de Hazel Jung, junho 2, 2023

Directed by Lee Seung Young and written by Kim Ji Eun, Wonderful World (produced by Samhwa Networks) will be an emotional healing thriller that unfolds as Eun Soo Hyun (played by Kim Nam Joo), who unfairly lost her young son, takes matters into her own hands to punish the perpetrator who escaped the law.

Kim Kang Woo will bring life to the role of Kang Soo Ho, a successful current affairs anchor in the drama. He genuinely loves his wife but is spiraling into an uncontrollable whirlwind due to a wrong choice. Kim Kang Woo will skillfully portray the character's vulnerable situation and emotions after the unjust death of his son, contributing to the overall quality of the production. The anticipation grows for the new chemistry that Kim Kang Woo and Kim Nam Joo will showcase as they play husband and wife.

With 22 years of acting experience, veteran actor Kim Kang Woo has showcased a solid presence and versatile acting skills in numerous works such as the drama My Husband Oh Jak Doo, Woman of 9.9 Billion, Artificial City, and films like Le Grand Chef 1, The Taste of Money, and The Treacherous. Moreover, his upcoming film The Childe promises a transformation into a formidable villain, attracting attention for his versatile performances across both the big and small screens.

Meanwhile, the new drama Wonderful World is scheduled to enter production to air in the first half of 2024.