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As fool as a fool with a pen.

Hi there and welcome to my profile.

I've been watching Korean dramas since the Covid season, February 2021. My very first Korean drama ever was Black. I have mainly watched only Korean dramas, I have seen 7 Japanese dramas (mainly because Sasaki Nozomi) and 1 Taiwanese, this one that is really a chef d'oeuvre (very wisely recommended by A, an Argentine friend here). Ah, and 20 minutes of the Chinese drama Ultimate Note that looked really good but finding Hanikezi was too much light for me (, I stopped the Cdrama and start learning about her, she is an angel and I will not see the drama because I could become blind.

I plan to go to Korea one whole year among the five next years and visit all the nice places I have seen in the dramas, from East to West and from valid North to Jeju. After being studying Korean by myself for two years, I want to feel the truth of the language and get lost trying to use what I have learned.

My Korean drama milestones:

50th drama: Vagabond (2019) [July 10, 2021]
100th drama: She is nineteen (2004) [November 30, 2021]
150th drama: Her legend (2013) [March 9, 2022]
200th drama: Sweet home (2020) [June 21, 2022]
250th drama: Rookie Historian Goo Hae Ryung (2019) [November 17, 2022]
300th drama: Heartstrings (2011) [April 20, 2023]
350th drama: Comrades (2010) [September 16, 2023]
400th drama: Law School (2021) [February 22, 2024]
450th drama: Eulachacha Waikiki (2018) [July 5, 2024]

My most loved series: Memories of the Alhambra with My mister very close and Kim Sa Rang in Tokyo shower.

My two worst series: Extraordinary you (I took more than two weeks to finish it and it is the only one I have really thought about abandoning it) and Cinderella Man (I watched it only because Im Yoo Na).

Thanks to Jenna from Finland by the idea and format.

And why do you watch so many Kdramas?

Because there I find all the love I do not have in real life.


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