) by Llama, tomorrow is impactful with cruel reality of society. One thing which stays with all stories is 'Self love'… "Stay strong, have that trust in yourself and face them"… Like one line that hits me highly from Episode 7 is "My standard for happiness is myself."

Many people were curious… is there any romance? Yes there is. It is for a little part only but they looked so good together. Of course, I wish it was longer but that's all we get.

The subtle and spiritual acting by the leads makes everything better.

✧ Kim Hee-Seon (as Koo Ryeon) – my eyes were stuck on Hee-Seon's beautiful-sassy red hairs, badass, i like her her kicks and how she stopped time on her finger tip.
✧ Rowoon (as Choi Jun-Woong) – Rowoon and this role, both keeps impressing me all the time, he takes decisions emotionally, cries with them and gives his all sympathy and support.

✧ Yun Ji-On (as Lim Ryung-Gu) – Ji-on is also great as the Mr. Lim who has a soft heart inside his casual look.
✧ Lee Soo-Hyuk (as Park Joong-Gil)– Soo Hyuk literally comes to the screen for 5 minutes every episode yet he leaves a good after effect with his charm.

What I didn't enjoy here —
—•• The ending was really rushed but we don't get any cliffhanger, it was all clear, yet that one story of leads had so much potential. I hope it was given enough time.
—•• less screen time for Soo Hyuk… I thought he is the main lead but we see him barely in the early episodes and only towards the ending he looks like an important part of the drama.

All four have their own mysterious story that could make you cry buckets. Jumadeung is an afterworld organization that includes many Grim Reapers so this drama isn't going to be all about suicide cases… there will be some natural/accident death cases…
From the OSTs I liked —
♪Red Light♪ – sung by Lee Seung Hyub 이승협 (J.DON) …and… the cover in episode 5 ♪Summer flower♪ – sung by Kang Seung Yoon.

Tomorrow does have a special concept "related to suicide/death" and they can be triggering for some people… anyone who is doubtful about whether to watch or not or whoever is scared to get affected by them can ~
✼ try out some episodes and then decide
✼ look out for what are the topics covered and if any topic looks upsetting just avoiding those particular episodes is enough.

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Mar 11, 2022
15 of 15 episódios vistos
Completados 2
No geral 10
História 10
Acting/Cast 10
Musical 9.0
Voltar a ver 8.0

An intense binge worthy drama!

I am so in love with this drama. I saw everyone praising it so I casually started it out of curiosity. I was just thinking about giving it a try for the hype. But now I am actually joining the crowd. I feel like praising everything about this drama.

Reset is an intense story that revolves around a few characters binded by a time loop. What I am happy about is that despite it being a time loop drama where certain things will keep on repeating it was executed in such a nice way that I couldn't even think of skipping anything. No matter how many times they repeat it, a right balance of new things came out that was interesting.

So the story starts with a university student named Li Shiqing (Zhao Jin Mai). She was on a bus and on her way to somewhere when the bus gets into an accident and she dies. But she wakes up the next second and just considers it as a bad dream but woah! this is the best part. Things seem to get repeated and she seems to die because of the same accident again and again. Once she realizes about this horrible time loop, her first instinct is to escape, she uses a boy sitting beside her who is Xiao Heyun (Bai Jing Ting), a game developer to get out of the bus but unexpectedly he enters into the same time loop with her. Oh my god! Just the first episode and I was hooked up. I couldn't wait to see how they would continue this story.

Afterwards there are just crazy things happening. They both try struggling in all ways possible to change this destinied accident. Not even a single second is irrelevant or like filler in the drama. Everything is there for a reason. Even the expressions of each actor and how should they react in a particular scene is so perfect.

Their bond. Like two people who are in a mess of time, fighting together and just like two teammates going through life and death together. You can observe how slowly and reasonably their bond develops. Romance is not the visible center of the drama but it's just present through those little moments between them. You can see the care in their eyes and just the will to accompany her/him in the trouble till the end.

I love how almost every character has their own story and stuff. It's short like 15 episodes of 45 minutes each but they do justice to every character present.

Favorite line — "Human is iron and rice is steel. You can only save the world when you are full"

So, in the end, I recommend this to everyone. To even those viewers who are like me and who hesitate to watch time loops… this was a great watch. A well organized plot, high quality production with actors who know their characters well. It's amazingly set with an interesting story which kept me on the edge of my seat and I was like always looking forward to watch more and more. Meanwhile I will be off to dig up some good behind the scenes videos to enjoy more of this :D

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Jinpai Kefu Dong Dong En
38 pessoas acharam esta resenha útil
Out 2, 2023
24 of 24 episódios vistos
Completados 1
No geral 8.0
História 8.5
Acting/Cast 9.5
Musical 8.5
Voltar a ver 7.0

Cute but couldn't avoid cliches

"Hello I'm at your service" is a lovely office romance that is both binge-able and cringey. One of those sweet, sugary dramas that we get every year from China but it still has some elements that you would enjoy. For me, it was a unique CEO male lead and the concept of your workplace being your family.

Our ceo male lead, Lou Yuan (Miles Wei) appears like a cold, aloof, very typical at first but he is rather friendly and nice. He is not a total introvert either. Behind this perfect ceo is a down to earth, frugal guy who dotes on the female lead.

Contrasting to him is the female lead, Dong Dong En (Xu Lu) who is quirky and efficient at her work. As a customer service representative she is good at flattering people too. She is just too smart and knows how to talk through her way.

She works for a small company called Ba-Er (Eighty two studio) which has less employees but they all are like family members who go through hardships together. An amusing company which barely makes any money but stays up for nights to meet the client's requirements. The founders are like elders of the family where an employee is casual enough to nag or stare at the boss. They even dine together daily. Her bonding with them was one of the parts I loved in the drama.

Now coming up to what took 2 stars away. Its the stereotypes of a Chinese Romcom. You get a CEO, rich ML- poor FL story (which gladly is the main highlight here although they presented a very healthy relationship since Lou Yuan was not domineering and rather understanding), you also get a bitchy childhood lover out of nowhere (with zero self respect obviously), a toxic Ex (who you wish could die bald, many might enjoy this arc tho becoz I laughed a lot at the end).

But anyone watching this for the romantic story wouldn't get bored for sure. Along with these adorable leads we also get two second lead couples who have interesting stories going on parallely.

And all throughout this drama one thing you can definitely learn is how to butter up people. Like no one here is talking in a sane way without adding compliments. Its so cheesy at some scenes but its funny too. Comedy makes this drama light and an easy watch.

Overall, it was quite a mid, okayish drama that you can binge watch over a weekend or keep as a side dish for a strong ongoing angsty historical you're watching.

Sweet, a lot cliche yet fun!

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Meu Coração
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Dez 29, 2021
24 of 24 episódios vistos
Completados 0
No geral 7.5
História 8.5
Acting/Cast 6.0
Musical 8.0
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Decent script but still lacked in many ways…

The drama goes through 3 stages —
✦ the silly, funny and fluffy stage
✦ the main magical politics & the love triangles and squares…
✦ the finale full of politics and melodrama…

In the beginning, all I saw was a silly innocent girl approaching an idle Lord and he doesn't seem like avoiding her either… there's still much politics going on but what catches the right attention was the fluff. The female lead turning into a rabbit and male lead becoming a white little fox were the cutest parts… first half was Great, at least better than the later half…

And then comes the Mystery stage, when politics and magic finally comes into light. That's when you realize you're in a "Xuanhuan" drama after all. The drama features two areas, one is where the main city palace exists and which is the centre for all the politics, known as Qiyuan Continent and the other is No Magic Valley where people with no magical powers i.e. simple human beings live… Now that I think more, the concept of "No Magic Valley" & "Magic girl" was actually pretty interesting… I should have taken the politics more seriously from the start lol…

Lu Qingqing ( Cheng Xiao ) — she's just Naive Af, like the queen of naive characters. But how do you expect a girl who has never gone out of the house to be clever or learn rules of society, etiquettes etc… So, her stupidity or silliness do not annoys us. Infact, it's very cute to see that she is so simple-minded. The only thing she wishes for is freedom. So, she wishes to get magical powers to go out. I loved her innocence. She got some character development thankfully…

Nangong Yixin ( Jason Gu ) — Nangong is an idle Lord who is very carefree and kinda like a rich, spoiled prince who wanders and travels around the world. Though he has great magical powers, he stays away from official matters of palace. He plays the cool guy outside but is actually a very warm and shy man. It's very funny when Qingqing approaches him by many ways and he can't help but fall for her innocence.

Now, some CONS which took away 2.5★ from it ⸺
➤ from technical point of view, the editing and CGI was kinda messed up in some scenes… like the monster that was meant to be scary was so funny, behaving like a pet dog… but considering it's a low budget production, so that's all we get…
➤ Then, acting was not special… no matter how good a script is, it requires actors who can portray those emotions especially towards the finale when there were more intense scenes (from crying to big revelations), I am not saying they are all bad actors but I think maybe these characters don't suit them and there are some other actors more suitable for it… In the whole drama, Lady Yunxi acted by Wang Yi Fei was the only role that felt real and I could connect to it… all in all, I wanted a better cast here…
➤ then, this drama is indeed little slow paced…
➤ they missed out some great scenes where they can show more fantasy but they completed those scenes in one go…
➤ Since, I was not convinced with the acting, I cannot feel the main lead's chemistry either…

Despite these lackings, I loved the last two episodes, they were perfect.

Rewatch value… I am not the type to rewatch things easily… so obviously not rewatching it.

Overall, a decent historical Rom-Com which comes along with a mix of Xuanhuan and magic. I would rather say, that it tried to deliver something different.

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Mergulhando em Seu Sorriso
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Jul 17, 2021
31 of 31 episódios vistos
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No geral 10
História 10
Acting/Cast 10
Musical 10
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A GEM of C-Dramas! Made Me Smile, Laugh, Blush & feel the Spirit of E-Sports Players!

"Whether it's E-sports or Her, I just want to Love what I really Love" – Lu Si Cheng.
Ohh I loved this Sentence! All released trailers were quite eye-catching. I was drawn to the drama later after a few (around 8/10) episodes were already Aired as my friends here kept on discussing about it. First of all I love the genre 'Comedy' and let me tell you that this drama definitely has a good comic plot. Simple activities in the Drama are made Funny with perfect dialogues & expressions. Almost all characters are loveable… of course, excluding those few negative ones. The Drama Enters the light Rom-Com category too. 31 Eps doesn't seem draggy here. They suit the Concept of the Drama.

Initial Thoughts of the show —
Just the Ep 1 is enough to make you drawn to watch later part of the show. There was obviously no romance genre in the initial episodes so, 'comedy' & 'e-sports' theme rules the drama completely. The Visuals of the drama is something that I should definitely mention. I can't guarantee for everyone but I was very Busy looking at those handsome faces. "A Bickering Couple" this is how Lu Si Cheng & Tong Yao can be defined in the starting episodes. They will bicker & make us smile over them in almost Every Episode!

Story —
Kind of the typical story for the main couple that they will bicker & turn friends slowly then get together. E-sports is the main focused theme. So, there will be many matches & competitions. It will revolve around the main players of main teams (i.e. ZGDX, YQCB, CK, TAT). There are several other teams mentioned too but for once/twice only. The drama will show how some players can get parents' support while some cannot. Different problems faced by a E-sports player like getting hand injuries, facing social issues, impression on fans – maintaining their perfect image, how online comments can affect their performance, coping with personal issues while being a good player etc. One thing that I can confidently say is you are gonna love the Team "ZGDX" & their bonding.

Most Characters seem Legit & Reasonable. They have their own background Story. But considering it's a 31 Eps Drama, I still think that some background about characters could have been shown in a detailed way rather than showing Team Meals again & again. I mean it's quite clear that they are a team, they live in the same base camp & they will have meals together & yeah I agree that most of the funny moments are shown while their meal scenes only. They tried to balance it but still…

Considering E-sports, the makers have done a good research & portrayed it in the drama in a really organized way. This drama kind of reminds us of another C-Drama "Go Go Squid". If you have seen it, you can relate this Drama to it. But I have to tell you that FLs of noth dramas are entirely different.

The amount of Kiss scenes in the drama was really unexpected. According to me there were too many of them but they were Cute. It was also unexpected how 'Lu Si Cheng' turned from a Teasing Man to a Flirting man. I mean he will just keep you blushing in the whole 2nd half the drama.

Now, it's time to Move on to My personal Favorite Characters from the Drama —
• Fatty (lol just thinking about his expressions makes me laugh & he got the Perfect timing to be in the right place in the wrong time. I mean he can always witness most of the embarrassing scenes & then his reactions are just Epic lol).
• Lu Si Cheng (How can someone not fall in love with this character! Ooh the change in him in the later half of the drama is just… But this alone do not makes him my Fav. It's about his straightforwardness & ideals. His statements were always up to the mark if either he was guiding his teammates as the Captain or he was scolding them. He was not partial. It may seem that he was just favouring Tong Yao but later on, his original intentions will be revealed that were quite genuine).

Acting/Cast —
Considering all BTS videos that I have seen on the drama. All characters have really worked hard from practicing games to correct finger movements in the keyboard… from fingers in keyboard while playing to Expressions management on the face according to the match that they are losing or winning. All roles of E-sports players did a good job in it!!
Main Characters ~ Lu Si Cheng (played by Xu Kai) was perfect for this role. He's so tall that he can call anyone "Shorty" , then his leader role matches his personality too. I am quite shocked that this is actually his first modern drama. He's def. a good actor considering that. Tong Yao ( Cheng Xiao ) was portrayed beautifully. She has a Cute Face but can perform a strong character. She has really improved in acting. Members of ZGDX –
•Lao Mao (Kevin Xiao)
•Lu Yue (Yao Chi),
•Fatty (Sun Kai),
•K (Gao Han),
•God Ming (Yalkun Merxat) &
•Xuao Rui (Cui Shao Yang) …… are all Awesome Characters & they could create that funny atmosphere becoz of their awesome acting.
… Ai Jia (Zhou Yiran), Chen Jin Yang (Rachel Wang) form the 2nd couple who look cute as 2nd Leads.
Everyone performed their roles nicely!

Rewatch value —
I am sure I will rewatch this drama later just because it's so Funny & can easily bring smile in my face… so this drama holds a big rewatch value for me, which is quite Rare.

Music —
I am sure the creators invested quite a lot in the songs as there are some songs sang by pretty famous C-Pop groups + there is a long list of songs. most of the songs represent their competitiveness & power. The upbeats & strong vibes in the songs are really cool.

The OSTs —
♪Everytime♪ …… [by WayV. I would say the best among all of them. I love the energy & power of the song! Perfect for me!]
♪Warrior♪ …… [by SEVENTEEN. It's energetic & suits that competitive environment in E-sports]
♪Heroes♪ …… [by Air League Band. It's the theme song for ZGDX team. Powerful!]
♪Soulmate♪ …… [by Xu Kai & Cheng Xiao. A romantic song for the duo sang by them only which is Perfect]
♪Running to you♪ …… [by Angela Cheng.]
♪Follow the Light♪ …… [by Chen Zhouxuan of BonBon Girls 303]
♪Edge♪ …… [by Naomi Wang. Unexpectedly, I like listening to it again & again "We won't Cry, Nooo" ]
♪Signs of You♪ …… [by Zhai Xiaowen ft. FrankiD]
♪Before Dawn♪ …… [by Gao Han]
♪Facade♪ …… [by Joker Xue]

Out of these, "Everytime" & "Edge" joined my Favorite list & "Heroes" was pretty good too.

Conclusion —
A Good News! That If you have made up your mind to watch this drama, all episodes are already available free in YouTube legally in "Youku" & the songs are already released in the channel "NSM Group". So, basically there is no barrier. I have mentioned all my thoughts on the drama now. so, if you ask me – Should I watch this? I would say "Definitely Yes" cause I didn't regret watching it at all. Infact, I enjoyed it wholeheartedly!
*Yet again, watching/not watching is your call*

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Mestre de Mim
28 pessoas acharam esta resenha útil
Jul 24, 2022
32 of 32 episódios vistos
Completados 0
No geral 9.0
História 9.5
Acting/Cast 9.0
Musical 8.5
Voltar a ver 6.0

Her Dream was her Best Investment!

First of all, why is this drama so underrated? Like it deserves more!! She was told that "you cannot do this" but she made the same person say "you did it well". Master of my own is not your simple business drama with blah-blah-blah about stocks, that up and down graph, office deals etc. It's a story about growth, huge character developments and a slow burn mature romance you would cheer for.

Master of my own is adapted from the novel "Please Call Me The Director" (请叫我总监) written by Hong Jiu. Directed by Yao Ting Ting, it's a very unique storyline in it's genre.

Let me list what this drama is worth checking out for —

The female lead – she gets kicked, looked down upon and left completely devastated until she gears herself up to fight for her dream to be an Investment Director. What I love about her is she sticks to her principles no matter what. She is especially cool and beautiful at some points. Can't help but shout like a proud mama "You go girl!"

The story – surprising that this is the best Business genre Cdrama I've ever seen. Most of the business themed dramas do upper talk and group meetings in the name of business but this actually goes into little detail. It's not boring and embedded with the character's story. I love how they mentioned all the projects and what an investor thinks before giving money to them. "All" investors aren't emotionless machines who want profit, some do care for a new startup and are willing to take risks. And who doesn't have ups and downs but motivation, hard work, passion shines through this drama.

The male lead – okay. I agree he is just a big jerk in starting and I felt the urge to punch him hard so often but still let me say this to the upcoming viewers, give him some time. He won't disappoint you much in future. He becomes likable slowly.

The Acting – not a big fan of any of the cast but they were so satisfying. Ning Meng by Tan Song Yun is the definite highlight of this drama. The way she looks cute and bubbly and then she transforms with suits and dresses, you can see through her aura. Lin Geng Xin as Lu Ji Ming is suitable for this unique CEO role. The rest of the cast, special mentions to Su Xin and Gong Bei Bi who were great as Ceng Yu Hang and Shi Ying respectively.

The slow burn – slow burn romance lovers like me who enjoy a beautiful friendship and companionship turning to love would enjoy this drama. They don't have those cliche moments at all. It's just a basic understanding and magic between them where enemies turned lovers is like icing on the cake.

Now what still takes away 1 star from it —
It's probably because it became slow in the middle or maybe because I have no intention to rewatch this drama. Okay it was special for Tang Song Yun and her role Ning Meng but rewatching won't happen…

So I am going to remember this drama for the motivation, character developments and the little Ning Meng who does big tasks.

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55 pessoas acharam esta resenha útil
Dez 9, 2021
36 of 36 episódios vistos
Completados 0
No geral 9.5
História 10
Acting/Cast 10
Musical 9.0
Voltar a ver 6.0

Characters here are never out of tricks

And finally a great female lead that stands out unique to other female characters strongly…

The female protagonist here Mu Wan Qing (acted by Jingyi Zhang) suggests them ideas, shows bravery when needed & do not hesitates to help or take risks to get something. She's cool, gives answers to insults, not your typical crybaby. Male lead & second male lead are there to help her but she isn't a burden on anyone. She knows many languages, is hardworking & knowledgeable not only for problems in life but also in business. The way she deals with her evil step sister is so pleasing to see like originally female leads must be sobbing in some corner but this female lead makes that evil one cry instead. The way she supports Xuan Lin unconditionally is also amazing.

Male lead — Tan Xuan Lin (played by Chen Xing Xu) is also a good character. He is always cool, fun & cracking jokes. Even when situation is complicated, he has the time to joke around & bicker with other leads. But the deeper part is that he has an emotional side too. He has his own reasons & rules. He is quite intelligent too as he tackels his problems in the best way possible. His relationship with his sister is adorable.

Another Male lead — Xu Guang Yao (played by Evan Lin) my poor boy Evan, it's just his second work as an actor & he has been really acting so well but why you gave him a second lead role. Poor him T_T… then this character Xu Guang Yao is a righteous man who doesn't know much to play tricks but he's still intelligent. He is like the definition of Nice male lead. He's caring, kind & protective towards our female lead, Wan Qing… he has 2 best friends who try their best to support him. I liked their bond too.

The positive part of this drama is that though there's a lot of politics but it's not so boring, I was actually enjoying people tricking each other like that. Every character is important, has their own background story & are clever. No one accepts defeat easily & comes back with new ideas. Overall, the drama gets more interesting as we go ahead… well, everyone wants to save their position but who will save the people? That's a nice point presented here…

♪Eyes like star♪ — by Si Nan (the lyrics is beautiful, so is the voice and music. Soothing & slow… it's the opening theme song)
♪Clearly know♪ — Cai Yisheng (I liked this song too)
♪Horse ride♪ — Zhang He Xuan (this is the ending theme song)
♪Your promise♪ — Dai Yutong
♪Swaying♪ — Liu

Rewatch value… No, I am not rewatching this again. Well, I am not a frequent rewatcher and It's kinda lengthy so… though I enjoyed it, its a one time watch drama only.

TO CONCLUDE… it's a 9.5 out of 10 overall. There's politics for getting power, good supporting roles who keep us entertained throughout. Interesting characters with their own story & stuffs to deal with & how the leads make their bond more stronger while sorting out the complications is what the story is about.
Reasonable characters knitting a wonderful story…!!

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Mentir Para O Amor
37 pessoas acharam esta resenha útil
Dez 23, 2021
32 of 32 episódios vistos
Completados 3
No geral 8.5
História 8.5
Acting/Cast 9.0
Musical 9.0
Voltar a ver 4.5

A moment might be short but it's strong enough to illuminate a lifetime

Lie to Love is a contemporary rom-com which starts with many elements of revenge, amnesia, a cool FL and mysterious ML and soon takes you on a romantic voyage.

What I liked (Pros) —
➢ It has the right amount of mystery and everyone plays it cool, like they know each other's secrets but everyone is good at pretending

➢ The whole tree, camping and rock climbing concept was something I really liked… that could be made into a whole different drama and it would be so fun to watch that… I was enjoying the couple's flashbacks more than their current romance…
➢ The main leads, Li Ze Ziang and Su Xie Yi's chemistry stands out differently…

➢ The OSTs, even Luo Yunxi sang one song but Cheng Xiao also has good vocals, no idea why they didn't give her any song… or maybe those songs didn't suit her style…

➢ Oscar, Ohh! Such a nice friend and he is such a sweet character and "Chestnut" is the cutest part of this drama… he deserved some more screen time

➢ Acting was well done by the main important characters ~ Luo Yunxi, Cheng Xiao, Gao Han, Tian Yi Yong, Zhao Zheng and Wang Zi Yun…

What I didn't liked (Cons) —
⚘ FL's character was so confusing for me… they raised my bar too high with the first episode, she was flipping her clothes on air like that, it looked damn cool… but what to do with the great start as later Xie Yi loses her charm… like you went there with a big task… with this and that plans… but you end up depending on the male lead totally… thankfully her role got a little better towards the end again…

⚘ I feel sad for those people (including me) who came in this drama for "pretended amnesia" plot… cause that stayed for very less episodes only…

⚘ I feel like this base story (which is given as sypnosis here in MDL) had so much potential but what they actually showed in the drama had spoiled it… if they gave little less importance to Romance, this would have been more better…

⚘ there comes a span of boring episodes in between, around 15-24 where I was skipping most of the things…

❆ ♪Circle Of love♪ — Tien Chong (loved this song! )
❆ ♪Because of you♪ — Luo Yunxi (the song is filled with over sweetness. With this song in Yunxi's voice, I was getting "Love is Sweet" drama vibes… )
❆ ♪Memory of last life♪ — Curley Gao ( her high notes seem so natural, she sings every song in such a mysterious way )
❆ ♪Your moon♪ — Ariel Ann
❆ ♪How are you♪ — Wang Sulong
❆ ♪there is light in the tree hole♪ — Li Runqi
❆ ♪Venus♪ — By2 ( another pretty song with pretty lyrics and pretty voices… one of the singers was giving me "Frozen" vibes )
❆ ♪My sun♪ — Si Nan

… this drama really had many songs… and these songs really saved many points from me… "Circle of love" and "Venus" are my favorites out of these…

I enjoyed watching this at some points while I got bored at some… won't be rewatching this… So, overall, a mysterious drama that will reveal things to you on the surface but hang on, there's more to the story… it's mixed, sometimes very good and sometimes just a watchable drama…

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Perdi Você Para Sempre — 1ª Temporada
117 pessoas acharam esta resenha útil
Set 3, 2023
39 of 39 episódios vistos
Completados 18
No geral 9.5
História 9.0
Acting/Cast 9.5
Musical 9.0
Voltar a ver 8.5

The One Who Can Stay With Her Forever

The chemistry of all the three male leads with Xiaoyao begins with... "because I was once all alone and abandoned and you stayed with me. And even if the world hates my dark side, is after my royal position, you like me for me..." Be it Cang Xuan or Tushan Jing or Xiang Liu, all three first found a great companion in Xiaoyao for their loneliness. While Xiaoyao herself, was on the search of someone who would accompany her till the end.

Lost You forever is a compelling, intriguing narrative spanning over hundreds of years set in kingdom Dahuang where deities are struggling over power and these ambitious or least-interested-in-power characters are struggling to stay alive or do as they like among the harsh palace and wordly walls.

Half of the plot is about how these main characters have merely one percent control over there own lives and that's what made them selfish, desperate and cold. Ngl their struggles never end and no single soul has happiness in the whole Dahuang. More than liking or hate I've a truckload of pity for them... The male protagonists only see the leading lady Xiaoyao as their light of hope and Xiaoyao who is almost numb to the world, sceptical, she wants a man who can be kind to her forever without breaking her heart or promises... the rest half plot is about some fast paced politics where Cang Xuan is trying to make a name for himself.

Lost you forever has to be the most fast paced, polished, top tier production quality palace drama I've watched this year. The direction and acting are worthy of praises. Tbh I was reluctant to start this earlier but Yang Zi's performance here surprised me eminently. Scattered scenes like her visiting her father in Haoling after long, getting injured by thousands of incoming petals and her staring at stairs looking back at what she has been through, all these scenes made me as heartbroken as she was. Would dare to say that this might be her best work as an actress where she got to show her range in her craft.

Being a historical where female lead stays as a 'Male' for half of the drama, Yang Zi was far impressive in her part. her Wen Xiao Liu was so convincing that it took me some episodes to digest that she's a woman now. I often saw a man in her face after she transformed xDDD... But this was the reason Xiaoyao got along well with all four male leads in the first place (expect Fenglong who fell at first sight for her feminine side, but he later admitted how comfortable he was with her as a buddy indicating that he also liked her straightforward cool-bro nature)

Let me introduce you to the options, Princess of Haoling, Haoling Jiu Yao (Xiaoyao) has —

1. Cang Xuan (I'm far ambitious but I'm doing this so that I'm powerful enough to protect her. I'm so in love with her that I don't mind being her brother for life if I get to stay by her side)... Zhang Wanyi has crazy eyes that have accurate longing and helplessness this complex role needs. He's both a psycho and a heartwarming brother favored by ladies. He was so impressive that I kinda want him in more darker roles in future.

2. Tushan Jing (I like her but I'm also too kind, I'm good at strategies but I still fail in life becoz I'm too gentle for this world)... Deng Wei's face suits the nice male lead trope but he felt a bit off in some scenes. Maybe its about experience that he will gain slowly, even so he was good. his chemistry with FL is all mushy and cute type where they talk and paint and I'm blushing hahaha

3. Xiang Liu (yes I'm that white haired guy most of you were swooning over. I would kill and not kill for her. I wander the world in white robes but go back to tease or bite her once every episode)... Picking Tan Jianci for Xiang Liu is epic!!!!!!!! (He looks great( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)) He's scheming, maybe an extremist but damnnn his deep talks, nonsense bickering, drowning in water has hell lot of chemistry with Xiaoyao.

4. Chishui Fenglong (I met her late but I've power I can promise to stay with her for longer so who knows?)... In front of the three above, he obviously seemed less charming and like a supporting character instead but I'm excited to see his growth in S2.

While almost all the viewers have already picked up their ships and started rooting for them, I'm more like Xiaoyao and just enjoying it with the flow lol (maybe I'm heartless too :))... I was once all into Jing's puppy love, then I got swayed by TCJ's Xiang Liu and now I'm not choosing anymore haha. Just excited for season 2 and can they please release it tomorrow? Like waiting for 6 months means I'll lose this emotional build up I've for this drama right now.

The song I loved the most from the huge OST list has to be the theme song ♪Nothing Can Be Compared to You♪ (万物不如你) sung by Zhang Jie.

To sum it up, lost you forever is an addictive, thought provoking, melancholic romantic historical that keeps you entertained for sure. The exceptional setup and dramatic music is something you get in handy.

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Sonho de Esplendor
24 pessoas acharam esta resenha útil
Jul 4, 2022
40 of 40 episódios vistos
Completados 4
No geral 9.0
História 9.5
Acting/Cast 10
Musical 8.5
Voltar a ver 7.5

Glorious dreams, strong women and their 100/10 chemistry

A dream of splendor is adapted from the opera "Zhao Pan Er Feng Yue Jiu Feng Chen" (赵盼儿风月救风尘) written by Guan Han Qing.

Characters and Plot —
The drama revolves around three ladies Zhao Pan'er, Sun Sunniang, Song Yinzhang and the "living devil" Gu Qianfan. Zhao Pan'er is the strong backbone of their friendship who is intelligent and good in tea art. She uses her dancing skills to serve tea and her wit and ways of creativity wonders everyone. Sanniang is her close friend whose cooking skills are inferior to none while Yinzhang is a talented girl who will be seen carrying a pipa around often. Her pipa music is as magical as Sunniang's pastries. And Gu Qianfan is the cruel yet nice commander of capital security office.

A Dream of Splendor radiates women empowerment, women teamwork, a woman's self respect and how women can excel in everything. Our leading ladies aren't easy to be fooled, they have their strengths/weaknesses and they go through thick and thin together. They have self respect and just because she was once a "pariah" doesn't mean she doesn't deserve respect and is not capable.
(Pariah – a low status of woman back in ancient China who were performers or prostitutes who were looked down on by everyone)
Their sisterhood is another delightful thing to watch here. I can't forget to mention Zhaodi, she entered late in the group but I like her supportive character. So, if I have to rate the female centered plot, it's 9.5/10, almost everything I expected.

Along with this we have a good political plot going on which is more like a side topic, not too complicated, rather light and less angsty. Of course except that one mean guy I wish I could kill him in the starting. He's just so despicable, absolutely selfish.

Their Chemistry —
Zhao Pan'er and Gu Qianfan together are like two people who will give up anything for each other. Their concept of using yellow flowers to express "I miss you", their eye gazes, their longing, their protection for each other and just them being is love is everything. Small moments between them fill you up like a scene where he is applying medicine on her face (even I felt like a third wheel between them let alone other characters xD)

Humour —
We have Chi Pan who is amusingly naughty with lame, childish acts but his words and expressions often bring fun in the drama. And he's such a cute crybaby haha.

Cast/Acting —
• Liu Yifei – I came to this drama for her as she was returning to dramas after a long time and I am still impressed with her acting. Also isn't she so gorgeous in every frame. Her eyes, body language and this aura is strong just like Zhao Pan'er.
• Chen Xiao – Gu Qianfan is a great character and Chen Xiao also looks great in this role. His styling or I don't know what but he often reminded me of Prince An (Wang Ziqi) in the Imperial Coroner.
• Ada Liu – Sun Sunniang is such a cheerful lady with strong hands. Ada Liu suits for this role. All her strong moments like throwing someone in the river or showing off some butcher skills came out perfectly.
• Jelly Lin – I never had a good experience with Lin's dramas, most of them are like dropped after some episodes but somehow I liked her here. When she played pipa as Yinzhang, she looked so cool and her cute dimples work for me!
• Dai Xu – Finally! Chi Pan is my second favorite character after Zhao Pan'er. Just the comedy he adds and Dai Xu's expressions are out of this world. Would love to see more of his works in future.

OSTs —

1. Jane Zhang (张靓颖) - ♪Spare No Time♪ (不惜时光) …a slow and sublime song that ends every episode beautifully.

2. Liu Yuning (刘宇宁) - ♪Meng Hua♪ (梦华) …with the spirit of fighting all the troubles together and Liu Yuning's voice makes this song more special.

3. Sunnee (杨芸晴) - ♪What Year Is Today♪ (今夕是何年)
4. Kiki Wei (魏奇奇) - ♪Nian Nian♪ (念念)

5. Rachel (银临) - ♪The Red Apricot Branch Is Full Of Spring♪ (红杏枝头春意闹) …the song representing their ups and downs and the longing for hope.

To conclude, what's worth watching the most in this drama —
⛧ character development of three ladies starting from scratch
⛧ strong female characters
⛧ the chemistry between Gu Qianfan and Zhao Pan'er
⛧ great supporting characters and friendship/sisterhood/companionship
⛧ Chi Pan (Dai Xu) as a comedy factor.
~ A Dream of Splendor is recommended!

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