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Actor Kim Dae Myung is joining Lee Je Hoon in the upcoming JTBC K-drama The Art of Negotiation.

On May 14, it was reported that Kim Dae Myung will be one of the main leads of the upcoming business K-drama The Art of Negotiation.

Kim Dae Myung's agency UAA responded to the reports. According to them, "Kim Dae Myung is confirmed to star in the upcoming K-drama The Art of Negotiation."

This will be the second upcoming K-drama of Kim Dae Myung after Hospital Playlist Season 2

Kim Dae Myung will also join the cast of the upcoming K-drama Light Shop with Ju Ji Hoon, Park Bo Young, Kim Seol Hyun, Bae Sung Woo, Uhm Tae Goo, and Lee Jung Eun.

This year, the actor participated in the movie Alienoid: Return to the Future led by Ryu Jun Yeol, Kim Tae Ri, Kim Woo Bin, Lee Ha Nee, Yeom Jung Ah, and Jo Woo Jin.

The Art of Negotiation will depict the happenings in a merger and acquisition of a company.

The upcoming K-drama will be helmed by director Ahn Pan Seok who also created the K-dramas  One Spring Night and Something in the Rain. He is also the director of the ongoing series The Midnight Romance in Hagwon led by Jung Ryeo Won, Wi Ha Joon, and So Ju Yeon.

Actor Lee Je Hoon was the first to be confirmed in the upcoming K-drama. Kim Dae Myung will portray the role of lawyer Oh Soon Young while Lee Je Hoon will portray an expert in merger and acquisition. 

According to reports, the upcoming K-drama will exclusively premiere on JTBC and will be part of their weekend K-drama timeslot. 

The Art of Negotiation will air in 2025. 


Are you excited to see the chemistry between Kim Dae Myung and Lee Je Hoon in the upcoming series The Art of Negotiation?