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Beauty Newbie thai drama review
Beauty Newbie
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by Blkittykat
Abr 3, 2024
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An adaptation no one needed

I'm actually writing this review much later than I actually finished the series, because I was certain my angry screams weren't quite review material. And when I say angry, I was seething.

This is one of the worst things I've watched, and the moral, feel good factor aside, this was literally a mess. After all that, they didn't even get the moral, feel good story right, did they?

I'm trying to be as eloquent as I possibly can, otherwise this would just be a lot of angry rambling, about how the story was beyond horrible, that having the lead spout some generic pap about forgiveness and togetherness after making her go through 12+ episodes of torture and bullying doesn't really cut it. It's so messy and difficult to watch. The storylines are either incredibly boring or downright offensive.
The characters are also the literal worst, I had such a hard time rooting for any of them. You just go from episode to episode wondering how people can be this horrible, insensitive and just plain annoying at times. Sometimes, you just want to go feral and jump through the screen to knock some sense into them, because mostly, they all suck.

The acting.. it wasn't horrible. Well, it wasn't horrible from everyone except the leads. You would think the leads would be the two characters you would most want to see, that they're the ones you would root for, but never have I ever come across two characters whom I have wanted off my screen. Kind of worked though, because Win's character Guy, he's barely in it. Great's character Saint probably had more screentime, as probably did Jane's character Faye. Which would have been fine since the two of them actually acted, but like I said, you don't really want to see any character on screen. Except for Ann. Ann is good, Ann is the best.
Now because Guy isn't featured a lot, he doesn't share a lot of scenes with Baifern's character Liu, and Saint has more scenes with her. So there were a lot of people who had a hard time believing in Guy and Liu as the main couple, and while there may be some truth to this, I don't think it was the main problem. Win and Baifern just don't have chemistry. Yup. They have absolutely no chemistry together which is surprising because I've seen a bunch of their works and they're good actors. They could have pulled off these roles with a much better nuance than they actually did so I don't know what happened. I will admit that the screentime Guy got does have something to do with them not being able to quite convince us that Guy and Liu work well together, but when it comes down to it, the leads have no chemistry. They're both always yelling at each other, or yelling that they're hurting each other or crying about hurting each other that by the time they cross all their misunderstandings and get together, you're praying for them to break up.
Which brings us to the pacing. 10+ episodes on needless bullying, manipulation, trauma, which doesn't really stop until the last ten minutes of the finale. It just shifts from one person to another until you're clutching your head, begging them to end it. And if you came for the romance, let me tell you it took literally forever for them to actually have some semblance of a good relationship and even then, you really can't care enough.

This review is already longer than I intended it to be, so I'll try to keep the rest of my thoughts to a minimum. It was difficult to watch, I appreciate that they tried to portray the reality (to some extent) on the emphasis of physical appearances that is forced onto everyone these days, but nope, it didn't work. It absolutely did not. After everything is said and done, let's be honest, this was an adaptation that never should have happened.
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