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The Untamed chinese drama review
The Untamed
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by Coral1n3_idn
Jul 26, 2020
50 of 50 episódios vistos
No geral 6.0
História 7.0
Atuação/Elenco 6.0
Musical 10.0
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Watched this because of Lanwangji

In 2019,tbh, I gave up watching this series after seeing the first episode because I was worried about the BL content.
Then in June 2020, I heard about the China gov strict policies about such themes that I thought I would give it a try and started watching it.
Oh boy, how am I so enchanted with the series now!
I regret I didn't watch it sooner.
This is one of those shows that you won't get enough just watching it one time.
Once you finished with the final episode (episode 50), you would want to rewatching the series from the beginning, again and again.
You will never be able to move on from Chen Qing Ling!!
Although I'm a fan of C-Drama costumed/ historical dramas, this has never happened to me before.
You will find that most of the characters are so unique and loveable, even the villains.
The series focus is about being true to yourself, keeping your morale value, doing what's you feel right although all the rest of the world were against you. It's about family, friendship, loyalty, sacrifice and love.
Despite having a bad childhood, the past doesn't determine you. It's you who got to decide how you want to be in the future.
Many of the scenes are so touching, you won't be able to hold your tears.
In overall, the production team did a very good job in casting the actors. From the 2 main leads, to the supporting characters such as Wen Ning, Wen Qing, ShiJie, Nie Hua Shang, the Juniors and all other characters were superb!!
They all were very good in portraying the characters they played.
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