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  • Watched the remaining 2022 shows ✅  2-16 - completed the last 2022 drama wanted to watch
  • Cleared up my 2020 PTW list ✅ 12-27 (the list started with 300s titles mostly pre-2020 release)
  • Cleared up my 2021 PTW list ✅ 3-28 - started to watch the last show listed in this list (b-day show)
  • Watched as many as 2023 shows ✅ 12-30


  • Total Dramas Completed in 2023 =  156 (114 of 2023 releases)
  • Total Drama specials =  0 (0 of 2023 releases) - there are probably special episodes I watched right after drama completion, but they were added way later by MDL, so I did not record them here.
  • Total TV shows =  1 (0 of 2023 releases)
  • Total Movies Watched in 2023 = 12 (7 of 2023 releases)


  • CW =  11 dramas (all from 2023);  0 movies
  • Completed = 849 dramas; 6 TV shows; 16587 episodes; 183  movies; 574.8 days
  • On Hold =  0 dramas; 0 movie
  • Dropped = 234 dramas;  0 movie
  • PTW =  5 dramas (all 2024 dramas); 0 TV shows; 1 movie (from 2023 waiting for sub on Jan 10)
  • Not interested = 431  dramas; 23  movies


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Cho Na Jan 1, 2023
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  • O Jogo da Morte

    1. O Jogo da Morte

    Korean Drama - 2023, 4 episodes


    Finished December 15 (1-5)

    ➤ Intriguing as of whose life he will take over next and who will be the last

    ➤ A lot of violence (Death shooting ML like playing with a gun)

    Seo In Guk's acting is really good!

    ➤ I finished binging 4 episodes when Part 1 was aired on 12/15, didn't know the rest 4 episodes became Part 2 as per MDL. Hence Part 1 is recorded later on December 31.

    ➤ The rating will be adjusted (higher or lower) when Part 2 is watched (the plot goes downhill or stays strong, good or bad ending). In the end, Part 1 and Part 2 will have the same ratings.

  • Mutual Redemption Love

    2. Mutual Redemption Love

    Chinese Drama - 2023, 30 episodes


    Finished December 30 (1-5)

    ➤ Exhausting to wait for the sub and to watch a 2-minute episode.

    ➤ The plot is the same as Provoke, but the latter has better quality and acting.

    ➤ The only good thing in this drama is the ML flaunting his abs, so it's pure fanservice drama.


    Ending theme 1 (MV Eng fansub)

    Ending theme 2 (MV Eng fansub)

  • Ondas da vida

    3. Ondas da vida

    Thai Drama - 2017, 15 episodes


    December 27 (12-21, 12-24, 12-25, 12-27)

    ➤ Plot is OTT typical lakorn

    Yaya is so gorgeous

    ➤ ML is a meanie, in the beginning. Stereotypical Mark Prin's drama character. But the couple really have great chemistry.

    ➤ Second couple is exhausting, especially the SFL. The third couple is cute, but it seems they're just fillers.


    Main theme "The More I Restrain, The More I Waver" by Zeal

    "Don't Tell Me That" by Wan Wunwan

  • Kingdom 2: Far and Away

    4. Kingdom 2: Far and Away

    Japanese Movie - 2022


    December 26

    ➤ Story-wise not as good as the prequel, plain war plot.

    ➤ The war choreography and cinematography is as good.

    OST: N/A

  • Kingudamu

    5. Kingudamu

    Japanese Movie - 2019


    December 25 (12-26)

    ➤ It's a bit confusing watching a Japanese movie with Japanese actors, language, and costumes, but the theme is China kingdom unification.

    ➤ Great CGI and mass war props.

    OST: N/A

  • Os Casamenteiros

    6. Os Casamenteiros

    Korean Drama - 2023, 16 episodes


    Watched as currently airing. Finished December 25 (11-20, 12-11, 12-26)

    Character description https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Matchmakers_(TV_series)

    ➤ Cleverly written plot with good pacing, no filler subplots, smart characters, logical and happy ending. Pay tribute to historical custom/law.

    ➤ Three sisters' matchmaking plot is actually the main plot.

    ➤ Funny ML with his donkey. Rowoon fits nobleman/historical characters with the way he talks.

    ➤ Beautiful FL, I love her voice

    ➤ Charismatic villain/mastermind

    ➤ Wise/great king supporting character.

    ➤ Beautiful cinematography


    Ending theme "Half of My Heart" by Theo/P1harmony

    "Say I Love You" by Kim In Seong (SF9/Rowoon's bandmate)

    "Love Signal" by Um Tae Min

  • Faceless Love

    7. Faceless Love

    Thai Drama - 2023, 14 episodes


    Watched as currently airing. Finished December 21 (12-12, 12-21)

    ➤ A remake of Rich Man, Poor Woman. I watched it a long time ago so I forgot about the details. Which was a good thing, since I didn't compare and contrast both dramas.

    ➤ Cute chemistry between ML and FL, but lousy kisses. Dew still needs to practice more!

    ➤ Childish ML

    ➤ Too-handsome SML


    Ending theme "Here I Am" by Emi Thasorn

    "Blindness" by Dew Jirawat

  • A Journey to Love

    8. A Journey to Love

    Chinese Drama - 2023, 40 episodes


    Watched as currently airing. Finished December 18 (12-2, 12-7, 12-16, 12-18)

    Character chart

    ➤ High budgeted (real war scene, costume)

    ➤ The plot is very engaging with balanced serious, comedic, and action scenes. It fell short in the ending.

    ➤ Interesting, three-dimensional characters. Love all the main and key supporting characters (the squad)

    ➤ Bromance, sismance, friendship

    ➤ Great chemistry between the ML and FL since the beginning, despite the leading actress is married

    ➤ Super acting and every actor carried out their respective characters

    ➤ Ending (this is why it's not a 10.0 drama): tragic. ML and his Heavenly Path, plus FL died. Left behind is the princess with political marriage to the third prince (both are FL's disciples).

    ➤ OST: Full album

  • Our Secret Diary

    9. Our Secret Diary

    Japanese Movie - 2023


    December 15

    ➤ Simple youth/school romance, though there is a plot twist in the end but it's predictable

    ➤ The FL is painful to watch, too timid and shy. Since it's a movie, her character growth lacks depth.

    ➤ Luckily, the ML is not just a typical school romance perfect ML, he has some personal issues.

    ➤ Like the music/songs (FL is a school broadcaster), especially the apology song between the friends.

    ➤ Like the friendship between the three girls

    ➤ The ending after the credit is nice: FL becomes a professional broadcaster, goes out of work with ML waiting and they discuss their friends' wedding

    OST: "If You Just Say You Like It" by Kerenmi and Atarayo

  • Yu Yu Hakusho

    10. Yu Yu Hakusho

    Japanese Drama - 2023, 5 episodes


    December 15

    ➤ Plot is simple, not deep. I wished there were more in-depth backgrounds on characters and how their friendship is built, as per manga.

    ➤ Great fighting/action scenes and CGI. The costume is a bit cheesy.

    OST: ???

  • Lua no Dia

    11. Lua no Dia

    Korean Drama - 2023, 14 episodes


    Watched as currently airing. Finished December 14 (11-27, 12-14)

    ➤ Like the historical plot better than the modern plot

    ➤ The chemistry between the couple in the historical setting is better than between the couple in the modern setting. This seems to be the directing issue since the same leading actor and actress play both couples.

    ➤ The ending is bittersweet and questionable. Bittersweet: ML moved on to the afterlife while FL moved on with her life after the age of 30, unmarried, according to the Webtoon. However, ML's doppelganger came back after death is questionable. There is no deity or God character in the drama who can revive the actor. It's definitely a fanservice. Also, ML and FL are reincarnated as college students in the end is a fanservice to viewers who love happy endings.

    OST: Full album

    Love the soothing voice in the ending song of final episode: "Stay With Me" 내 곁에 있어줘요 by O.When (오왠)

  • A Vida Privada Dela

    12. A Vida Privada Dela

    Korean Drama - 2019, 16 episodes


    December 13 (12-5, 12-6, 12-13)

    ➤ ML and FL have great chemistry

    ➤ Draggy/filler in the last few episodes after the couple get together

    OST: Full album

  • Spice and Spell

    13. Spice and Spell

    Thai Drama - 2023, 8 episodes


    Watched as currently subbing. Finished December 9 (12-9)

    ➤ Beautiful beach scenery and food presentation

    ➤ Plot twist

    ➤ HE

    OST: Main theme "This Person Is Cute" by Zee Pruk

  • Um Maldito Dia de Sorte

    14. Um Maldito Dia de Sorte

    Korean Drama - 2023, 10 episodes


    Watched as currently airing. Finished December 8 (11-30, 12-8)

    ➤ Thrilling, intriguing, and bloody.

    ➤ The leading actors' acting is phenomenal. Unfortunately, the drama didn't make the leading actress' acting shine (FL died later in the drama).

    ➤ Bad sub (AI).

    OST: Main theme "Heartbreak" by Lee Seong Su

  • My Lovely Wife

    15. My Lovely Wife

    Chinese Drama - 2023, 22 episodes


    December 6

    ➤ Decent short romance with good chemistry

    ➤ The leading actress is very pretty

    ➤ The ending is meh for the main issue, although HE for the romance.


    Main theme "Leave a Light On" by Luo Tuo Ni (Chinese/Pinyin/English - fan audio)

  • Ele é Psicométrico

    16. Ele é Psicométrico

    Korean Drama - 2019, 16 episodes


    December 4 (11-21, 12-4)

    ➤ The mix between a mystery/thriller and romcom doesn't work IMO, since viewers are presented with a gruesome scene in the beginning. The story is about ML and his life as a psychometrist wanna-be, but the mysterious SML is more intriguing.

    ➤ The death of a likable character is unnecessary but probably important for character development.

    ➤ Bittersweet ending.

    OST: Full album

  • A Vingança do Casamento Perfeito

    17. A Vingança do Casamento Perfeito

    Korean Drama - 2023, 12 episodes


    Watched as currently airing. Finished December 3 (11-19, 12-3)

    ➤ Makjang/soap opera in mini. It's predictable, with no depth, but highly entertaining. I added +0.5 points for that.

    ➤ The supernatural/fantasy part is not explained in the end

    ➤ Great chemistry between ML and FL with steamy kisses

    ➤ Nice ML's family

    ➤ Amazing acting by the main villain (stepmom)

    ➤ Overall HE

    OST: Full playlist

  • Sweet Home 2

    18. Sweet Home 2

    Korean Drama - 2023, 8 episodes


    December 1

    ➤ More characters, death of main characters

    ➤ Open ending, continue to S3

    ➤ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sweet_Home_(TV_series)

    OST: N/A

  • Vigilante

    19. Vigilante

    Korean Drama - 2023, 8 episodes


    Watched as currently airing. Finish November 29 (11-29)

    ➤ Gripping and amazing action scenes, tho I wonder why Vigilante doesn't wear a mask.

    ➤ Funny third ML gives a ray of sunshine in this dark drama

    ➤ Ending: open semi-bittersweet. His best friend died helping him and was named Vigilante, Vigilante graduated from the police academy but didn't take the oath. SML and FL let him go. FL revealed she supported ML. But the big honchos are still around, thus OE for S2.

    OST: ???

  • Ning An Ru Meng

    20. Ning An Ru Meng

    Chinese Drama - 2023, 38 episodes


    Watched as currently airing. Finished November 25 (11-12, 11-15, 11-25, 11-26)

    ➤ Intriguing palace politics, smart executions

    ➤ Good editing interwoven between present and past scenes

    ➤ Antihero ML and antihero FL make their characters interesting

    ➤ Many nice characters

    ➤ Great friendship and loyalty to friends

    ➤ Perfect ending, although using the modern world with FL novelist writing this story (and ML shows up as her new editor)

    ➤ The only drawback is super slow-burn romance.

    OST: Full album

  • País das Maravilhas do Amor

    21. País das Maravilhas do Amor

    Chinese Drama - 2023, 40 episodes


    Watched as currently airing. Finished November 24 (11-9, 11-18, 11-22, 11-24)

    ➤ Lots of twists and turns

    ➤ Amazing chemistry between the main and second couples. 

    ➤ Good character growth, especially for ML

    ➤ Great fighting scenes and war choreography

    ➤ Nice bromance/friendship in ML's army

    ➤ Artistic scenes of ML and FL

    ➤ Perfect ending

    OST: Full album

  • Hi Cookie

    22. Hi Cookie

    Korean Drama - 2023, 20 episodes


    Watched as currently airing. Finished November 23 (11-17, 11-23)

    ➤ Lots of illogicalities

    ➤ Bad sub

    Nam Ji Hyun's great acting, but she doesn't fit as a high schooler.

    ➤ Ending: Bittersweet. After confessing it was her fault, FL is caught by the big criminal guy (pretending caught by the police) forcing her to make cookies as the recipe is passed to her by the chef.  FL's sister lives normally working hard to support her study. ML died, killing himself by eating a high-dose cookie. SML is caught. FL's 'boyfriend' died, and FL's bestie almost died.

    OST: N/A

  • Romantic

    23. Romantic

    Chinese Drama - 2023, 22 episodes


    November 23

    ➤ Bad plot with so many cliches

    ➤ Great chemistry between ML and FL

    ➤ The funniest SML/villain

    ➤ Weird ending, HE but bad execution

    OST: "Safe and Sound" by Aaron Michael Kellim

  • Parabéns Para o Meu Ex!

    24. Parabéns Para o Meu Ex!

    Thai Movie - 2023


    November 23

    ➤ The Indian wedding custom/tradition

    ➤ Beautiful costumes and dance choreography

    OST: ???

  • O Voto de Morte

    25. O Voto de Morte

    Korean Drama - 2023, 12 episodes


    Watched as currently airing. Finished November 16 (9-27, 11-16)

    ➤ Thrilling and full of action

    ➤ Great acting of that psycho guy

    ➤ PPL

    ➤ Disappointing ending that leads to Season 2, but with the low rating and pissed off audience since the drama postponed airing dates due to some sports events, the sequel most likely not going to happen.

    ➤ Character endings:

    Kim Moo Chan does some petty acts of revenge like mini Gaetal. He got mysterious assignments from a delivery guy.

    Joo Hyun refuses to stay in Kim Moo Chan's unit and does her own work.

    Prof Kwon jumped into the water and most likely is alive in Japan. Prison guard Park jumped with him and was not sure alive or not.

    Ji Young graduated high school, missing Ji Hoon in her 20th bday.

    Kim Ji Hoon died being hit by gang members because of the bounty.

    The assemblywoman Min is alive, not punished, and might revive the Killing Vote system with a new hacker.

    Grandma Yang is in jail.


    "On Fire" (official MV) by 1kyne and Jiselle

    "Blue" (official MV) by Aalia

  • Vamos Rápido na Confiança

    26. Vamos Rápido na Confiança

    Chinese Drama - 2023, 22 episodes


    Watched as currently airing. Finished November 14 (11-7, 11-14)

    ➤ Slow for a drama with a car-racing theme.

    ➤ Good acting from ML and FL, although not much chemistry

    ➤ Ending: HE for the three couples but no final race win, the ending is anti-climax IMO

    OST: Full album (fansub)

  • Se Ame do Jeito Que é

    27. Se Ame do Jeito Que é

    Chinese Drama - 2019, 24 episodes


    November 13 (11-5, 11-8, 11-13)

    ➤ Good looking food

    ➤ The push-and-pull

    ➤ The pageant show scheme drags the drama

    ➤ Great chemistry, especially after they get together

    ➤ Happy ending (ML proposes to FL)

    OST: Full album

  • Qin Ai De Bai Yue Guang

    28. Qin Ai De Bai Yue Guang

    Chinese Drama - 2023, 16 episodes


    Watched as currently airing. Finished November 11 (11-11)

    ➤ Swap faces 'reincarnation' from A Familiar Stranger, both actresses have great sismance

    ➤ Lots of kisses with good chemistry

    ➤ Breathtaking cinematography (outdoor sets) despite of short length series

    ➤ Ending: Happy as expected.

    OST: Full album

  • Yume de Mita Ano Ko no Tame ni

    29. Yume de Mita Ano Ko no Tame ni

    Japanese Drama - 2023, 10 episodes


    Watched as currently subbing, with the last two watched with Chinese subtitles. Finished November 10 (11-11)

    ➤ Good Eng sub (Irozuku)

    ➤ This is not a Mystery or Thriller genre. The storyline progresses quite slowly. 

    ➤ I watched it for Itagaki Mizuki, and he portrayed the twins with different personalities well.

    Ending: Bittersweet ending. As expected, the criminals die, and the bad police officer is arrested. The good guy is alive and picks up his nephew after getting a vision from his dead bro about his son's whereabouts.

    OST: "Faust" by Queen Bee

  • One Night Stand

    30. One Night Stand

    Thai Drama - 2023, 13 episodes


    Watched as currently subbing. Finished November 10 (11-5, 11-10)

    Pim's acting is praiseworthy

    ➤ Intriguing

    ➤ Eye candies

    ➤ Watched the last episode's raw version.

    Ending: The killer is Gale.

    OST: "That Night" (Eng fansub)

  • Phanom Naka

    31. Phanom Naka

    Thai Drama - 2023, 19 episodes


    Watched as currently airing. Finished November 6 (10-1, 10-10, 11-6)

    ➤ Intriguing plot

    Tre's acting is really good.

    ➤ The CGI is bad but at least they CGI-ed the snakes. Only one or two single real snake scene.

    ➤ Ending: Happy. The villains are dead. ML died after fighting the villain, but before he died, FL performed the ritual dance that was pending in their first life. She believed he would be back again. A month later, they reunited. He becomes a human.


    "Look Into The Heart" by Boom Saharat 

    "Oh, My Love" by McIntyre Bird Thongchai

  • Forever Love

    32. Forever Love

    Chinese Drama - 2023, 30 episodes


    November 4

    ➤ The story copying/similar to K-drama That Winter, the Wind Blows or K-movie Love Me Not

    ➤ Illogicalities of the FL's blindness (how she got blind and how she got cured). At least she's not blind too long (cured in Ep 12)

    Chen Fang Tong's acting as a blind character.

    ➤ Chemistry with steamy kisses

    ➤ HE, ML is alive

    OST: Yan Bing Yi "Blind Love" (official audio)

  • Duang Jai Jorm Krabi

    33. Duang Jai Jorm Krabi

    Thai Drama - 2023, 14 episodes


    November 3 (11-2, 11-3)

    ➤ ML and FL chemistry

    ➤ Second couple no chemistry/connection

    ➤ Bad costume, makeup, CGI (of course we tend to compare it with costume Cdramas that surpass fake/knock-off makes from other countries)

    ➤ HE for both couples but until 10-1 they never subbed the last 2 episodes.

    OST: "Miracle From the Starlight" by James Jettaphon (official MV)

  • Tok Kra Dai Hua Jai Ploy Jone

    34. Tok Kra Dai Hua Jai Ploy Jone

    Thai Drama - 2019, 23 episodes


    November 1 (10-18, 10-23, 11-1)

    ➤ A feel-good drama, the first and the second couples are likable.

    ➤ Country setting

    ➤ The MLs are sweet and good looking

    OST: "Falling" by Ann Thitima Pratumthip (official MV)

  • Doce Lar

    35. Doce Lar

    Korean Drama - 2020, 10 episodes


    October 31


    ➤ Great fear factor with good CGI and great acting, but too many characters.

    ➤ Somehow I felt bored in the beginning which influenced my excitement further towards the end. Not sure if I want to watch the sequel. I don't read the Webtoon.

    ➤ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sweet_Home_(TV_series)

    OST Playlist

  • O Destino Inextricável

    36. O Destino Inextricável

    Chinese Drama - 2023, 26 episodes


    Watched as currently airing. Finished October 29 (10-19, 10-27, 10-30)

    ➤ Acting Wang You Shuo when he is silly

    ➤ Chemistry

    ➤ Great FL's family

    ➤ Bloody in the middle of the drama

    ➤ The screenwriter tried too hard, too much stuff. Lots of stuff happens in each episode, unpredictable, but with a really bad editing. Deleted intimate scene.

    ➤ Unsatisfying ending. HE, but FL becomes old because she tried too many potions on her to heal ML who again was poisoned. ML looks for FL and finally finds her. The meeting again is in extra Ep 27. https://duboku.cc/%E7%83%AC%E7%9B%B8%E6%80%9D/10002.html

    OST: Full album (fan audio - sub)

  • O Acordo

    37. O Acordo

    Korean Drama - 2023, 8 episodes


    Watched as currently airing. Finished October 27 (10-29)

    ➤ Dark comedy

    Yoo Seung Ho and Kim Dong Hwi acting during their amateur kidnapping

    ➤ The hardship of looking for subbed episodes (AI sub)

    ➤ Ending: Bittersweet. FML and TML are alive. TML saved FML as FML saved TML when they were in high school. FML served jail time, he refused the money. SML died? In the end, FML heard his name was called by SML (?) but he didn't turn around and kept walking.

    OST: ???

  • My Precious

    38. My Precious

    Chinese Drama - 2023, 40 episodes


    Watched as currently airing. Finished October 26 (10-6, 10-13, 10-22, 10-28)

    ➤ Carlo is the star. Without him, I would drop this drama long time ago.

    ➤ All dogs acted in this drama and their trainers are the stars since it's not easy to perform certain detailed live actions and facial expressions unless they're well-trained.

    ➤ The veterinary business is draggy and some unprofessional practices

    ➤ ML's past secret is interesting

    ➤ Annoying SFL, breakup towards the end, 

    ➤ HE: ML proposed to FL (after almost marrying SFL)

    OST: ???

  • Wo Shi Xiao Di Zhu

    39. Wo Shi Xiao Di Zhu

    Chinese Drama - 2023, 26 episodes


    Watched as currently airing. Finished October 25 (10-17, 10-24, 10-27)

    ➤ A different kind of costume drama (non-palace politics)

    Joseph Zeng and Tian Xi Wei have similarities with their big, round, bright eyes, with good chemistry

    ➤ The annoying big FL's family on the fraternal side

    ➤ The cool FL's family

    ➤ Ending: OE to the HE side. FL is back to the real world. She works at the same gaming company and saw that ML is the CEO on the company chart. Someone with a name tag of ML called her from behind. She turned around and he handed her the leaf deco he gave her in the game. She smiled.

    OST: Full album (fan audio - sub)

    Joseph Zeng "You, Me" (fan audio - sub

  • O Dia

    40. O Dia

    Korean Drama - 2023, 12 episodes


    Watched as currently airing. Finished October 25 (10-26)


    ➤ Unique plot

    ➤ Thrilling and suspenseful

    ➤ dark comedy

    ➤ ML and FL funny yet close relationship

    ➤ Emotional with a lot of touching scenes, especially between ML and FL

    ➤ Acting of Yoon Kye Sang (ML), Yuna (FL), and Kim Shin Rok (Supporting - ML's ex wife)

    ➤ Ending: HE. ML gets sentenced for kidnapping. FL lives normally and goes to school with ML's daughter (possibly they live together), FL's cousin is her legal guardian. Possibly S2 with cloning.

    ➤ Note: It seems the legal part of this drama is quite sensitive issue, as it concerns a kidnapping of a minor. I think the production company wanted to avoid criticism or unnecessary debates on the legal issue in South Korea. Therefore, there is no arguments from Myung Joon's legal advisor, whether the sentence period is reduced from 10 years as requested, or if in the future an ex-convict is able to adopt the victim, let alone a child.

    OST: "Present" by Stella Jang

  • O Pior do Mal

    41. O Pior do Mal

    Korean Drama - 2023, 12 episodes


    Watched as currently airing. Finished October 25 (10-25)

    ➤ Plenty of action. Bloody, violence, smoking.

    ➤ Bromance is good.

    Ji Chang Wook acting with microexpressions.

    ➤ Ending: Bittersweet but predictable. SML dies. The couple got divorced. ML gets a promotion. The message takes: Career over family/friends.

    OST: N/A

  • The Bionic Life

    42. The Bionic Life

    Chinese Drama - 2023, 12 episodes


    Watched as currently airing. Finished October 21.

    ➤ Fast paced. Heartbreaking cases

    ➤ Subtle romance with natural chemistry

    Song Wei Long on a different level of acting, with facial hair and all.

    ➤ The sci-fi part is not believable. Year 2035 but everything still looks the same.

    ➤ HE. ML and FL get together. Their issues are resolved.

    OST: ???

  • Miss Mystery

    43. Miss Mystery

    Chinese Drama - 2023, 24 episodes


    Watched as currently airing. Finished October 20.

    ➤ Suspenseful plot

    ➤ Great chemistry with some sensual innuendo and steamy kisses.

    ➤ Good production value.

    ➤ Dubious consent in Ep 21

    ➤ HE, they got married (ML's father is not his real father)

    Opening theme "Cause and Effect" (official MV)

  • Tiger Crane

    44. Tiger Crane

    Chinese Drama - 2023, 36 episodes


    Watched as currently airing. Finished October 16 (10-5, 10-12, 10-14, 10-16)

    ➤ Their friendship is gold

    ➤ The drama kills supporting characters no long after they're introduced

    ➤ Annoying female characters (sister and fairy)

    ➤ Group promo dance https://twitter.com/i/status/1707581779224453203

    ➤ Ending: SE (Xin Tong and Brick died)

    OST: Full album (fan sub)

  • Rainha: Amor e Guerra

    45. Rainha: Amor e Guerra

    Korean Drama - 2019, 16 episodes


    October 15 (10-7, 10-11, 10-15)

    ➤ TOO much politics

    ➤ Too many bitches

    ➤ Not enough couple's screentime (the King and the current FL - not the Queen), not much chemistry

    OST: Full album

  • Nosso Destino

    46. Nosso Destino

    Korean Drama - 2023, 16 episodes


    Watched as currently airing. Finished October 12 (9-7, 9-28, 10-12)

    ➤ Too many subplots inserted into the main plot but confusing editing. 

    ➤ Some subplots are just fillers and not related to the main plot

    ➤ The second couple (Ms Ma and Mr Gong) is cute but their romance is totally disconnected

    ➤ Hilarious ML-FL dialogues

    ➤ Great chemistry between the main couple

    ➤ I wished the past story was longer to emphasize the curse and the destiny

    ➤ Overall HE

    OST: Full album (fan audio)

  • Let's Shake It!

    47. Let's Shake It!

    Chinese Drama - 2017, 25 episodes


    October 9 (10-4, 10-8, 10-9)

    ➤ The opening cartoon is hilarious

    ➤ Funny FL when she's adjusted from alien to human

    ➤ FL and Miao Miao's funny relationship. Miao Miao CGI

    ➤ ML and FL chemistry. ML

    ➤ Plot twists.

    ➤ HE

    ➤ Bad: The low budget affected the costumes, props, CGI

    ➤ Tried to watch S2 but the editing is so confusing, and they changed the human Miao Miao's actor. It's no longer as funny as S1, as in S1 FL's antics trying to leave the Earth and keeping her alien identity, later avoiding ML and adjusting to the Earth life is epic. In S2 just their adventure in parallel time of Song Era, but the plot is bad. Dropped it after checking that in the end, ML and FL went back to the Tang Era safe and sound and reunited with family and friends.


    "Alluring Smile" by Shi Qiu (MV)

    Ending theme "Exclusive Love" by Zheng Ye Cheng and An Yue Xi (official audio)

    "Waiting For You" by Wang Xiao Min (official audio)

  • Fengshen

    48. Fengshen

    Chinese Movie - 2023


    October 7 

    ➤ Great cinematography, CGI, costume, and set. Though sometimes the CGI is bad (limited budget)

    AvenueX review which also explains the mythology, filming background, and the story.

    OST: ???

  • Meu Casamento Feliz

    49. Meu Casamento Feliz

    Japanese Movie - 2023


    October 7 

    ➤ Too much stuff going on in a just 2-hour drama. Fast-paced. I wished this become a drama instead. Watch in DC for a better sub.

    ➤ Good love story, but the supernatural part is confusing

    ➤ Great chemistry between the main couple, but the main leads seem two dimensions, with no character growth.

    ➤ Great cinematography, CGI, costume, set

    ➤ Ending credit suggests a sequel

    OST: ???

  • Você Me Completa

    50. Você Me Completa

    Chinese Drama - 2023, 24 episodes


    Watched as currently airing. Finished  October 6 (10-12)

    ➤ 80% romance, 20% mystery. Sizzling chemistry with steamy kisses. Disappointing mystery.

    ➤ The current synopsis is misleading. The second-chance romance/pursuit again is only 1-2 episodes. There is no 'dramatic reunion'.

    ➤ Sismance FL and SFL

    ➤ Fashionable costumes

    ➤ HE (ML proposes, FL accepts, they got married on the spot?)

  • Qing Qing Ru Huai

    51. Qing Qing Ru Huai

    Chinese Drama - 2023, 24 episodes


    Watched as currently airing. Finished October 4 (10-4)

    ➤ Horrible sub (used Google translated Baidu episode summaries instead) - docked 0.5 point. The Baidu's summary (with Google translation) explains the drama well.

    ➤ Funny FL

    ➤ Handsome ML

    ➤ HE but it's just a story told by a storyteller (ML's assistant in the third life). Bro is the real emperor. ML is not a prince but a scholar (FL's tutor).

    OST: "Moved Again" by Zeng A Qi (audio fan sub)

  • Wen Xiang Tan An Lu

    52. Wen Xiang Tan An Lu

    Chinese Drama - 2023, 24 episodes


    Finished October 2 (10-2, 10-3)

    ➤ Suspenseful and thrilling though there are illogicalities.

    ➤ They made foreigners bad guys.

    ➤ Great teamwork.

    ➤ Good romance without overwhelming the mystery and investigation.

    ➤ Handsome MLs, FL is not gorgeous but cute, calm, and mature. Other FLs are nice.

    ➤ The mastermind has a hero complex, the delusion of grandeur, and narcissism

    "The answer you can never get means you will never be free." (Wen Xiang)

    OST: ???

  • Parallel World

    53. Parallel World

    Chinese Drama - 2023, 38 episodes


    Watched as currently airing. Finished September 30 (9-23, 9-24, 9-29, 9-30)

    ➤ Various fantasy/mystery elements (places, people, monsters). However, to pass the censorship they tweaked it as a fantasy story told by a storyteller.

    Ni Ni is gorgeous and her character is Badass FL (Tomb Raider's Lara Croft type), although that sexy costume doesn't really fit with the harsh and scorching desert nature.

    ➤ Mature romance between ML and FL with real kisses.

    ➤ Great CGI, costume, makeup, props, and sets.

    OST: Full album (fan audio Hanzi, Pinyin, Eng)

  • Ra Rerng Fai

    54. Ra Rerng Fai

    Thai Drama - 2017, 14 episodes


    September 26 (8-29, 9-2, 9-25, 9-26)

    ➤ I guess a 2017 Thai lakorn with a hardcore revenge plot is too old for me. Watched it in the mid of 2023, and I just can't... no redemption value in ML mistreating FL's sister, unnecessary side stories make the drama so draggy, and unbelievable romance between ML and FL. I can't understand the 9 and 10-rated reviews, but again, they were written right after the drama ended at the beginning of 2018. The vibe of Thai lakorn at that time with unhealthy relationships was still acceptable, I guess.

    ➤ The only thing I gave an extra 0.5 rating is the great chemistry between the main couple despite of fake kisses as reviewers/commenters complained about.


    "Why" by Panadda Ruangwut (official MV)

    "Even though I am Bad, I Love You" by Peter Corp Dyrendal (official MV)

  • The Outcast

    55. The Outcast

    Chinese Drama - 2023, 27 episodes


    Watched as currently airing. Finished September 22 (9-18, 9-21, 9-22)


    ➤ BEST COMEDY DRAMA 2023 (although there is no Comedy genre)

    ➤ Great fighting scenes

    ➤ Quirky characters with their superpowers

    ➤ Strong friendship. Zhang Chu Lan and Feng Bao Bao has a very good chemistry although they're not a romantic couple.

    ➤ ML Zhang Chu Lan is an interesting character, atypical hero with good character growth

    ➤ Kickass FL. Actress Wang Ying Lu is a newcomer and this was her first action drama. Her first filming scene is her fight in the village against bandits. Imo she had the hardest role since her character physically fights without using super cultivation power.

    Neo Hou and Bi Wen Jun

    ➤ Amazing CGI

    ➤ Happy ending, leading to Season 2

    ➤ "The path we choose is perilous. It's tough to be a good guy. If you're trying to say you didn't have a choice, that's a waste of breath. If you don't follow your heart, how can you make a difference?" (Zhang Zhi Wei - Ep 18)


    Opening theme "天外来客不悲不愁金刚之身不死不休"

    "Sea of Time" by Zhou Shen (my favorite!) - Feng Bao Bao theme

  • Em Movimento

    56. Em Movimento

    Korean Drama - 2023, 20 episodes


    Watched as currently airing. Finished September 20 (8-20, 8-31, 9-20)

    ➤ Best thriller drama 2023, with a possible sequel after the post-credit.

    ➤ Violent but full of emotion, they also showed the villains with humanity.

    ➤ Great chemistry between Kim Doo Shik and Lee Mi Hyun (Bong Seok's parents), although their last reunion is rather lame.

    ➤ Adorable 'couple' Kim Bong Seok and Jang Hee Soo with great friendship. Not sure what their endgame was after the school aftermath.

    ➤ Great CGI


    "Together!" By Jannabi (official artist's audio)

  • Meu Adorável Mentiroso

    57. Meu Adorável Mentiroso

    Korean Drama - 2023, 16 episodes


    Watched as currently airing. Finished Sep 19 (8-23, 9-19)

    ➤ Interesting FL's occupation as Miss Liar Hunter is fun to watch by itself. Unfortunately, it doesn't explore more about it once she meets ML since the romance and the mystery begin.

    ➤ Healthy relationship between the main couple, even though officially they're not together yet. Great chemistry with real kisses.

    ➤ The mystery is not executed well, this part drags although the plot twist about the killer is interesting and the killer is revealed in Ep 14 already.

    ➤ All's well ends well.

    OST: (all but one are official MVs)

    "Spoiler" by Viviz

    "Run" by Woody

    "My Heart Says" by Mi Joo (artist's official audio)

    "An Unbreakable Love" by Shin Yong Jae

    "Luv Luv Luv" by Jo Yu Ri and Sung Han Bin

    "Alarm" by Hwang Min Hyun

  • Brilhe Comigo

    58. Brilhe Comigo

    Chinese Drama - 2023, 36 episodes


    Watched as currently airing. Finished Sep 17 (9-6, 9-10, 9-13, 9-17)

    ➤ Super draggy and the drama spends too much time on side characters and side stories/romance

    ➤ Although the chemistry is great, the romance is super slow burn. The main couple doesn't get together until Ep 30.

    ➤ Too many annoying and/or useless characters: ML's boss, FL's ex, FL's sis, her boyfriend, and his bro.

    ➤ Beautiful Chongqing with promo on tourism and development (for ex., ice-hockey etc)

    OST: Full album

  • Love at Second Sight

    59. Love at Second Sight

    Chinese Drama - 2023, 22 episodes



    ➤ Second chance romance/marriage

    ➤ Fast-paced (short length series)

    ➤ Good chemistry between the main lead

    OST ???

  • Half of Us

    60. Half of Us

    Chinese Drama - 2023, 24 episodes


    Watched as currently airing. Finished Sept 21 (9-11, 9-15, 9-16)

    ➤ Plot: Draggy with too much convo. Lots of plot holes and questions unanswered.

    ➤ Maintain mystery up till the last minute with an ambiguous ending *

    ➤ Artistic (cinematography, costume, makeup, props, setting)

    ➤ Great fighting scenes

    ➤ A lot of eye candies

    ➤ Ending: FL goes to visit her twin sister but it's a trap because the Wusheng leader is at the house. ML keeps waiting for FL and the last second is a crack sound of gate and he looks up stunned.

    OST: Full album

  • Carruagem Errada, Noivo Certo

    61. Carruagem Errada, Noivo Certo

    Chinese Drama - 2023, 24 episodes


    Watched as currently airing. Finished Sep 14 (8-29, 9-5, 9-14)

    ➤ Cuteness overload: the two main and the 2 good side couples with great chemistry between the main and second couples. 

    ➤ However, the story is bad because it focuses more on the first main couple (probably because the actors are more experienced) than the second main couple, which is more interesting.

    ➤ The first couple's family scheming is draggy and takes a chunk of the drama with annoying cousin and Grandma's maid romance and repulsive intimate scenes, which are not shown in the main couple. Grandma is stupid, too.

    ➤ The main and second couples get together quickly. The second couple should've gotten together later because of their plot permits it (the FL disguises as a male to meet ML).

    OST: Full album (fan audio)

  • The Jungle

    62. The Jungle

    Thai Drama - 2023, 16 episodes


    Watched as currently airing. Finished Sep 12 (8-22, 9-12)

    ➤ Eye candies

    Nanon acting as twin brothers with different personalities

    ➤ Rushed ending for Nathee-Florence; unseen ending for Nanfah-Pladao, short Hunter's backstory.

    ➤ HE for all characters.

    ➤ Possibility for S2 with new Jungle members


    Main theme "Beast Inside" by Krist, Nanon, Off, Lee Thanat, and Luke

    "What If I" by Lee Thanat

    "Pretend" by Nanon

    "Treat You Like an Angel" by Krist

    "Can't Have You" by Luke

    "In The End" by Off

  • Girl's Jiang Hu

    63. Girl's Jiang Hu

    Chinese Drama - 2023, 24 episodes


    Watched as currently subbing (9-4, 9-8, 9-10)

    ➤ Slapstick humor and parodying drama tropes. The actors did great job with their comedic acting

    ➤ Great chemistry between the main and the second leads.

    ➤ The second lead is fun to watch


    Full album (fan's audio)

    Ending theme "Kilig Love" by Zhao Bei Er - my favorite!

    "Is This The End" by Jin Da Zhou - my favorite!

  • What the Hell Is Love

    64. What the Hell Is Love

    Taiwanese Drama - 2023, 20 episodes


    Watched as currently airing. Finished September 9, 2023 (7-22, 8-21, 9-9)

    ➤ Interesting cases that combine social issues with legal and spiritual (the ghosts of those who are wronged/murdered)

    ➤ This is not a religious drama although there is a 'religion' tag. It's a more spiritual experience of the ML and the deceased he came across in life and met again in the ten halls of hell. There are also spiritual beliefs some characters have since they manage a temple.

    ➤ Interesting ML's spiritual condition in which at a certain time in the day he becomes weak and able to see ghosts.

    ➤ Slow-burn romance but with great chemistry once the main couple gets together.


    Full album playlist

    Opening theme "On My Way" by Sophie Chen and Gao Er Xuan (official MV)

    Ending theme "See Through Longing" by Neely Anthony, Skot Suyama, and Qu You Ning (official audio)

    "Our Story" by Sophie Chen (artist's official MV)

    "Let Go" by Li Jie Ming (artist's official MV)

  • Caçadores de Demônios 2

    65. Caçadores de Demônios 2

    Korean Drama - 2023, 12 episodes


    Watched as currently airing. Finished Sep 3 (8-14, 9-3)

    ➤ Although the fighting scenes are still good and so are the acting, plot-wise it's not as thrilling as S1. The plot mostly centers around So Mun and Ma Ju Seok and the rest main cast are the supporting characters. The subplots of other main characters with his/her own story become fillers.

    ➤ Not sure why they added a new Counter Jeok Bong if he doesn't have any unique skill or improved along the drama. He seems only as comedic relief.

    ➤ Comments said that the scriptwriter from S1 left so S2 plot is not as good as S1

    ➤ HE


    Main Theme "Ready Set Go" by Cravity (official audio)

    "Once Again" by Kim Se Jeong (official audio)

    "Watch" by 8Turn (official artist's audio)

  • One Piece

    66. One Piece

    Japanese Drama - 2023, 8 episodes




    ➤ Easily rewatchable without losing the sense of thrill from the action scenes.

    ➤ The good background story of the main characters and the casting of young actors fit the adult.

    ➤ Great CGI, costume/makeup/props, set (my favorite is the snail phones)

    ➤ This is Season 1


    "My Sails Are Set" by Aurora (official audio)

    Full album (fan audio/instrumental)

  • The Seventh Generation

    67. The Seventh Generation

    Chinese Drama - 2023, 38 episodes


    Watched as currently airing. Finished Aug 30 (8-17, 8-19, 8-28, 8-30)

    ➤ Great chemistry between the main couple

    ➤ Beautiful costumes, great CGI

    ➤ Satisfying ending (better than other xianxia's ending)

    • ML dies after killing the bad guy and to save the 6 realms, FL later saw his star and finds him in the mortal world under the marriage wishing tree. She ask: "who are you now?" JHe said "no matter who I am I'm bound to find you"
    • SML Xiu Ming temporarily rules the immortal world until FL comes back looking for ML
    • The twins rule Mouluo together, they saw Zi Hui in mortal world she mistaken he has a wife but it's his sister, he has a dream girl which is Jin Luo so she goes to find him
    • Red Thread Master is busy matchmaking other characters.

    Promo scene where ML and FL meets Chang Heng from LBFAD https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1_PNvO_403U

    OST: Full album (fan subbed audio)

  • O Jeito Que Você Brilha

    68. O Jeito Que Você Brilha

    Taiwanese Drama - 2023, 24 episodes


    Watched as currently airing. Finished Aug 27 (7-8, 8-7, 8-27)

    ➤ A tedious Taiwanese melodrama with a bunch of tropes

    ➤ A lot of annoying characters

    ➤ The saving grace is the chemistry between the main couple with steamy kisses.

    ➤ Ending: The main couple got married. It's assumed ML's mom gave her blessing because she smiled at the wedding. Regarding the sex video that was purposely unclear till revealed at the end, FL's ex fell asleep and his sis found out about the sex scene. Season 2? 

    ➤ The one I liked was that they don't force coupling between SML and ML's sister. They parted as bro-sis and she might end up with her colleague/long time friend.

    Quote Ep 24
    "Have I ever told you why I like you? Expectant liking will deteriorate because of disappointment. But I don't have this worry. Because I don't even know why I like you."


    Opening theme: Men Envy Children "Time Goes By" (official MV)

    Ending theme: Wan "Wandering" (official MV)

    Shi Shi "Loving You Is" (official MV)

    Nine Chen & Qiu Feng Ze (NineZeCP) "Heart to Heart" (official MV)

  • Esposa Familiar

    69. Esposa Familiar

    Korean Drama - 2018, 16 episodes


    8-24 to 8-26 (2.5 days)

    ➤ Illogical plot: ML time-traveled and has the memory of a 10-year marriage. Met FL who is single and almost perfect but has no memories of their marriage. They never come back to the original timeline. Another time travel happened and they are in a different timeline than the original one. What happened to their original children? Lazy writing: Do not fix the actual marital problem. While ML regrets and undergoes character growth, FL remains less flawed than her original self.

    ➤ Romanticize cheating: ML is married to SFL in the second time travel. He pines for FL while married. SFL then cheats with her student to give her a partner in the future.

    ➤ The only saving grace of this drama is the superb acting of the leading actors.

    OST: Full album (fan audio)

  • So Many Years

    70. So Many Years

    Chinese Movie - 2023



    ➤ It's not a mere long journey of a love story but also touches on some issues in modern Chinese society such as patriarchal ideology etc.

    ➤ Amazing chemistry between the leading actors

    ➤ Deleted scenes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0thKAIS3iaI

    OST: Full album

  • Ride On

    71. Ride On

    Chinese Movie - 2023



    ➤ A tribute to stunt actors and stunt animals.

    Jackie Chan didn't do much action here but he delivered as the main protagonist in emotional scenes.


    Main Theme "Sincere Hero" by Jackie Chan and Guo Qi Lin (official MV fansub)

    "Youth Story" by  Jackie Chan

  • Mask Girl

    72. Mask Girl

    Korean Drama - 2023, 7 episodes


    Watched the all-released episodes on the same day 8-18-23

    ➤ A satire on the South Korean entertainment industry. Since little, FL wants to be loved very much by everyone (her answer on the children's pageant show). There are many ways to be loved by many people, but she adamantly wanted to be an entertainer until her adulthood.

    ➤ Fast-paced like a long movie, dark thriller

    ➤ Heavy on lookism, vulgar, violence, but also mothers' love for their children (either in good or bad ways)

    ➤ Great acting from the rookie to the seasoned actors, young and old.

    ➤ Not much character growth due to the short duration.

  • Young Blood 2

    73. Young Blood 2

    Chinese Drama - 2023, 27 episodes


    Watched as currently airing. Finished August 16 (8-6, 8-13, 8-16)

    ➤ Watched the last 7 episodes' raw version

    ➤ Not as fun as S1, more serious and darker, lots of palace politics

    ➤ Bad MangoTV sub

    ➤ Interesting additional characters (King of Xia, the rooster guy, the superstitious guy, Yuan Zhong Xin's father, Sector 8 youngsters)

    ➤ Beautiful Western Xia's costumes

    ➤ Bad CGI

    ➤ HE for the main characters, they are all alive and go back to the Great Song to look for the other Sector's members and other missions. Most supporting characters die.


    "Youth Chronicle" by Vogue 5 (audio fansite)

    "Listen to the Fog" by Bai Yuan Hao (audio fansite)

  • A Batida do meu Coração

    74. A Batida do meu Coração

    Korean Drama - 2023, 16 episodes


    Watched as currently airing. Finished August 15, 2023 (7-19, 8-15)

    ➤ Unorthodox tale of vampires, but they make all the vampire's immortal lives such losses instead of being successful.

    Ok Taec Yeon's visuals. He looked so good with the 3-piece suits and the 1930s look.

    ➤ ML and FL have great chemistry. ML-FL ballroom dance (Ep 10).

    ➤ The ending: ML dies but others have HEs. The ending scene is FL looking around during a party in the mansion. She looks up and then sees ML. Just her imagination?

    OST: (all official MVs)

    "I Revive" by Han Seung Yun

    "Heart Race" by Byeon Eul

    "I'm Always By Your Side" by Jeon Si Ha

    "Walking Again" by Chan

    "Vampire" by Park Kang Hyun

    "That Night" by Grizzly

    "I Know It's You" by Standing Egg - MY FAVORITE

  • Trick or Love

    75. Trick or Love

    Taiwanese Drama - 2023, 40 episodes


    Watched as currently subbed/airing. Finished August 11, 2023 (7-18, 7-31, 8-11, 8-12)

    ➤ Watched the last 10 episodes (Ep 30-40) raw version.

    ➤ True romcoms without additional adrenaline-rush genres. The melodramatic parts are not even heartbreaking.

    ➤ Amazing chemistry between ML-FL, SML-SFL. Steamy kisses.

    ➤ Spunky sister, crazy brother. Close family knits (ML and FL's families)

    ➤ Along the way there are draggy scenes and unnecessary subplots, the drama doesn't need to be 40 episodes.

    ➤ All around HE.


    Opening song "Boat" by 163 braces

    Ending song "Truth" by Howard Lee (official artist's MV)

    "Crush On" by Howard Lee (official artist's MV)

    "Twinned Rainbows" by Earl Band (official artists's MV)

    "On the Way to Hua Lien" by Xiao Mi (official artist's MV)

    "Suddenly Want to See You" by Marcus Chang and Eugenie Liu

  • The Lotus Casebook

    76. The Lotus Casebook

    Chinese Drama - 2023, 40 episodes


    Watched as currently airing. Finished August 9 (7-27, 8-2, 8-8, 8-10)

    Relationship chart https://i.mydramalist.com/rN25k2_3f.jpg

    ➤ Watched the last 6 episodes + 1 extended in raw version

    ➤ Best wuxia 2023, best bromance 2023

    ➤ Strong bromance/friendship, no romance (only past lover for Li Xiang Yi, arranged marriage for Fang Duo Bing, and one-sided for Di Fei Sheng)

    ➤ Interesting mysterious cases

    ➤ ML's drunken dance (Ep 9 and Ep 34)

    ➤ High budgeted in cinematography, costume, set design, props, CGI

    ➤ Confusing ending. In the novel, Li Lian Hua's health deteriorates, and is taken care of by Fang Duo Bing. In Ep 40, Li Lian Hua left everyone and went traveling by boat, with 5.25 min of the extended version (Ep 41 or 40.5) 3 months later everyone looks for him including  Fang Duo Bing and Di Fei Sheng who found him by the beach and a little smile on Li Lian Hua's face. It means he didn't die shortly in 1 month as predicted but possibly is cured or his life is prolonged. The scene ends with an empty beach, it's assumed the trio went somewhere together.


    Main theme "Within Jianghu" by Liu Yu Ning subbed by Productive Procrastinator (fan audio Hanzi/Pinyin/English)

    Full album (fan audio Hanzi/Pinyin/English)

  • A Princesa e o Lobisomem

    77. A Princesa e o Lobisomem

    Chinese Drama - 2023, 30 episodes


    Watched as currently airing. Finished Aug 9 (7-24, 8-1, 8-9)

    ➤ Parody. Not necessarily need to watch its prequel Go Princess, Go! 

    ➤ Funky FL, her costume. The CGI is bad.

    ➤ The romance itself drags in the middle because ML doesn't want to reveal himself to FL but enjoys his relationship with her as the bodyguard Li Xiong. At some point the relationship turns to infidelity, when FL and the bodyguard confess to each other she will be more determined to leave the King and tries many plans.

    ➤ The ending: HE but since a wholesome HE is a no-no in a costume drama, they had to kill someone, so it's General Ma.

    OST: Full album (fan audio Hanzi/Pinyin/Eng)

  • Enigma

    78. Enigma

    Thai Drama - 2023, 4 episodes


    Watched as currently airing. Finished Aug 5 (0.5 day)

    ➤ The plot is not about FL but ML in his quest looking for Enigma. As the drama ends with HE of the school arc (with FL), there is a possibility for S2 with a different FL and new characters

    ➤ Short and sweet (Less than 3 hours total). The story is quite simple and mellow since it's a school horror.

    ➤ Good dose of creepiness, through CGI, jump-scare, prop/makeup, set, BGM

    ➤ Great chemistry between the main actors although not romance

    ➤ Minus 0.5 for minor plot holes, unanswered questions

    OST: None (instrumental)

  • Home School

    79. Home School

    Thai Drama - 2023, 18 episodes


    Watched as currently airing. Finished Aug 4 (7-9, 8-3)

    ➤ I watched it for Gun Atthaphan, as the mysterious Run, and he didn't disappoint in this drama.

    ➤ Intriguing school with its crazy curriculums, crazy masters, and delinquent students. The prolonged school part becomes draggy in the middle because of too many student main characters, although they do not showcase all of the students. Towards the end becomes interesting when Run has more scenes and the mystery of the school is gradually revealed.

    ➤ The masters are interesting and mysterious. I wished they give us more background on the masters, and how they end up teaching at this crazy school. Some masters' acting are superb.

    ➤ The ending is very lakorny, with guns and violence. Might be over-the-top to the viewers who are not used to lakorns.

    ➤ Although HE, there is a possibility for S2. Get the popcorn ready!


    The OST is instrumental, but there is an English song played in the background at the end of Ep 18 when Principal Run watches Maki with her 3 friends.

  • Paen Rai Long Tai Wa Rak

    80. Paen Rai Long Tai Wa Rak

    Thai Drama - 2017, 30 episodes


    7-28 to 7-30 (3 days)

    ➤ What messed up families, their entanglements are so confusing

    ➤ The ML characterization is inconsistent. At first, he seems calm, mature, rational. Then when he finds out FL fakes her pregnancy he becomes bad (chained her in the bathtub, locked her up, etc). Then after that, he doesn't seem it's a big deal, just a mere apology. I get it FL is a big liar about faking her pregnancy etc, but at least her characterization is consistent.

    ➤ FL, with all her dramatic tricks and schemes, is actually entertaining to watch.

    ➤ Adopted siblings' relationship is lovely.


    "A Mere Thanks is Not Enough" by In Nattharinphon Phrommin

    "Is It Too Late?" by Ant - Emotion Town

  • Dear Mr. Heavenly Fox

    81. Dear Mr. Heavenly Fox

    Chinese Drama - 2023, 30 episodes


    Watched as currently airing. Finished July 28 (2.5 days = 7-21, 7-26, 8-5)

    ➤ Bad ending. Stop at Ep 28 (the wedding). There is a special episode Ep 31 (35 min) that picks up where Ep 30 ends and with HE. +0.5 for the effort.

    ➤ Bad directing, editing, costume, set, CGI.

    ➤ MangoTV sub sucks as always.

    ➤ The only saving grace for me is Wang You Shuo's visuals

     ➤ Rain Lu and her FL character styling looks way better in Butterflied Lover which I watched simultaneously with this drama.

    OSTFull album (fan audio)

    Opening theme "Select" by  Wang You Shuo and Rain Lu (fan audio)

    Closing theme "No Way" by Wang You Shuo (fan audio)

  • Butterflied Love

    82. Butterflied Love

    Chinese Drama - 2023, 22 episodes


    Watched it as currently airing. Finished Jul 25 (1 day) - watched the last 6 episodes raw (7-25)

    ➤ Superb directing from Zeng Qing Jie who also directed the short series Provoke, A Familiar Strange, and The Killer Is Also Romantic.

    ➤ Cute cameo from the couple from The Killer Is Also Romantic, that also serves as a 'sequel' or 'ending' of them showing with a child.

    ➤ Real kisses, intimate scenes

    ➤ Cute second couple

    ➤ The ending is confusing, is it a dream or not? The whole drama is a dream, Ep 22 is a dream or real, and the Butterfly clan mystery is unresolved. Typical NRTA-approved ending that opens to viewers' interpretation.

    ➤ Beautiful cinematography

    OST: Full album (fan audio)

  • Vejo Você na Próxima Vida

    83. Vejo Você na Próxima Vida

    Korean Drama - 2023, 12 episodes


    Watched it as currently airing. Finished July 23 (7-7, 7-23)

    ➤ Interesting, unique, and refreshing theme

    ➤ I didn't like the beginning of the drama, the 'romance' between a 12-year-old girl and a 9-year-old boy, it looks cringey. Some draggy scenes and fillers in the beginning and middle of the drama. But gets better towards the ending.

    ➤ Some flashbacks of several of FL's life, with the exception of the first and the 18th life, are fillers but pretty little things (beautiful cinematography)

    ➤ I wish there is more story about her first life, her relationship with her sister. The beachside scenery with flowing dyed fabrics and the bridge scenery with firecrackers are theatrical. The ML and the SML in the first life seem just filler characters.

    ➤ Last episode is wholesome, although there are some plot holes unanswered. Theme: forgiveness and forego.

    ➤ Satisfying ending, bitter-sweet but more on the sweet side.

    OST: Full album (fan audio)

  • Cinco missões, 5 coisas de Emilly

    84. Cinco missões, 5 coisas de Emilly

    Taiwanese Drama - 2018, 15 episodes


    7-11, 7-12, 7-20 (3 days)

    ➤ Slow-burn romance.

    ➤ The spunky FL carries the drama, with some actors able to act like high schoolers to adults.

    ➤ Amazing chemistry between ML and FL, mostly best friends as they didn't get together until the last episode.

    ➤ All's well ends well.

    OST: Full playlist

  • A Promessa Mais Longa

    85. A Promessa Mais Longa

    Chinese Drama - 2023, 40 episodes


    Watched it as currently airing. Finished July 17 (7-5, 7-10, 7-16, 7-17)

    ➤ The drama drags with side stories of many side characters.

    ➤ The ending is BE according to the novel's readers as the main couple gets married and has a child, it's HE for me as the main couple reunited in the end (last minute)

    ➤ Superb Xiao Zhan's acting

    ➤ Top-notch CGI (official compilation https://m.weibo.cn/detail/4923807733909521#&video)

    ➤ Shi Ying's character poster video shots (official https://weibo.com/tv/show/1034:4920200563458076?from=old_pc_videoshow)

    OST: Full album (fan audio)

  • Quando um Caracol Cai no Amor

    86. Quando um Caracol Cai no Amor

    Thai Drama - 2023, 20 episodes


    Watched as currently airing. Finished July 15 (7-4, 7-15)

    ➤ Lighthearted police drama, more like a romcom, although there are several deaths. The crime cases are not complicated. The plot seems focused more on romance.

    Bie as usual is smoking hot and delivered his role as the ML. The FL character is someone whom I grew to like, although she's still stubborn till the end. Unlike dramaland FLs who are usually warm-hearted, cheerful, lovely, etc etc, she's not typical but rather a cold and awkward FL. She's someone who has a high IQ but low EQ. She's analytical, blunt, and strong-minded, inquisitive, in the beginning, follows her intuitions and judgments but not commands or teamwork. A bit childlike I should say: "I want to do this, so I do it". She got character growth. 

    ➤ The second couple Wasu and Muk is adorable. The supporting character Sen is hilarious till the end.

    ➤ Nice ending! With a possible sequel (Luger is not dead?)

  • Chang Feng Du

    87. Chang Feng Du

    Chinese Drama - 2023, 40 episodes


    Watched as currently airing. Finished July 14 (6-25, 6-26, 7-6, 7-14)

    ➤ Very long plot with three arcs. Some parts are draggy. Some time jumps.

    ➤ Cute chemistry between the main couple

    ➤ Amazing acting of the leading actors

    ➤ Great cinematography, set design, costume, fighting, and war choreography

    ➤ Too many deaths, some are beloved characters.

  • Métodos de Exploração do Amor

    88. Métodos de Exploração do Amor

    Chinese Drama - 2023, 22 episodes


    Watched it as currently airing. Finished July 13 (6-30, 7-13)

    ➤ Fast/good pace. Draggy during the second couple side-story.

    ➤ Off-chart chemistry with sensual tense and real kisses.

    ➤ HE with a time jump. Personally, I don't like the noble idiocy thing. She left because the twins' stand-in rumor can cause the loss of his co, and her sister retires from the entertainment industry.

    ➤ As usual C-drama, government PPL on the Chinese mining industry, and educated women (she graduated with her doctorate before marriage).

    ➤ Spunky, independent, and determined FL. But I also think she's too logical and cold-hearted.

    ➤ Very nice ML. Cold and stiff in the beginning after we find out about why he was like that (past background)

    ➤ FF second couple storyline (not interesting)

    ➤ Sub is bad, the WeTV app sub is better than the MangoTV sub

    OST: Full album (fan audio)

  • Minha Maravilhosa Fábula

    89. Minha Maravilhosa Fábula

    Chinese Drama - 2023, 24 episodes


    Watched as currently airing. Finished July 3 (6-24, 7-3)

    ➤ This drama is heavy in psychology and philosophy of life. Two things that are not my cups of tea, thus the (only) 8.5 rating.

    ➤  A different kind of Chinese romance drama. It doesn't follow the usual romantic recipe.

    ➤ Still, the couple's chemistry of off-the-roof, with steamy kisses.

    ➤ The leading actress looked Fei gorgeous in many of the Female Lead's costumes and makeup, with theatrical acting.

    ➤ Amazing cinematography and filming locations.


    "Metamorphosis" (蜕变 Tui Bian) by Zhang Cen Xi (fan audio)

  • A Princesa Coroada

    90. A Princesa Coroada

    Thai Drama - 2018, 12 episodes


    7-1 to 7-2 (2 days)

    ➤ I was warned by the reviews that there is not much romance but more action and politics. The action scenes are great (but some fighting scenes are over-the-top) but don't like the politics.

    ➤ Although there is not much romance, the chemistry between ML and FL is amazing since the leading actors have played romantic couples in many dramas, and they're a couple IRL

    ➤ Beautiful set/scenery, royal costume, and people.

    OST: (official MVs)

    "Distance" by Max Nuttawut Jenmana

    "Duty With the Heart" by Mutmee Pimdao Panichsamai featuring Nadech Kugimiya

  • Boopae Roi Raai

    91. Boopae Roi Raai

    Thai Drama - 2022, 15 episodes


    6-27 to 6-29 (3 days)

    ➤ I watched it raw in the original channel for the leading actor and actress Toey and  Cheer whom I watched as nang'ek and pra'ek in a different drama The Cupids Series: Sorn Ruk Kammathep. It was subbed by a fansubber but you have to subscribe and pay. Have I understood the details of the convo, I might've given a higher rating.

    ➤ I Google-translated a synopsis from Thai to English to get the episodic summary.

    ➤ The theme of fighting against child prostitution (even though not shown the children) is interesting.

    ➤ Great chemistry between the main couple. There are three other couples, but their stories do not overwhelm the main plot and the main romance.

    ➤ Very good sismance between FL and her friends.


    "I Dare You" by Gena Desouza (official MV)

  • Te Conheci por Acaso

    92. Te Conheci por Acaso

    Korean Drama - 2023, 16 episodes


    Watched it as currently airing. Finished Jun 20 (5-20, 6-22, 6-23)

    ➤ BEST SUSPENSE 2023 - The mystery gradually builds up with a bunch of red herrings to trick viewers who keep guessing about the serial killing.

    ➤ BEST TIME TRAVEL DRAMA 2023 - The drama keeps the reason the protagonists go back in time until the last episode. There is also healing, forgiveness, and mending broken relationships.


    Full album (official MVs)

  • Onde Começam os Sonhos

    93. Onde Começam os Sonhos

    Chinese Drama - 2023, 38 episodes


    Watched as currently airing. Finished June 18 (6-7, 6-15, 6-19, 6-20, 6-21)

    ➤ This drama is half realistic (with historical events and timelines - see below) and half patriotic with Chinese government PPL)

    ➤ The ML is idealistic, and the FL is angelic. As much as FL is a perfect character, there is no flaw, therefore, no character growth for her. The other characters are realistic with flaws, some are grey characters. To see the ending of each of them is interesting.

    ➤ Romance is a slow burn. ML first fell for another girl and dated her. I read that the leading actress was stuck in Shanghai during the COVID lockdown so she couldn't be on the filming set. Not sure if the script is changed because of this delay or not.

    ➤ HE. The good guys get their HE, the bad guys are in prison.

    OST: Full album (fan audio)

    Timeline (thanks to OneLuffy):

    XCS mentioned that he and YGH met in 1968 when he was 11 years old and YGH was 10 years old.  So . . .
    December 1975 - The drama started  (XCS @ age 18)
    1976 - College entrance exams were reopened  
    1977 - XCS joins the military (XCS @ age 20)
    Feb/March 1979 - Sino Vietnamese War; XCS gets injured & leaves the army (XCS @ age 22)
    July 16, 1981 - XCS has dinner with friends for CHJ getting a job
    1982 - XCS is able to walk again and starts his career in the Anti-smuggling department
    1984/1985 - Don't know the exact date but XCS leaves the Anti-smuggling department
    1989/1990 - XCS & Xiaomei get married (assuming these dates because in 2001 they have a 10-year-old daughter)
    July 2001 - Beijing wins bid for Olympics; also when XCS reunites with CHJ & YGH (XCS @ age 44)

    SARS - 2002 (XCS age 45)

  • Otonari ni Ginga

    94. Otonari ni Ginga

    Japanese Drama - 2023, 32 episodes


    Watched as currently airing/subbing. Finished June 17 (6-18)

    ➤ Started cute and funny with the adorable FL and ML's siblings and the thorn and horn, later becomes slice-of-life of their relationship and FL's career in drawing manga. The drama tries to bring in some thrill using the 'threat' from the island (her parents and islanders) but the arc is meh and the addition of 'SML' seems redundant.

    ➤ Amazing sub by Irozoku.

    OST: ???

  • Doutor Romântico, Professor Kim 3

    95. Doutor Romântico, Professor Kim 3

    Korean Drama - 2023, 16 episodes


    Watched as currently airing. Finished Jun 17 (5-19, 6-6, 6-17)


    ➤ For three seasons the installments keep the fast pacing, action, thrill, humor, characters, and warmth. For three seasons I gave each a 10.

    ➤ A lot of life lesson quotes by Master Kim

    ➤ The only criticism is some problems in the final episode are solved easily: the forest fire is extinguished with rain (cliche), and the villain is won by her being involved in another accident and.

    ➤ The medical props are amazing

    ➤ The coming back of the ML from S1 is a pleasant surprise.


    Full playlist (fan audio)

  • Beleza da Resiliência

    96. Beleza da Resiliência

    Chinese Drama - 2023, 36 episodes


    Watched as currently airing. Finished Jun 16 (6-5, 6-12, 6-14, 6-16)

    ➤ First half is good until their mortal arc is over, then the last half is confusing (plot line), disappointing (ML and FL never turn out to be strong despite what they're supposed to be), and disgusting (ML lives with so-called FL and child as his family for 30 years and the villain switch bodies with ML).

    ➤ ML and FL don't have a lot of sweet scenes, hence some people deemed it as no/weak chemistry between them. Most of the time ML looks tormented with the mission he carries or broken-hearted, and the FL is confused with her real identity and ML's intention toward her.

    ➤ The ending is confusing, more likely a forced HE, since their mortal wedding is included. The Weibo poster's theory of a parallel time/world is created makes sense, since the real-time (six months later as the drama said) is different.

    ➤ If my favorite side couple gets their HE, I would've rated this drama higher...


    Full album (fan audio)

  • Unknown

    97. Unknown

    Japanese Drama - 2023, 9 episodes


    Finished June 13 (6-13)

    ➤ It started interesting before and in the beginning stage of ML and FL's relationship, as she tries to hide her vampire identity but at the same time falls for ML. ML hides his own past makes the plot also intriguing.

    ➤ After that, the serial killer cases are not thrilling/suspenseful enough.

    ➤ FL later becomes dumb, especially when she knows she's targeted but still goes around in the dark, to remote places, etc.

    ➤ Love FL's dad, he's such a scene stealer and a comic relief.

    ➤ The English sub is amazing, thanks to the fansubber.

    OST: ???

  • Conto de Nove Caudas 1938

    98. Conto de Nove Caudas 1938

    Korean Drama - 2023, 12 episodes


    Watched as currently airing. Finished Jun 11 (5-22, 6-11)

    ➤ BEST SEQUEL (Better than S1, HE, nobody (the good guys) die, the bad guys die, a teaser for S3)

    ➤ A rarity that the plot escalates its intensity, with a great climax. Dramas tend to lose their attraction as the episodes go.

    ➤ Amazing bromance and friendship.

    ➤ The audience's fave character in S1 gets his HE in S2, alive with a romantic love story.

    ➤ We get to learn some Korean and Japanese myths and folklore.

    ➤ Great action scenes with CGI and props.

    ➤ Amazing cinematography, sets, and costumes.

    OST: Full album (fan audio)

  • Seja Minha Família

    99. Seja Minha Família

    Chinese Drama - 2023, 30 episodes


    Watched as currently airing. Finished Jun 10 (5-31, 6-10)

    ➤ Watched the last 6 episodes in raw version.

    ➤ The plot goes on and on about the mystery of the kids. The drama doesn't show the parents interacting with the kids much after their marriage, which is a big disappointment since the kids are so adorable (+0.5 for the child actors' acting).

    ➤ Boring side stories about the side couple (skippable).

    ➤ Unnecessary trope on the ML's ex comeback. The reality TV show between ML and his ex is just trying to bring in some angst.

    ➤ Cute sismance between FL, SFL, and FL's boss. FL's boss has the biggest character development from a bitch to a loyal friend but a horrible nanny, lol. Watch when she babysits the kids in Ep 20!

    ➤ Horrible FL's costume. The pulled back short hair is so bad, since she's pretty with her hair loose.


    "The Rest of My Life is a Proof" by  Shao Xing Ying (fan audio)

    "Please Be My Family" by  Zhu Yun Bian (fan audio)

  • O Retorno do Abismo

    100. O Retorno do Abismo

    Chinese Drama - 2023, 40 episodes


    Watched as currently airing. Finished Jun 9 (5-17, 5-23, 6-1, 6-9)

    ➤ BEST XIANXIA 2023 (So far). Rare HE: the main couple actually meet again and a kiss in the end, not waiting for the other person's reincarnation.

    ➤ Enjoyable plot, light-hearted. Some complained that the villains are not too strong, but it's okay for me. No need to throw away something at the villains when they showed up on the screen.

    ➤ Healthy romance for the main couple and side couples.

    ➤ ML and FL are so eye candy. Nice ML and FL.

    ➤ Likable supporting characters.

    ➤ The CGI is not too bad for the budget. Some cute cartoonish creatures from the Dragon Valley.


    Full album (fan audio)