I just wanted to edit a comment but I couldn't select "edit" oder "delete" from the menu. The comment was the very last in a thread, so when expanding the context menu these two options were in the area of website footer, still being visible but not clickable. Instead I could click the dark mode / light mode icons, so it's a layer problem. I am on my laptop and use Brave as a browser.

Could you link me to the page and what screen size are you using?

Ooof, I hadn't subscribed to the thread and totally forgot about it.

The issue is with every comment on a specific feed when it is the very last comment. When expanding the context menu via the three dots, the options that overlay with the footer (dark grey area) can't be selected. It could be worked around by clicking on "Reply" first, then the lighter grey area expands and all options in the context menu get accessible.

I recently read in the feeds that other users have the same problem, that's were somebody replied with the workaraound I mentioned above.

I'm using MDL on a laptop, so screen size shouldn't be the issue. Zoom is set to 110%.


Could you link me to the page and what screen size are you using?

Hi Ji-N, Sanni has already posted but this is what I have shared: https://mydramalist.com/profile/omo-omo-omo/feeds/BJQNdIE. Have been observing this from quite sometime now.

Just for context: I use website/desktop mode and browse in incognito mode. Please see if it can be fixed. Thanks!


Could you link me to the page and what screen size are you using?

I'm providing a new screenshot because for me it looks different than the screenshot from omo-omo-omo. 

The problem is mostly affecting feeds with many comments or when you start a chat on feed comments. When your post ends up to be the last it makes editing hard. There's a work around for this issue but I'm sure not all people are aware of that. 

The bottom banner of MDL overlaps the editing window so that you can't access anything else than "Share" in the drop down menu. Screenshot taken on this feeds post: https://mydramalist.com/profile/Yin-Taiyo/feeds/rwPL0i5

The work around requires to click on "Reply" because that gives you more space down below and then the drop down menu can fully expand. 

But of course it would be better if the problem is completely fixed and doesn't require a work around anymore. :)