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Jun 15, 2024
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What a ride

Ok, Take Boys over flowers
film it vertically
Add some sudden rap battles,
Speed run the storyline, but just some of the main scenes
A fancy dinner party where everyone has a wine glass of milk (aside from the one that is spilt)
A random handstand
A drawn on mosquito
Totally the most subtle stalking you have ever seen
A hostage situation where they are threatening with...a pen

This was an absolute ride, I had no idea what was happening 80% of the time.
It took me a while to pick each character and just as I thought I worked them out, there were more introduced? I think there were just too many characters that were similar, for a short series.
About 5 of the episodes in the middle I have no idea what happened, what the story was or who anyone was. I think there was a 4th wall break and person teleported to series or something? I just continued from where it made sense again.
Some of them are siblings I think? It was just kind of hard to work out the storyline as everything kept changing so quick.
If I hadn't seen it, I would watch it. I love Boys Over Flowers so any addition I would love to see, but now that I have I don't think I would watch it again. I feel like it was just cropped too much and there was way too much happening.
It was super pretty though, and I did enjoy the casting and the stylists did a great job with the amazing outfits, I kind of want a few of the pieces now.

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Casamenteiro do Rei Demônio
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Mar 18, 2024
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I just have one question

So I loved this series, it's short, but it still manages to have a story line that you can follow. Yes the fights are a bit quick (assuming budget) but if massive intricate fight scenes are you thing maybe go for 'The Untamed' if you are looking for a cute, easy to watch, not super stressful romance series, this is perfect for you
Highly recommend and it's not hard to watch the whole thing in one go.
There is just one thing that bothers me......
Why is it the ML's father on the posters?
His father had white hair, and he has black, and it's not his mum with him either.... So the poster is a portrait of a father and daughter in law 😂

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