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Xiao Yan

Waikiki Guest House.

Xiao Yan

Waikiki Guest House.

I started watching TV shows when I got bored of everything around me. I somehow found my way to U.S TV show and the first show that I watched was The Vampire Diaries and loved it, soon found myself addicted to it and watched so many that I lost count.

 I got over it and found  a Paradise which filled my life with happiness, which in an All mighty safe heaven  Know as ANIME & Manga, Light Novel. E.g  Naruto, fairy tail, One piece, High school DxD ect. Again it hit me and I got bored.

And finally filled with wounds, scar I stumbled upon a path of Dào which was filled with a promise of hope, happiness which I longed for that is Know as Wuxia, Chinese Novel eventually Chinese drama, Korean drama. I do not know where this path will take me but, I will keep walking on this Adventure and have fun.


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