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Requests for TV Channel/Network 

that need to be added to MDL

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  1. Include channel's country/Origin (E.g South Korea / Japan).
  2. Add the dramas that aired in this channel. When the channel has been added I will edit the dramas.
  3. Add the link to the Channel/Network so the admin can verify that this channel is real.

South Korea:

 MBC every1
Love Frequency 37.2Boarding House #24Real School

 MBC QueeN
Nail Shop Paris

 MBC Dramanet: 
My Ex-wife Lives Next DoorChosun PoliceChosun Police 2Chosun Police 3One Step More to the SeaCity of the Sun


Holy LandWould we love?

 SBS Plus
Her Lovely HeelsFull House Take 2Late BlossomOh My GodOh My God 2Be Arrogant

Access 2014

Ma BoyStore Struck By LightningStore Struck By Lightning 2


 LaLa TV
Watashitachi ga Puropozusarenai no ni wa, 101 no Riyuu ga Atte da na

I am GHOSTSweet RoomWomen Play TwiceKimi no Kioku wo Boku ni KudasaDeath Game ParkBeautiful LoveHimitsu no KankeiSayonara no KoiThe Party is Over /  Shonan Natsukoi MonogatariKare wa Imouto no KoibitoL et M: The Reason I Love You, Other StoriesAku no Kyouten: Opening ChapterBest Propose.
Added those new channels
^ I'd say keep it as KBS for now. Most sites just write kbs, so it would be confusing for people if we change it to KBS1, no?
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Most websites have it as KBS (Which includes both KBS1 and KBS2). However in MDL, we already have KBS2, I think leaving it to KBS is incorrect naming.
Hessa Volunteer Staff


The Lost TombEvil MindsMysterious SummerThe Legend of Zu

Tiny TimeJenius

 HBTV:  (Also called Hubei TV, choose what you think is better)
Too Late to Say I Love You

 Sohu TV
WuXin: The Monster Killer

Iron Pear

 JXTV:  (Also called JiangXi TV, choose what you think is better)


City Conquest: Episode Zero

South Korea:

Seven Years of Love

Yoo Mi's Room

 On Style: 
Because It's The First Time

You Will Love Me
Thailand :

True Vision - full house, (upcoming) kiss me

MCOT - Love Sick season 1 and 2


fun fueng
ngao jai
leh ratree 2015
mue prab gook gook goo
ban lang mek
roy leh sanae rai 2015
(upcoming) a love to kill thai remake

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ONE HD is the same as GMM One. It is called "GMM One" in British English. Maybe the name should be changed to ONE HD because it is the title that shows on posters.