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Somewhere near you <3


Somewhere near you <3

Firstly , This is not for you if you are homophobic so you can leave, thankyou. 


~ I am huge fan of BL and Korean dramas. I started watching Asian dramas since i was 11 years old .It's been really long. My first Asian drama was Boys over flowers. 

~ I am really in love with Korean culture. As i started my drama journey from Korean dramas. I am really familiar with Korean people. I love K-pop, K-food , K-dramas . Literally everything you name before K. I was Kpop fan before i came into drama. I don't Stan other K-pop groups except BTS but i love others group music too. The only thing two thing that are precious to me in this world ( As in this frictional world )  is BTS and OhmNanon.

~ It's been four years since i have started watching BL dramas. I know i came into BL world late after starting Asian dramas as i was literally unaware about its existence lol you can call me dumb. 

~ I love both Straight and BL dramas. I have no problem with any genre or country as i watch all of them so feel free to suggest or ask me for recommendation <3

~ I love all BL couples but as my profile name indicates I am really huge fan of Ohm and Nanon. They are my ultimate bias in drama world.  I love these two both as individually and couple. I have literally re watched Bad buddy for 10 times already.  I love them and will support them forever.

Current favorites ongoing drama : KinnPorsche , Who rules the world , shooting star and Love in the flames of war.



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