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Love Me if You Dare

Are you ready to get addicted to this breath-taking new Chinese drama? 

Love Me if You Dare tells the story of Bao Jin Yan, a criminal psychologist, whose speciality is catching the most horrible serial killers. He consults with the police on their most difficult cases. He decides to hire an assistant and picks the young and observant Jian Yao. Together they start to solve cases but what happens when an old enemy resurfaces and they start liking each other..? This drama will capture your attention from its first seconds and keep you glued to your screen! I promise!

The main character, Bao Jin Yan is played by Wallace Huo. Jin Yan is an intelligent profiler but an eccentric loner. He often forgets good manners and the human aspects in his cases, but not to worry Jin Yan! You have Jian Yao to help you with those aspects! He's supposed to be able to read people and their motives but somehow Jian Yao remains a mystery to him. He's lost on what he should do and he's just adorable that way.

Ma Sandra played Jian Yao, who gets pulled into the dark world of Jin Yan. He promises to protect her and does. Like I said, where Jin Yan is the logic and the left side of the brain, Jian Yao is the right side. She interprets the human side; the emotions that escape from Jin Yan's pure logic. But once she is in she cannot escape from Jin Yan any more...

These two have a relationship that is hard to describe in words. From the beginning these two are at ease with each other. Still they both have a traumatic past (I'm not talking about ex's here, so breath easy!) and their own troubles. It is obvious that they are both interested in the other. They spend time together even outside of their cases and act quite a lot like a couple, and this gives us such cute and funny moments!

Romance is already in the air. There are so many things that I love about this drama. First would be its distinctive style. It has some of the common aspects of dramas but it manages to make it all seem fresh and fun. We don't only have the worn out version of one case in one episode, but the cases expand and we get to see more of the logic and the people involved with the case and its solving. Also, we have a main bad guy, who has started to make his move!

The male lead is an arrogant narcissist but at the same time he cares and looks after the people he cares for. The romance in the drama isn't its main point but its not overlooked either. It is lingering in the background and we can see it develop without it taking away time from anything else. And as always, I love couples that actually fit together, and Jin Yan and Jian Yao are made for each other! So if you like detective dramas, romance or eccentric leads this is a drama perfect for you! 

If I still didn't manage to convince you, watch the best trailer here and here!

Now turn of the lights and immerse yourself into this addicting drama!

How are you liking the drama so far? What are your favorite scenes?

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