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Ackery Jan 2, 2024
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  • Sakra

    1. Sakra

    Hong Kong Movie - 2023

    • Great actions scenes
    • Pretty entertaining
    • Loved the colors
    • Easy to watch
    • Donnie Yen is great, but at the same time he was too old for the role. Plot wise a younger actor would do (but I get that it is difficult to find someone like him)
    • Romance felt rushed and unnecessary
    • Editing is not that great especially in some scenes
    • The plot felt very simple
    • Felt like many things were left unsaid
    • Pretty fast paced - almost no time to get to know the characters and their complexity
    • I hated the dubbing - It was like the characters were shouting at all times
  • Boston 1947

    2. Boston 1947

    Korean Movie - 2023

    •  Generally good production quality
    • Acting was pretty good especially from the three mains
    • A very easy to watch and interesting movie
    • Typical inspirational story with all the clichés possible, but  very good for what it is
    • The foreign actors were not as bad as usual,
    • Most Americans were portrayed like the bad guys which made it a bit unrealistic, since they felt cartoonishly evil
    • The Korean-American character that was used as an interpreter could barely speak English...
    • The awkward moment when they changed a very famous athlete's name from my country and chose a football player's last name to replace it... Most will not care, but was a huge foul for me (a google search could help...)
  • Amor à Flor da Pele

    3. Amor à Flor da Pele

    Hong Kong Movie - 2000

    • Cinema at its finest
    • Music is amazing
    • Acting is phenomenal
    • So many different emotions while watching
    • Beautiful in all aspects
    • Simple, yet very impactful
    • An experience
    • Great directing
    • Tony Leung's stares; I would die if someone looked at me like that
  • Felizes Juntos

    4. Felizes Juntos

    Hong Kong Movie - 1997

    • Great film
    • Phenomenal directing obviously
    • Has an underlying melancholia
    • Acting is amazing
    • Raw feelings  
  • Mimic - Não Confie nas Vozes

    5. Mimic - Não Confie nas Vozes

    Korean Movie - 2017

    • Stupid
    • Very bad 
    • Good concept, awful execution
    • Uncapable police once again
  • Floresta de Sangue

    6. Floresta de Sangue

    Japanese Movie - 2019

    • Sometimes I am honestly wondering what type of drugs some screenwriters/directors take
    • Fucked up in a peculiar way
    • Weird ah, but not in a good way like Love Exposure
    • Film felt unreal, but not in the good way
    • Felt like a fever dreams
    • Way too long
    • Felt like a horror parody at times
    • I honestly wanted to cleanse my eyes after some scenes
    • Shocked this is based on real events
    • Acting over the top -obviously-
    • Not even a good viewing experience
    • If the plot was dealt with seriousness, we would probably be talking about a very good film, but well, that didn't happen
  • Anchor Baby

    7. Anchor Baby

    Chinese Movie - 2020

    • Decent movie about family connections 
    • The majority of the actors did a decent job, despite the fact that the script was mainly in English
    • The story had some emotional moments and tried to be realistic, but failed many times
    • Some people acted in a very improbable way
    • At times, it felt like it was glamorizing the life in the US

  • Spaceless

    8. Spaceless

    Thai Movie - 2024

    • Well directed
    • Great acting
    • Has cinematic atmosphere
    • Great short film generally
    • Plot is simple, but impactful
    • Manages to make you sentimental in less than 20 minutes
  • Confissão

    9. Confissão

    Korean Movie - 2014

    • Good acting
    • Dark
    • Felt like nothing was happening, but was gripping
    • I feel that if it was a bit more extreme it would be better
    • Interesting concept
    • I would prefer if it was revenge themed
  • Barba Azul

    10. Barba Azul

    Korean Movie - 2017

    • Much better than I expected
    • Everything is pretty well done
    • Acting is pretty good from the majority of the cast
    • Dark/raw atmosphere 
    • Eerie feeling
    • It looks like a much older film, but in a good way
    • Small town/village setting (and killings happening)
    • Concept is pretty good
    • The ending is pretty great
    • Some things are quite predictable
    • For some reason, despite being good in many aspects, it felt boring