de lo_ve, outubro 5, 2022

Super Junior's Lee Dong Hae, Song Ha Yoon, Lee Min Jae, and Jung Woo Yeon are all confirmed to star in the upcoming drama "Oh! Youngsimi."

On October 5th, production company The Great Show confirmed that  Lee Dong Hae, Song Ha Yoon, Lee Min Jae, and Jung Woo Yeon will be the main leads of the 2023 series  "Oh! Youngsimi." 

"Oh! Youngsimi" will depict its story from the Korean animation with the same title. It will revolve around the reunion between Oh Young Shim and Wang Kyung Tae who experiences the sweetness and bitterness in life as they live their life in their 30s. 

The upcoming series will be the collaboration work of directors Oh Hwan Min and Kim Kyung Eun and writer Jeon Seon Young.

The production company shared, "Lee Dong Hae, Song Ha Yoon, Lee Min Jae, and Jung Woo Yeon's characters that have been reunited over the years will showcase the fresh fun to the MZ generation who are passionate about newtro sensibility. You can surely relate to and feel nostalgia for the current appearance of Youngsimi. Please look forward to the drama."

"Oh! Youngsimi" has already finished its production and filming and it will be released in the first half of 2023. 

Lee Dong Hae will play the role of Wang Kyung Tae (Mark Wang), the owner of the famous startup company named Kingvely.  From being a crybaby in the past to becoming a CEO of a startup company, Wang Kyung Tae grew up to become a cold and perfectionist person. After an incident, he will get to reunite with his first love Oh Young Shim from 20 years ago. 

Song Ha Yoon will play the role of Oh Young Shim. She has been working as a producing director in the entertainment industry for the past 8 years. She is known for being the "icon of early endings" by the entertainment department because her programs usually get cut/taken down early. An opportunity arises and she began producing a romance variety show wherein the CEO of the startup that got cast is Wang Kyung Tae. 

Lee Min Jae will play the role of Lee Chae Dong, the junior colleague of Oh Young Shim. 

Jung Woo Yeon will play Gu Wol Sook, the longtime friend of Oh Young Shim.


Do you think the main leads of the drama are a good fit for the remake of the animation?