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In this article, I will show appreciation for my favourite actresses who had their major breakthrough in 2020. I’m going to first give a little introduction on them, then talk about the dramas that gave them huge popularity in 2020, and how their characters demonstrated women empowerment. And finally, I'm going to talk about their achievements and the reasons why I like these women. I’m going to cover three topics: the popularity of their characters, women empowerment, and their achievements. In the end, I will give my rankings for these three topics. 

Caution:  Major Spoilers for Intense Love, Forever Sunshine, and Flower of Evil!

Zhang Yuxi

Zhang Yuxi is a Chinese actress who mainly acts in Cdramas and movies. She started her modelling career at the age of 13. She is known for her first main lead role in the drama My Little Princess, but in 2020, she became more famous after starring in Intense Love. She became a great example in China of actors and actresses who started their career as an internet celebrity. Now she is considered a rival of Dilraba Dilmurat. She has improved her acting skills a lot since the beginning and is great in rom-com dramas. Many netizens and haters commented that she can’t act in mature roles, which she proved wrong after appearing in Please Give Me A Pair Of Wings and Love and Redemption. She struggled a lot in the beginning, but is finally getting praise for her talent. She is now one of the most famous Chinese actresses worldwide.

Women Empowerment in Intense Love

Zhang Yuxi plays Su Jin Bei. Su Jin Bei is a top class actress of China with huge popularity and many fans. Her fans and close friends and family call her Beibei.

She is a self-made actress who mostly acts in rom-com dramas and movies. She also plays in historical dramas. She is a little talkative, and also a little naughty, but her heart is made of gold.

She has always supported newcomers of the industry and behaves well with everyone. She never dated anyone because of her career. She has her own opinions and never hurts anyone, even if someone hurts her. Another actress tried to destroy her career and her relationship with her fiancé. When Su Jin Bei found out about this, she didn’t hurt her back. If she wanted to, she could have destroyed that actress’s career, but instead, she talked to her and forgave her. Forgiving someone isn’t a easy job, but later on, they become good friends.

Although she doesn’t know how to cook, she tries to for her fiancé. She also loves his family like her own. Her fiancé played a important role in their relationship, but she took a risk by making their relationship official in front of everyone, knowing that this could bring her career to an end. But fortunately, she gets positive reactions from everyone.

As an actress, she showed woman empowerment by being independent, earning her own money, supporting other female actresses, and spreading positivity.

There was a lot of negativity around her, but she never let herself be a negative minded person. While other staff members were blaming the bad actress, she supported her. She tried to change that actress and she succeeded. She showed us the most gentle and respectful way to reject a guy who had proposed to her. She tried her best not to hurt his feelings.

Finally, she achieved her goal to be in a Hollywood movie. If you strongly desire to have something, you can achieve it. And when she thought she was pregnant, she was ready to risk her acting career for her child.

Popularity and Achievements

During Intense Love’s airing, it got massively positive reviews from the audience. It was a big success for Zhang Yuxi after My Little Princess. She was hugely recognised by international fans of Cdramas, signed with H&R Company as a new artist, and got massive popularity in a very short period of time. She became the second most popular actress of her company, just after Yang Zi.

Though she was a supporting actress in Love and Redemption, she beat Crystal Yuan, the lead actress, in terms of popularity. Now, her upcoming dramas are some of the most anticipated and awaited Cdramas of 2021. Many Chinese brands are contacting her to be their brand ambassador and her number of fans is increasing day by day. Now, she is a famous face of the Chinese industry. In 2020, she was nominated as one of the 100 most beautiful female faces of Asia. After many struggles, she is now getting what she deserves. And recently, she was a guest  in a show alongside Allen Ren.

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Kao Supassara Thanachart

Kao  Supassara is a Thai actress under Channel 3 since 2016. Her previous works are all good, but My Forever Sunshine is her most famous drama. She started her career in some mature themed dramas and movies at the age of 16. And at the age of 18, she officially started her acting career. She has appeared in a lesbian themed short drama, and her upcoming drama is also lesbian themed. She is a friendly person who has good relationships with her co-actors and also with her fellow female actresses. Since the beginning, she has been open about her personal life. At the beginning of her career, she had taken on dramas and movies with dark plots, where her character was slightly bad. But since 2018, she has been more careful about her projects. She is working less now and enjoying her life more. She appears in many Thai music videos and commercials. She also likes to work out.

Trigger warning: Rape (skip section if necessary)

Women Empowerment in Forever Sunshine

Kao Supassara Thanachart  plays Wanfahmai Warawit/Paeng. In this drama, her life was shown from her teenage years into adulthood. She belongs to a rich family but doesn't have any close relatives or siblings. Her parents always stay busy with their own lives. Her father tried his best to spend time with her, but her mother didn't give her any time. But she loves her parents a lot, and her parents also love her. She didn't get proper guidance from her parents, so she became a little spoiled. After her parents' tragic death, she was left all alone. Arthit showed her sympathy, and his father always helped her, but the pain of losing her parents was always in her heart. At 15, she saw the harsh reality of the world. She thought she would never find anyone to be with, so she thought she had to love Arthit. When Arthit refused to marry her, she started begging him to accept her. She was even ready to sleep with him. But in the end, Arthit ends up in an accident and she had to leave their house.

After that, she felt guilty for her actions. She finds the true meaning of life herself. She tried to make friends and she found two awesome friends, and Paeng was always there for them. She started enjoying her life like a normal person. She tried her best to change herself and she succeeded. She found her own dream career and studied hard to achieve it. With her father's money, she bought a place to grow her rose garden. She loves roses a lot.
After her graduation, Arthit's father asked her to come to their farm because he wanted to help her with farming. At first she didn't want to go, but after  getting there, she felt really bad for Arthit and was ready to do anything to repent for her sins. 

While a lot of things were happening, she slowly made her dream come true. In one year, her roses were all beautiful. Then she started to make beauty and food products from the roses, and also found people who would buy her products. She became close with the farm workers, too. Everyone started to love her.

One more thing which made this drama special was Paeng's strong transformation. She herself fought against her mother's killer when he tried to rape her. In most dramas, we usually see the ML save the FL in this kind of situation, but in this drama, she alone fights against him and wins.

Her journey from begging a guy to marry her to being independent and finding the true meaning of life was the most wonderful thing about this drama. She showed women empowerment by achieving her dream and starting her own business.

Popularity and Achievements

While Forever Sunshine was airing, it was popular among international fans. I remember when I was watching this, the MDL comment section for this drama had a huge discussion for every episode.

Kao Supassara Thanachart became more popular after this drama. She was nominated for the best actress award of Thailand in 2020. This show was a massive success for her and she got praised for her acting skills. She is still a rising star of Channel 3, but got success in a very short period of time. She gained many fans after this drama. Mark and Kao made a popular couple on screen and were liked by all. Now, she is also a popular young actress of Thailand. She has become a rom-com queen.
After her character in Hormones, this is her second most popular character, and it is totally different from her role in Hormones.

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Moon Chae Won

Moon Chae Won is a Korean actress. She is the most beautiful actress I have ever seen and I'm totally in love with her as a fan. She is really underrated. She deserves more appreciation. Her acting skills are amazing, and she didn't take any acting classes. She always had a passion for acting and films. After graduation, she auditioned for a sitcom and was selected. Her co-star was Lee Min Ho. She is a versatile actress and can justify any roles if she was given more chances. She loves to watch films a lot. She is calm, decent, and energetic. She behaves really well with her co-actors, fellow actors, and fans. Her performance in Flower of Evil was remarkable, but yet, she wasn't nominated for her work, but I don't mind as long she is happy.

Women Empowerment in Flower of Evil

Moon Chae Won plays Cha Ji Won. Cha Ji Won is a detective and a mother to a 5 year old girl. We didn't get to know anything about her father, so let's assume that after her father's death, her mother raised her alone. She is a smart, caring, and supporting wife and mother. She is a great example of women empowerment.

The way she solved every case with her teammates, as well as her scenes with coworkers, was really funny, cute, and sometimes very serious.

She loved her husband a lot, and when she found out that her husband had been lying to her since the beginning, her heart was broken into pieces. I know the whole story revolves around Baek Hee Sung/Do Hyun Soo. Some people say that she didn't do the right thing by not trusting Do Hyun Soo. But when she heard that he had never loved her, what could she have done? She had to go through a really tough journey because she felt her husband betrayed her.

Even after all those things, she was always there for her husband and daughter. She protected them. She truly loved them. She is the only reason why I watched this drama.
Cha Ji Won is a really strong character. We could connect with her character the most, and the way she was discovering the truth was amazing.

After Do Hyun Soo's memory loss, she didn't force him to be with them. She let him go because she truly cared and believed that if he really loved them, he would return. Their love was unconditional. 

Let's talk about Moon Chae Won. I, alongside many other people, believe that the character never would have been this great if any other actress was chosen. Moon Chae Won was the best and perfect choice for this character.

Lee Joon Gi definitely did a great job, but I hate the fact that he overshadowed Moon Chae Won's character. I'm totally speechless after watching his acting.

Popularity and Achievements

Flower of Evil is one of her most famous dramas (but I still feel that it is a little underrated). After Good Doctor, it's her most popular drama and the reason many international Kdrama fans got to know this underrated beauty. Right after this drama, she was offered many projects, but she wanted to pick something good. I really think that she deserves more attention from directors and international fans.

Her pairing with Lee Joon Gi is very popular. They are liked by all. Her number of fans is increasing day by day.

Just a few weeks ago, news of her next project was released. She chose to come back to the big screen after three years.

Moon Chae Won desires to live a normal, happy life and doesn't want much fame, but her fans are always there for her. The 14th year anniversary of her debut was celebrated by her fans.

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Comparing these Characters and Actresses

Popularity of Character
Women Empowerment
1. Kao Supassara Thanachart
2. Zhang Yuxi
3. Moon Chae Won

1. Moon Chae Won
2. Kao Supassara Thanachart
3. Zhang Yuxi

1. Zhang Yuxi
2. Kao Supassara Thanachart
3. Moon Chae Won

Let's determine the winner by doing some mathematics (I love mathematics). The actress who gets the least points will be the winner:

First Place (5 points)
Second Place (6 points)
Third Place (7 points)

Everything in this article is from my point of view and presents my personal opinions! Feel free to share yours in the comments. :)

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