Novoland 九州

People, In Novoland six different ethnicities coexist: Humans, Winged Tribe, Charmers, Heluo, Kuafu, and Merfolk.

Geography, During Chao dynasty, Novoland was divided in nine provinces: Shang 殇, Han 瀚, Ning 宁, Zhong 中, Lan 澜, Wan 宛, Yue 越, Yun 云 and Lei 雷. Following a series of earthquakes and floods, the provinces drifted apart, forming three main continents:

  • the North Continent, comprising the cold regions of Shang where the Kuafu live, the prairies of Han inhabited by Nomadic human tribes and the province of Ning, home of the Winged Tribe,
  • the East Continent, including the provinces of Zhong, Lan, Wan and Yue, where Humans, Winged Tribe and Heluo people reside,
  • the West Continent, consisting of Yun and Lei provinces.

History, Throughout the centuries, Novoland has been ruled by eight main dynasties:

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