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HELLO!  This year I decided to forgo sleep for J-drama and learning the beautiful Japanese language, which I wish I had done a good while ago. I  joined recently but feel like I've been here forever already, MDL is a perfect place to expand my passion for great Asian drama. 

I'm a very friendly person and happy to make new friends, so don't be shy, say hello!

 I try to review every week, hit "Follow" for notifications. Many moons ago, I was a professional film reviewer, now I write for fun.  My reviews usually avoid spoilers, because I hate them too. 

We also postThe Not So Serious Guide aka humorous reviews of JBL dramas, on Reddit. 

I also enjoy Kdramas that are not focused on romance (Attorney Woo and Navillera are favourites) and prefer grown up BL/ GBT romances, than the tired old boy/girl high school formula.   Love legal and  medical shows but will watch anything with a good script and pretty people LOL. In spare time between work, life, J-drama and 5 hours sleep, I am drafting a tv series treatment (script outline).  

Drop Me A Line and tell me your favourites! :-D    ~Fumiyawagi

I'm The Extraordinary Drama Watcher! Which One Are You?

FumiyaWagi, most popular dramas bore you to death, so you often go off the beaten path to find the hidden gems no one knows about. Your Watched list is full of titles with less than 500 watchers on MDL.! You know your taste is different than others, and you have peace with that. Drama watching is a personal experience, who cares about the popular opinions?


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