de Lily Alice, janeiro 16, 2024

The sci-fi K-movie Alienoid 2 has topped the domestic box office for six days straight.

According to the integrated ticket sales system of the Korean Film Council, Alienoid 2 took the top spot at the box office by attracting 43,478 viewers to theaters on January 15. The total number of moviegoers Alienoid 2 attracted has now reached 692,168. 

Alienoid 2 picks up from where it left off in Part 1. The movie tells the story of people trying to return to the present to save everyone while new secrets are unveiled in an intense fight for a divine artifact. 

The star-studded cast of Part 2 includes Ryu Joon YeolKim Tae RiKim Woo BinYeom Jung AhJo Woo JinKim Eui SungLee Ha Nee, and Jin Seon Kyu, among others. 

In second place is 12.12: The Day, which attracted 22,017 viewers on January 15. This brings the total number of moviegoers to about 12,803,750.