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Some mistakes cannot be errased  - Extracurricular

Welcome to my profile <3

- My English is not the best. Sorry if i'm wrong about some things

- I'm not very active because of school

Facts about me:
- Watching dramas since 2019

- My ults are SeokJin and Chaeyeon

- Bright and Win my safe place <3

- Really like Gravity Falls

- Hater #1 of math class
The best drama I have ever seen: Extracurricular
Worst drama i have ever seen: Goedam and TharnType

My First Dramas
First Korean Drama
First  Thailand Drama
My first first love
Girl From Nowhere
First Japanese Drama
First Taiwan Drama
First Chinese Drama
Re: Mind
HIStory3: Trapped
Die Now

 My favorite dramas 
1. Tale Of The Nine Tailed
2. Extracurricular
3. Snowdrop
4. Class Of Lies
5. Alice In Borderland
6. Vincenzo

Favorite Couples
1. Book Joo and Joong Hyung2. Hong Joo and Jae Chan3. Sol Ah and Hong Joo
4. Se Ri and Jung Hyuk 5. Ji Ah and Lee Yeon6. Seo Dan and Sung Joon

My favorite actors
1. Song Kang
2. Song Jong Ki
3. Lee Jong Suk
4. Kim Dong Hee
5. Lee Dong Wook
6. Kim Bum 

My favorite actresses
1. Jung Da Bin 
2. Jun Yeo Bin
3. Jo Bo Ah
4.  Go Min Shi
5. Shin Ye Eun 
6. Suzy

Favorite Male Characters
1. Vincenzo Cassano (Vincenzo) 
2. Alice (Alice In Borderland)
3. Jae Chan (While You Were Sleeping) 
4. Jisoo (Extracurricular)
5.  Lee Yeon (Tale Of The Nine Talied)
6. Sang Gu (Move To Heaven)

Favorite Female Characters
1. Cha Young (Vincenzo)
2. Book Joo (Weightlifting Fairy Kim Book Joo)
3. Nanno (Girl From Nowhere)
4. Min Hee (Extracurricular)
5.  Joo Kyung (True Beauty)
6. Na Mu (Move To Heaven)

 Favorite K-pop groups
1. BTS 
2. Fromis_9 
3. TXT
4. I.O.I

My biases from my favorite groups
1. Seok Jin (BTS)
2. Seoyeon  (Fromis_9)
3.  Beomgyu (TXT)
4. Chaeyeon (I.O.I)
5. Yuna (ITZY)

Favorite OSTs
1. Before Today Is Over ( True Beauty) 2. Good Times (Alice In Borderland)3, Psycho (Flower of evil)
4. I´ll Be There (Tale of the nine-tailed)5.  From Now On (Weightlifting fairy kim book joo)
6. Higher (The Penthouse) 

Total Dramas: 89
Korean Dramas: 72
Thai Dramas: 8
Japanese Dramas: 5

Taiwan Dramas: 2             Chinesse dramas: 1

Total Tv Shows: 8

Total Movies: 16


41d 5h 30m
1,212 episódios, 138 programas
2d 1h 37m
29 filmes

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