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doesn't know whether to laugh or cry


doesn't know whether to laugh or cry

                                                                                          Basic info :                      

 Ashu , 18,  currently studying BSc psychology from a college in Bangalore, INFJ ,  Indian , bisexual ,  demisexual ,  virgo,    she/her,  MBTI nerd, grandma at heart, bookworm, psychology lover, listens to songs from all over the world, good at recs ( or that's what people tell me ? ), weird like REALLY and highly empathetic ( that sometimes it's a problem lol ).

                                                                      i'll accept your friend request if :

we have something in common like dramas and all. its not like we can't be friends if our tastes arent similar but if i haven't talked to you at all and you send me a friend request and we have no favs in common too, i'll most likely not accept. but i do accept most of my requests and if i did't accepted yours dont worry i don't hate you ;)

                                                                 i'll NOT accept your friend request if :

you are queerphobic, bully, watches ONLY BLs ( i dont have problem with bls but people that  doen't watch anything else i ehh for me lol, fetishizer, ships real people ( especially actors playing gay roles ), sexist,mysoginist, misandrist, racist, cant understand that not everyone likes your faves and dislike teh from itsay lol 

                                                                             ABOUT MY POSTS : 

I post essay like stuff. I post my thoughts about stuff I'm watching/watched or I loved. I can't meme but i try . Just here to post for myself so when I look back at my posts I can be reminded what I thought about what so I don't promise giving you quality content cuz I'm giving content and memories to myself haha I feel like ratings doesn't matter rather the words I write for something  does.

I also like over-share sometimes becuase I'm a private and reserved person in real but sometimes I feel the need to tell my feelings and everything and writing them here and sharing them with people that don't even know my full name helps haha but I do it under spoiler so no need to worry about reading stuff about my life you don't care about. 

Basically if you wanna see me being nerdy about dramas and movies then send friend request, if no then block me idc.  also i swear a lot, block me if you don't want to see swearing. I'm that watcher that goes deep inside everything lol oh I also like depressing stuff most of the time but overall I'm a fan of storytelling, I really like any kind of storytelling no matter what kind of format is, that's why I guess I've watched movies and dramas from so many different countries, have read novels from so many different countries. I am just in love with the art of storytelling. 

I rarely listen to recommendations and am very picky when it comes to dramas and I haven't watched and don't plan to watch most of the famous dramas so don't try to change my mind ( I'm not picky over genres tho )

 my favourite couples ; these are the couples whose relationship i think are goals and i would love to have a relationship like them. there are other couples i like but i dont want a relationship like them because of different reasons, i have made a list for such couples, you can check it out 
       only in itsay!
  they got   married in           real life!

i know they are just friends ( that dont act like it but still) i want whatever they, be it platonic or romantic, they are goals

                                                                                                                                                                       My loves  :  

                                 kim nam joon                                            biwkin

i have many favorite screenwriters,directors and actors and you can check them all out in my lists but these two human are my absolute favourite, i love everything about them, i would die for them lol 

why BLs and queer content is different and you should use them correctly my drama taste
10 means it was a masterpiece for me and i couldn't see any flaws ( or even if i did or someone else made me did i am kindly gonna ignore xd 

9.5 means that it still was a masterpiece for me but it had some minor flaws. 

9 means i loved it. 

8.5 means i liked it very much.

8 means i liked it.

7 means it was ok.

anything less than that,i probably disliked lol 

im super empathetic 



My links and lists and stuff 

I'm a big movie buff so big list of my favourite from all countries Here

I've also been watching anime lately so my anime list Here

I also like to read novels/web-toons/mangas so my Goodreads bookshelf Here

ok so i guess i am done now, i tried to make this as aesthetic as i could, now this is my limit, if it looks ugly then it looks ugly idc lol 


                                                                                                   Ok bye  now! 

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