de Lily Alice, junho 20, 2023

With only three days left until the premiere, Revenant released its video of the opening credits, giving a sneak peek into the dark supernatural thriller that viewers await. 

Revenant (written by Kim Eun Hee and directed by  Lee Jung Rim) is a Korean occult mystery drama that revolves around a woman haunted by an evil spirit and a man who has the ability to see them. 

The tile sequence gives a gloomy and terrifying depiction of what to expect from the drama. It starts with the moon changing its phase, and the scene shifts to a body hanging from a tree. Other grim scenes include a dead body covered by a white sheet, shadows lurking in a corridor, and a woman with untamed hair flying about.

What grabs attention in the video is the portrayal of the evil spirit through shadows. Director Lee Jung Rim explained in an interview, "Similar to the shadows symbolizing evil spirits in the story, we aimed to embody the existence of demons and gods using familiar elements commonly seen in our lives". 

The title sequence also presents a variety of intriguing images of the mystery of the evil spirit waiting to be unraveled. And Ku San Young (Kim Tae Ri), folklore scholar Yeom Hae Sang (Oh Jung See), and Detective Lee Hong Sae (Hong Kyung) are tasked with unraveling this mystery. 

Images of a person hanging from a tree, an anonymous hand attempting to open a door, grotesque shadows growing larger in a seemingly endless corridor, and the woman at the end, all evoke a sense of curiosity and anticipation for the drama. 

The production team emphasized, "As Revenant is a Korean occult work based on folklore, we sought to express its essence in an Eastern artistic style in the opening credits. This video contains multiple storylines, and as Revenant is unveiled, viewers will enjoy exploring and re-evaluating the hidden meanings encapsulated within". The captivating opening credits video has sparked interest, leaving viewers eager for more. 

Revenant will be released on June 23 on Disney+. Watch the opening credits here