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  • Em Movimento

    1. Em Movimento

    Korean Drama - 2023, 20 episodes

    • Great CGI
    • Unique when it comes to the superhero plot
    • Superpowers become a family issue
    • Fun to watch 
    • First half was pretty slow paced and felt like there was no plot
    • Generally not that action packed or fast paced as it is advertised
    • Second half with the adults was better - especially the last 5 episodes -
    • Good acting
    • I am looking forward to see more of some of the younger actors that are starring here
    • Everything got connected in the second half of the series
    • Very entertaining
    • Quite bloody - One of the few times that we got to see the result of being hit from a person with superhuman abilities
    • Some pretty nice emotional scenes
  • Minha Vez de Amar

    2. Minha Vez de Amar

    Taiwanese Drama - 2024, 8 episodes

    • Binge-worthy series
    • Great acting
    •  High entertainment value that doesn't fail to offer some emotional moments
    • No awkwardness detected between the characters, despite the many sex scenes 
    • It was more on the realistic side of relationships (no perfect character that wants to hold your hand here)
    • Pretty educational - has interesting facts when it comes to sex
    • Every couple and every individual character was interesting and fun to watch 
    • Everyone had decent scree time
    • Barely any nude scenes, despite the main sex scenes 
    • Everything felt ideal when it came to balance
    • People in different stages of life - for once the younger people were not the only focu
    • Deals with many issues without being over the top or too dramatic
    • A very well-made series that unfortunately doesn't get the attention it deserves
  • Um Maldito Dia de Sorte

    3. Um Maldito Dia de Sorte

    Korean Drama - 2023, 10 episodes

    • Very bad first episode in all aspects
    • It gets very good from episode 2 onwards
    • Good acting 
    • Not perfectly written, but pretty good nonetheless
    • Daring as hell
    • Very disturbing and bloody
    • Many plot twists
    • Extremely addictive
    • Felt like 10 episodes were too many at first, but I was proven wrong
    • Trust TVING to bring you some bloody and disturbing series that dramaland is not ready for yet
    • No censorship!
    • Good enough ending, but it could be better
  • Amor Pelo Amor

    4. Amor Pelo Amor

    Korean Drama - 2024, 8 episodes

    • Good production quality
    • Unique and interesting story
    • Great acting, especially from Lee Tae Vin
    • Interesting characters and pretty well developed taking into consideration the duration
    • Well written plot
    • Great romance
    • Myung Ha's character is very well written 
    • It gets you in the feels
  • O Assassino e o Brinquedo

    5. O Assassino e o Brinquedo

    Korean Drama - 2024, 8 episodes

    •  Great cinematography/directing
    • Amazing editing + transitions
    • Son Suk Ku is great and hot as hell
    • Great performance by Choi Woo Shik
    • Great instrumental music
    • Interesting concept
    • First half is pretty interesting
    • Has surrealistic vibes
    • Great dark humour
    • Quite a few interesting characters
    • Not really suspenseful
    • Slow motions were overused
    • I felt no attachment to any of the characters
    • Enjoyed the stories of the supporting/guest roles more than the mains
    • Second half was not as good
    • Pacing problems - Felt too slow at times for no reason
    • I disliked Lee He Joon's performance for the most part - Due to his overacting, I couldn't take him seriously at times
    • Lacked soul
  • Batalha das Solteiras

    6. Batalha das Solteiras

    Thai Drama - 2024, 6 episodes

    • Highly entertaining 
    • Binge-worthy 
    • Ooverly ridiculous in the best way possible
    • Unique concept 
    • Great romance
    • Plot is fun to watch
    • It gets serious at times and it deals with lots of subjects in a way that doesn't feel depressing
    • Leaves you with a smile on your face 
    • Pretty funny with some over the top comedic elements that were -mostly- great
    • Eye candy!
    • Acting could get too over the top at times especially in the first two episodes - I had to get used to the vibe
  • The Sign

    7. The Sign

    Thai Drama - 2023, 12 episodes

    • Great first half
    • It gets pretty boring after the firs half and especially after ep. 8 in terms of everything (uncut version didn't help)
    • Very unique concept
    • Generally a pretty well done project
    • Th acting is good enough most of the times (and can get very bad at times)
    • Love the romance -until it gets boring-.
    • Great dynamics between characters
    • Can help you find out more about thai culture
    • There is actually a plot for once that doesn't revolve only around the main love story!
    • EYE CANDY!
    • Yai, I <3 you
    • Way too long ter a while both in terms of the main relationship and in terms of the plot
    • CGI is not that bad, but not good either
    • Feels like they run out of budget to support their idea
    • Due to lack of badget some things just looked ridiculous and cheap
    • The clothing in the mythical scenes is laughable
    • The whole ML as a woman was a big no...
  • Elite League

    8. Elite League

    Korean TV Show - 2023, 8 episodes

    • Great idea!
    • Amazing excecution
    • Very entertaining
    • Interesting players
    • Very well thought out games
    • Fast paced
    • I like that for once I feel like I am participating  
  • Reino da Conquista

    9. Reino da Conquista

    Korean Drama - 2024, 16 episodes

    • First four episodes are very good (with pick being the fourth)
    • Jo Jung Suk's performance was amazing
    • Many of the actors did a pretty good jobs, especially the veterans
    • The child actor that starred as Dae Gun should give some acting lessons to some people...
    • Politics based
    • Good directing
    • Non-puppet king for once!
    • Darker plot
    • Great production quality
    • Script was mediocre -to be kind- 
    • Music was nothing memorable - Unecessary in some scenes  
    • Each episode could easily be 15-20 minutes shorter
    • Jang Young Nam tended to overact as Queen Park
    • Cobweb-like beards
    • Absence of tension
    • Romance aspect made me feel nothing most of the times
    • Many clichés
    • Very underwhelming, especially towards the end
    • Ending was just bad
    • Shin Sae Kyeong  was very bad (couldn't act as a man despite her disguise, had 2 expressions the whole show and had teary eyes no matter the situation)
    • Crew made 0 effort to make the FL look like a man
    • FL's character is dumb - everything goes her way, because the script says so, she has 0 plans-
    • Writer involves the FL in situations out of nowhere just to include her in the plot
    • Drama could work without a FL
    • It would work better as a revenge based male VS male lead drama that focuses on politics 
  • O Herdeiro Impossível

    10. O Herdeiro Impossível

    Korean Drama - 2024, 12 episodes

    • So bad in all aspects  
    • Just for hate-watching 
    • Some of the actors are watchable 
    • Kang Hee Joo is the only character that is worth it + Actress is great 
    • Very very badly written 
    • Unlikable characters that tend to change personalities 
    • Unreasonable time-skips 
    • Extremely one-dimensional characters
    • Characters tend to appear and disappear when it is convenient for the script 
    • Looks like scriptwriter wanted the audience to root for the FL and ML, but they are honestly just awful in every aspect
    • Felt super draggy at times and at the same time it needed so much more time to develop everything.
    • Romance is cringy, unnecessary and makes no sense
    • FL is unnecessary and badly written
    • Many and I mean many clichés
    • Hong Su Zu's acting as Na Hye Won is terrible and seems to make no effort 
    • Ending was awful like the rest of the series
  • Jazz for Two

    11. Jazz for Two

    Korean Drama - 2024, 8 episodes

    • Not perfect, but extremely entertaining
    • Acting  could be better, but was good enough
    • Some things were honestly unforgivable and characters literally seemed like they forgot about them lol
    • Some things were too sudden
    • Love my toxic relationships 
    • Needed more of the second couple
    • Do Yoon! Dude looked majestic -plus his stylist must get a raise right now- and I loved his character
  • Weather Forecast Love

    12. Weather Forecast Love

    Korean Drama - 2023, 8 episodes

    • Decent short drama
    • Decent acting 
    • I love some enemies to lovers
    • Those basketball shoes looked great
  • Mundo Maravilhoso

    13. Mundo Maravilhoso

    Korean Drama - 2024, 14 episodes

    • Pretty good series
    • Could be a few eps less - it got draggy at points
    • Main character basically gets ruined again and again even though they did nothing wrong
    • First episode is one of the most tragic eps on tv
    • Kim Nam Joo deserves an award just for her performance in ep. 1
    • Some things were obvious from the get go, but were revealed sooo much later
    • Quite slow paced
    • The two mains truly helping each other took way too long
    • Some things were a bit sudden towards the end
    • Very memorable and strong FL
    • Generally pretty good acting
    • CEW was a blessing for the eyes
    • CEW's acting still needs lots of work, buthis character didn't have that much scree time and was also very cold, so it suited him + He was pretty good in the last 2-3eps
    • Loved the portrayal of grief
    • Unfortunately, constant efforts to make this super sad ending up feeling bland
  • Desconhecido

    14. Desconhecido

    Taiwanese Drama - 2024, 12 episodes

    • Great series
    • I trust Taiwan when it comes to adaptations from novels with same-sex relationships
    • Wasn't that interested after the first two eps, but it got way better
    • Loved all the characters with all their flaws
    • Generally very good actubf
    • Kurt Huang (Yuan) was the one that stood out the most to me
    • I loved how Yuan expressed himself and Qian was the exact opposite
    • They are super cute
    • Love some complicated, angsty and forbidden relationships
    • It deals with some heavy subjects and depressing stuff, but stays balanced
    • Loved the rare but great comedic elements
    •  They butchered the NC scene in the editing, but then fixed it and it was <3 
    • Music was overused and was too loud at times in the last few eps
  • Saka no Ue no Akai Yane

    15. Saka no Ue no Akai Yane

    Japanese Drama - 2024, 5 episodes

    • Pretty disappointing especially for a WOWOW drama
    • Acting is mediocre (plus some pretty bad overacting)
    • Concept is good but badly executed 
    • Not great production quality -as expected-
    • Pacing was baaaad - Very boring 
    • Could easily be a movie or 2 one-hour eps
    • Slow pace didn't help with the atmosphere nor the suspense
    • Couldn’t care enough for the characters
    • Kiritani Kenta is sooo damn attractive - He was more interesting than anything else
  • Desire Catcher

    16. Desire Catcher

    Chinese Drama - 2023, 24 episodes

    • Pretty decent series
    • Could be a few eps less
    • Plot was interesting but also felt very unrealistic at points -that was a given since it had to do with hypnosis-
    • The bromance was gold! 
    • Zhang Ye Cheng is a great actor
    • Xin Yun Lai needs work, but his character was pretty expressionless so didn't mind him at all
    • I love how the ML is not your typical hero
    • Ending felt a bit overdramatic 
  • Xiao Nan Feng

    17. Xiao Nan Feng

    Chinese Drama - 2024, 28 episodes

    • An underrated gem that is refreshingly different
    • Tong Yao as Nan Ya and Wang Zi Xuan as Qing Li were not as great as they should have been
    • Last half an hour ruined it...
    • Some plot points, character choices in the last few eps were very sudden and out of place
    • Wasn't boring despite its 28 eps and filler scenes 
    • Not binge-worthy
    • Zhang Xin Cheng was amazing! That man transforms when he is acting
    • Has many complex, realistic, flawed and raw characters
    • Directing and cinematography are phenomenal!
    • Atmosphere captures greatly the 1999s and 2000s
    • Generally pretty well written plot
    • Slow paced 
    • Character driven
    • I love the village/small town setting
    • Deals with many complex and sensitive subjects like stigma and domestic violence
    • Romance is very dark and starts of as obsession
    • Instrumental music is amazing!
    • Some scenes have strong Wong Kar-wai vibes.
    • Pretty daring plot wise and characters' wise
    • Director manages to elevate the plot, the character's and the acting of some not great performances
    • Not for everyone
    • Focuses on visual storytelling
  • Regeneração

    18. Regeneração

    Chinese Drama - 2024, 10 episodes

    • Completely ruined in the last 20 minutes
    • Production quality is pretty good
    • Generally well written
    • Unique concept 
    • Agatha Christie vibes 
    • It felt pretty emotionless generally besides a few parts
    • Some interesting side plots were more interesting that the main ones
    • Editing was a bit sloppy here and there 
    • They should have followed the book more closely
    • Last few eps are not as good as the first ones, but still decent
  • A Lenda de Shen Li

    19. A Lenda de Shen Li

    Chinese Drama - 2024, 39 episodes

    • Bad production quality
    • Bad CGI
    • Pretty good acting
    • Slow paced
    • Character driven
    • Romance was great
    • Could be a few eps less, but generally wasn't boring
    • Love how there were no love rivals that actually mattered
    • Great songs
    • The intro OST made me want to wear the warrior armor I don't have
    • Pretty entertaining 
    • Ended up loving Fu Rong 
  • Meninos, Sejam Corajosos!

    20. Meninos, Sejam Corajosos!

    Korean Drama - 2024, 8 episodes

    • Decent acting
    • Entertaining enough
    • Liked the second couple more
    • Nam Shi An is super handsome + love his clothing 
    • Really liked Yeo Joon's (aka Balg Eun's) acting.
  • Hierarchy

    21. Hierarchy

    Korean Drama - 2024, 7 episodes

    • I get the hate, but I was super entertained
    • Objectively not a quality drama
    • Great production quality
    • Interesting concept
    • Acting is watchable, but not oscar worthy
    • Plot lacks in quite a few aspects
    • Some of the characters tend to change personalities
    • Some plot points make less sense than my math class
    • "Upgraded" level of "westernization"
    • More focused on romance and less on revenge
    • Used 0 braincells, watched pretty people doing questionable things and had fun
    • Kudos for dealing with a pretty sensitive subject
    • The amount of handsomeness is insane
    • Music slaps
    • I feel like it gets more hate than it deserves
    • I didn't hate the FL's acting as much as everyone - It was stated from the get go she was very emotionless because of the way she was raised
  • BL Drama no Shuen ni Narimashita: Crank Up Hen

    22. BL Drama no Shuen ni Narimashita: Crank Up Hen

    Japanese Special - 2023, 3 episodes

    • Cute
    • Extraaaa 
    • Funny
    • Liked the mains 
    • I liked how it got a bit more serious, but also didn't lose its craziness
    • Concept itself was hilarious 
    • Very well done in just 3 eps