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Fighting with My Demon


Fighting with My Demon
Call me Manu, 91 liner, reserved and a bit aloof.
Sometimes too nice, too stubborn, too cartesian for my own good and sometimes the opposite but always seems to my disadvantage 😂 
Even before I knew the word "drama", I was watching Chinese (language) productions. Then in 2008, I came across Hana Yori Dango and that was the beginning of an adventure that has lasted for 15 years.
French is my adopted language.
I don't drive, I don't cook unless I've no other choice. 🤡 
I'm not in any fandom for my own sanity but I'm biased with Bing Bang; The Rose; Forestella😍 😜 
I'm the kind of person who always puts information or events into context. So when I take a personal issue with a fact in a film/ drama, it's because I've thought long and hard about it, and researched it further if necessary. To sum up,if there is any controversy in what I say, I assume it.
I watch series to be bored, to "turn off" my brain, to be sad, to laugh, to cry out, to learn, to feel euphoric, to get angry. In short, to entertain myself.
I started Queen Seon Duk in 2009 and finished in 2021. I've watched episodes over the years and sometimes I've forgotten it in the put-on hold list box.

I dunno if my standards aren't high or if I'm easily entertained. Maybe both, but I rarely drop a drama unless there's nothing to be learned from it even if it's negative.  
I like to plan my watchlist for the year, I try ti stick to 60% of the schedule and keep my fingers crossed that the titles I chose will fit my mood at some point. 
Music has no boundaries. 

I don't have a favourite musical genre. I have listened to both religious songs and heavy metal.
I'm the kind of person who listens to random tracks. I pay more attention to soloists than to bands. According to Spotify 
魏然 Ice PaperMayday五月天, The Rose, One Ok Rock and Gaho are my most listen to artist in 2022.

Ones of the few tracks I listen to at least once a day/week.

心如止水 by Ice paper 

好想爱这个世界啊  by Hua Chen Yu 

Né en 17 at Leidenstadt  by Goldman/Fredericks/Jones
Breathe by Lee HiIt's alright if you run out of breath.
Efa Niova by Denise
You aren't born a  strong person, you become one
Fate  by Lee Sun Hee dance performance by N (VIXX),  <3<3<3  this redition tooIt's called fate,  it something that cannot be denied (The King and the Clown)

 終於勇敢了Brave  by Cindy Yen It's the courage to say goodbye that will lead you to the best. <3

Me on MDL 
Another way to relax
Current obsession works: 

What I've done so far: 

First contribution in July 2021 w/o being regular. Then around February 2022, I realised that there were a lot of Chinese titles I had seen, actors and crew members that weren't in the DB, so I started to add them and create a follow up. I started with China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and then expanded to other countries. Through my submissions, I also learned a lot about the film industry stories of these 7 countries, discovered unsuspected titles (some I watched, some that are still in my ptw).
The approval staff are doing a great job, I can't thank them enough for that.

I accepted some friends' requests at the beginning of my registration without necessarily considering certain elements  and I'm currently sorting through them. I don't know how long it will take.
If you want to send me a request, please read  the 
reminder & tips below. I don't accept requests immediately unless I'm already familiar with your posts on feed.

Why do I like MDLI defend the right of everyone to live freely, regardless of their gender, sexual orientation, origin, background, skin tone or beliefs.

Agree to disagree and  life will be easier.

Kindness & politeness are free

A significant part of my watchlist consists of LGBTQIA+ content, deals with bullying, suicide, death, disability, brings up topics that are considered  morally provocative or weird according to the society I live in. 
Being blocked, unfriend by someone doesn't always mean that they have a personal grudge against you. So learn to move on and don't harass the user to find out why.
If the above statements go against your beliefs or make you unconfortable, feel free to unfriend me or block me if you don't want to see my posts on the feed. 
Also, you have the RIGHT to disagree with my opinions, but please don't take it out on me personally. I'm not here to change people's minds or beliefs and I don't stand childish drama.
Be considerate, empathy costs nothing, you can use the magic Spoiler and Hide Post buttons to good effect. 
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