de lo_ve, maio 2, 2024

After almost nine years since her debut, TWICE's Kim Da Hyun will officially make her acting debut.

On May 2, there were various reports about Kim Da Hyun starring in an independent film. 

With this, Kim Da Hyun's agency JYP Entertainment gave their official response to the reports. According to the agency, "Kim Da Hyun is confirmed to join the upcoming movie Power Run. She is currently preparing to film." 

This will be Kim Da Hyun's first time to try acting since she became a TWICE member. 

Kim Da Hyun officially made her debut as a TWICE member in 2015. She has been active in all the activities of TWICE from music releases, variety shows, brand deals, and more. 

After several years of focusing on TWICE activities, it seems like Kim Da Hyun will also enter the world of acting. Aside from TWICE activities, Kim Da Hyun is also pursuing solo activities such as brand endorsements and alike.

Meanwhile, TWICE together with Kim Da Hyun will drop their fifth full-length album "DIVE" in Japan on July 17.

Aside from Kim Da Hyun, actor Ha Seok Jin will also join the upcoming film Power Run. Actor Lee Shin Young will also reportedly be added to the cast. 

Power Run is a sports genre film that revolves around people who constantly run while holding on to their hard-to-reach dreams. The upcoming film will showcase the regret of a person in the past due to continuous failures. 

Ha Seok Jin will portray the role of Kang Goo Young. He is known for being the first Korean in 30 years to break the 100 meter track record. After 10 years, he is no longer in his glory days and he also does not enjoy running anymore. He is regretting the choice he did for his life path. His character will be based on the real life athlete Kim Kuk Young who miraculously won a bronze medal in a 400 meter relay.

Lee Shin Young on the other hand got the offer to portray the role of sprinter Seung Yeol. Before, he dreamed of being a soccer player but because of an instance, he ends up being on track and found true happiness there. 

Meanwhile, there is no details yet on the character that will be portrayed by Kim Da Hyun. 

Power Run will be helmed by director Lee Seung Hoon.


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