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Dynamic Enthusiasm: Boys Over Flowers in Beijing chinese drama review
Dynamic Enthusiasm: Boys Over Flowers in Beijing
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by DannyBoi
Jun 15, 2024
18 of 18 episódios vistos
No geral 6.5
História 5.5
Atuação/Elenco 7.0
Musical 6.5
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What a ride

Ok, Take Boys over flowers
film it vertically
Add some sudden rap battles,
Speed run the storyline, but just some of the main scenes
A fancy dinner party where everyone has a wine glass of milk (aside from the one that is spilt)
A random handstand
A drawn on mosquito
Totally the most subtle stalking you have ever seen
A hostage situation where they are threatening with...a pen

This was an absolute ride, I had no idea what was happening 80% of the time.
It took me a while to pick each character and just as I thought I worked them out, there were more introduced? I think there were just too many characters that were similar, for a short series.
About 5 of the episodes in the middle I have no idea what happened, what the story was or who anyone was. I think there was a 4th wall break and person teleported to series or something? I just continued from where it made sense again.
Some of them are siblings I think? It was just kind of hard to work out the storyline as everything kept changing so quick.
If I hadn't seen it, I would watch it. I love Boys Over Flowers so any addition I would love to see, but now that I have I don't think I would watch it again. I feel like it was just cropped too much and there was way too much happening.
It was super pretty though, and I did enjoy the casting and the stylists did a great job with the amazing outfits, I kind of want a few of the pieces now.
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