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Legend of Fei chinese drama review
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Legend of Fei
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by Coral1n3_idn
Dez 18, 2020
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The best drama series of 2020

The production team seriously has done a very good job in adapting the novel into this drama series. Especially the casting team. They are geniuses! Every actors fit into their roles perfectly. I love the chemistry between Zhao Liying and Wang Yibo ♡ Tbh, I was not a big fan of Zhao Liying (but I like her) at the past. But she is super fantastic on this series. Now I'm a big fan! ♡
Wang Yibo, I always love him. On Legend of Fei, his acting is superb! I got carried away with the emotions that he portrays. When Xie Yun cried, I cried too. That is how good his acting is!! The action scenes are amazing. They are so natural. I can predict that I'm gonna keep rewatching this drama series again and again when it has completed later!! One of the epic drama series of the century.
The OST - my gosh!! We can know that they prepared it well. I like the opening and the ending soundtracks. They represent the story so well.
I love Xi Wei sung by Wang Yibo very much. I can feel Xie Yun love and longing for Zhou Fei on the song. Perfect ♡
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