de Hazel Jung, setembro 21, 2023

In the third episode of the ENA Thursday drama The Kidnapping Day, broadcast on the 20, Myung Joon (played by Yoon Kye Sang) found out that he was not the father but the kidnapper in Ro Hee's (played by Yu Na) memories. As they join forces to uncover the truth behind the murder case, Detective Sang Yoon (played by Park Sung Hoon) begins to doubt Myung Joon and Ro Hee's reactions.

The third episode recorded impressive ratings, reaching 3.1% nationwide and 2.7% in the Seoul metropolitan area (Nielsen Korea, based on paid households). This marked a two-fold increase compared to the previous episode, securing the top spot in the Thursday drama lineup. Notably, the highest viewership in the Bundang region reached 3.7%, generating a heated response from viewers.

In this episode, Ro Hee discovers Myung Joon's true identity as the kidnapper and the truth that her real parents were killed. As they headed in different directions, they remembered the night of the murder when sirens passed the house. Ro Hee suggested the possibility that the police were involved in her parents' death and asked Myung Joon to help her regain her memories. Thus, their cooperation as a "team" began.

After learning from Myung Joon that his ex-wife, Hye Eun (played by Kim Shin Rok), was behind the kidnapping, Ro Hee expressed her intention to meet her. She needed to discover why she was chosen as the kidnapping target and who she indeed was. Myung Joon evaded the police patrolling near the Yeongin Station with a false tip, while Ro Hee devised a plan to avoid inspection. In the meantime, Sang Yoon discovered that Myung Joon had paid 50 million won in medical bills for his daughter and the bank transaction records of the deceased Choi Jin Tae (played by Jeon Kwang Jin). He confirmed that 20 billion won had been deposited into the accounts of five people around the same time.

As Myung Joon's identity was exposed in the news, Ro Hee and Myung Joon headed to Hye Eun's house while avoiding the police investigation and the scrutiny of people. Ro Hee wasted no time and directly confronted Hye Eun with questions about why she had planned the kidnapping and especially the background behind selecting her. The primary reason, of course, was money. However, Hye Eun revealed that Ro Hee's parents couldn't easily report her due to the ongoing abuse. But that wasn't the only thing Hye Eun was hiding. She asked Myung Joon about his plans while Ro Hee was asleep, stating, "The police won't find out who you are. What kind of person are you?"

Later, Sang Yoon received Myung Joon's record from Jung Man (played by Jung Soon Won). It was a shock when they discovered Myung Joon's past, specifically his involvement in a "murder" case. Additionally, one of the individuals who received the 20 billion won from Choi Jin Tae, Eun Sun (played by Seo Jae Hee), revealed during questioning that the money was part of the research support funds for the late Choi Jin Tae. This revelation intensified the curiosity about the true identity of the "genius girl" Ro Hee, who worries more about the public disclosure of her kidnapping and disappearance than the case itself.

ENA's Thursday drama, The Kidnapping Day episode 4, will air tonight at 9 PM KST.