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i've been watching foreign dramas since probably the end of 2016(?) and haven't looked back since. 

my tastes were definitely on the naïve and cringier-side back lol then but i would like to think they've matured since. my reviews are honest to what i would rated it back when i first saw it though. 

i'm also a sucker for romance in any genre, as long as the story and characters can develop properly. plus, i love gray characters. 

my public lists are a work in progress and i'm always open to new recs and discussions!

currently watching: usually i'm a binger, but these days i've just been busier and it's been taking me longer to finish dramas. 

completed: i do an awful job of remembering to mark it complete. however, I do like to watch my shows to completion even if i don't like it just so i can get a more thorough opinion of them.

on-hold: usually means i lost the link or am waiting for a future season to come out. since i'm a binger, i hate being left on cliffhangers.

dropped: it takes a lot for me to drop shows. probably a sign it was an awful experience for me. 

plan to watch: unfortunately, this list keeps growing faster than my ability to watch and complete shows at this point. BUT i'm always open to recs so please give them!

not interested: i get the point of this but it seems to shut down opportunities to explore before you've even tried. i hope this list remains empty! 


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