de Lily Alice, outubro 4, 2023

The upcoming mystery thriller High Cookie released new character stills featuring the actress Jung Da Bin

High Cookie spins a tale where a mysterious handmade cookie has the power to turn desires into reality with just one bite. It engulfs an elite high school, setting the stage for a riveting thriller.

The released stills give a glimpse into the everyday life of Choi Min Young (Jung Da Bin), who has fallen victim to the enigmatic cookie. In one still, she wears a mask and turns her back on her classmates. In another, she narrows her eyes and fixes her gaze on someone, signifying an important event. Whether eavesdropping by hiding in the shadows or discussing matters in the consultation room, Min Young always wears her mask. The stills not only pique curiosity about the face hidden behind the mask but also deepen intrigue about her story.

Jung Da Bin, who transforms into a character with hidden scars in High Cookie, is an actress with an impressive career spanning from her childhood days to the present. With notable appearances in films such as Lost and Found and Student A, as well as playing roles in dramas like My Sassy GirlThe Flower in PrisonShe Was Pretty, and Glitch, she has left a strong impression and secured her spot as one of the rising stars of this generation. 

In High Cookie, Jung Da Bin plays Nam Ji Hyun's younger sister, Choi Min Young, a character who feels burdened by her overprotective older sister, and she is poised to vividly depict Min Young's perilous journey spurred by the mysterious cookie. 

High Cookie will premiere on October 23.