de Lily Alice, junho 26, 2023

The crime action film Unofficial Operation (directed by Kim Sung Hoon) has unveiled character stills featuring Ha Jung Woo, in his role as the diplomat Min Joon.

From the Along With the Gods series to AssassinationTunneland 1987: When the Day ComesHa Jung Woo has consistently impressed viewers with his diverse acting skills, effortlessly breathing life into unique characters. In Unofficial Operation, he once again promises to showcase his remarkable ability by portraying Lee Min Joon, a diplomat hailing from a humble background.

Min Joon is a diplomat, who is far from the path to success and has been stationed in the Middle East Division for five years. One day, he receives a phone call that contains a distress signal from a colleague who went missing 20 months ago. Fueled by the ambitious dream of being assigned to the United States, he embarks on the perilous journey to Lebanon to rescue the missing diplomat. 

Despite lacking any official support, his determination and quick thinking help him navigate through crises. Along the way, he unexpectedly crosses paths with Pan Su (Joo Ji Hoon), a local taxi driver, and together they overcome various challenges.

Describing Unofficial Operation as an "active action film," Ha Jung Woo reveals his admiration for the movie's diverse range of action-packed sequences, which contains wire stunts, gunfights, and thrilling car chases. He praises the character of Min Joon, who exhibits agility and quick thinking even in the most dire situations.

Director Kim Sung Hoon, who reunites with Ha Jung Woo following their collaboration in Tunnel, expresses his unwavering trust in the actor while acknowledging his limitless talent. He describes Ha Jung Woo as an actor whose vibrant presence not only inspires those around him but also elevates the potency of the production through.

Inspired by the real-life incident of a diplomat's kidnapping in Beirut, Lebanon in 1986, the film stars Ha Jung Woo and Joo Ji Hoon as the main leads. Look forward to the release of Unofficial Operation on August 2.