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Jo Dong In is set to star in another OTT K-Drama.

On July 10, it was officially confirmed that Jo Dong In would be joining the cast of the upcoming TVING K-drama Pyramid Game

Jo Dong In's agency Just Entertainment confirmed that the actor will be part of the K-drama that will premiere next year. 

This will be the second upcoming K-drama of the actor. Jo Dong In is also set to star in Hellbound Season 2 wherein he will be a cult leader.

This year, he made a special appearance in the hit SBS K-drama Dr. Romantic Season 3. He appeared in the 9th and 10th episodes as a Math teacher at an Academy. 

Last year,  he also made a special appearance in the K-dramas The First Responders and Adamas

Jo Dong In made his acting debut in 2012. He has starred in several K-dramas and movies such as Night with a Perfect Stranger, One Step, Warriors of the Dawn, Night in Paradise, The Guardians, Hyena, Kairos, Bad and Crazy, and more.

Pyramid Game will base its story on the popular webtoon of the same name by Dalgonyak. It will reveal the happenings in a school wherein students are graded through the popularity vote. If the student gets an F, they will be the next target as the victim of school violence.

The upcoming K-drama will be led by WJSN's Bona, Jang Da A, Ryu Da In, Kang Na Eon, Jung Ha Dam, Shin Seul Ki, and more. 

Jo Dong In will play the role of Cho Seung Hwa. He is a part-time worker at a convenience store. He will join the pyramid game after meeting Bona's character Sung Su Ji by chance. 

The upcoming action thriller K-drama will premiere in 2024 and it will exclusively air on TVING.


Are you curious why Jo Dong In's character will join Pyramid Game despite him not being part of the school?