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Hello again fellow MDL'ers. Today we shall introduce a new country to the Noodle Cart Series. Let's Welcome the Chinese Edition :)

  • China's Changchun plans to build a new Film Studio Mega Complex (CEN)
  • Beijing Music Festival to kick off with online and offline events (CEN)
  • Jackie Chan's two apartments have been seized and put up for auction (CEN)
  • Bilibili is purchasing 10% of Huanxi Media's Shares (CEN)
  • Sisheng Fans of Ren Jia Lun enter his van on the set of 'Forever and Ever' (DP)
  • Wu Lei's Flight Miles has been hacked (JS)
  • Netflix says it does not agree with Chinese author's views on Uighur Muslims (CEN)
  • Chinese culture ministry announces strengthened regulation of talk show and rap reality competition show content (CEN)
  • iQIYI project bridges film, scripts and literature works (CEN)
  • Over 100 works commemorating the 100th anniversary of the founding of the CPC to be released in 2021 (CEN)
  • Bringing art to life: Actors recreate famous Chinese paintings (AO)
  • The driver who killed Tan Song Yun’s mother gets six years in prison (JS)
  • Fan Bing Bing to make film comeback after her tax evasion scandal in 2018 (JS)
  • Raymond Lam (40) and Carina Zhang (30) welcome their new born baby (38JJ)
  • Huang Zi Tao's father, Huang Zhong Dong, passes away at 52 from an illness (38JJ

  • China Box Office: 'The Eight Hundred' beats Western Film 'Tenet' within it's three day debut (CEN)
  • Christopher Nolan presents 'Tenet' to Chinese audiences (CEN)
  • Liu Yi Fei and Jet Li will be dubbing Mulan (2020) (CEN)
  • Gong Li's new hit 'leaps' to top China's box-office charts, after it opened to $8.2 million in China on its release day (CEN, CEN)
  • Zhang Yi Mou’s ‘One Second’ finally passes Chinese censorship (CEN)
  • New Wong Kar Wai project ‘Chungking Express 2020’, a loose continuation of 'Chungking Express' [1994], has been registered and approved by China (CEN)
  • Ron Howard is set to direct Lang Lang biopic (CEN)
  • "Folding Beijing," a Hugo Award-winning sci-fi novelette by Hao Jing Fang, will be adapted into a film, 'Folding City', with its release expected between 2021 and 2022 (CEN)
  • China's first documentary, 'The Blue Defensive Line' , about its overseas peacekeeping forces debuted on Friday, September 18, 2020 (CEN)
  • Chinese viewers pan Disney’s new ‘Mulan’ as inauthentic (CEN)
  • '76 Days', which premiered at the Toronto Film Festival on September 14th,  examines the human cost of the corona virus outbreak in Wuhan, China (CEN)
  • Epic war drama 'The Eight Hundred', with a total China box office nearing 3 billion yuan (about $442 million) to date, has become one of the highest-grossing films of all time in China (CEN)
  • Korean War epic, 'Jin Gang Chuan', co-directed by three different directors, Guan Hu, Frant Gwo, and Lu Yang, is set for speedy October release (CEN)

Finished Airing

Started Airing

* Abnormalities II
* Blues Strike
* Conspiracy
Count Your Lucky Stars 
* Dating in the Kitchen
* Go Ahead
* God of Lost Fantasy
* Happiness Will Come Knocking Again
* Heroes In Harm's Way
* Hotel Trainees
* Light on Series: Sisyphus
* Love and Redemption
* Love Yourself 
* Maiden Holmes
* Midsummer is Full of Love
Minor March
* Miss Gu Who is Silent
* Miss S
* My Unicorn Girl
* Poisoned Love
* Reunion: The Sound of the Providence 2
* Royal Nirvana Special
* The Ordinary Glory
* The Sleepless Princess 
* Thorn
* Under the Sun
* Way Back Into Love
* Blues Strike
* Conspiracy
* Dating in the Kitchen
* First Romance
* Heroes In Harm's Way
* Hotel Trainees
* Light on Series: The Long Night
* Marry Me
* Miss Gu Who is Silent
* Poisoned Love
* Reunion: The Sound of the Providence 2
* Royal Nirvana Special
* The Ordinary Glory
* The Promise of Chang’an
* To Dear Myself
* Way Back Into Love


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