de Hasumi17, outubro 6, 2015

Move over Boys Over Flowers, here comes Moon River!

Moon River starts with the premise that everyone knows: Ming Xiao Si transfers to a new school from the countryside. Naturally, she stands out and gets into a fight with the most popular kids, the Elite Union, in school as soon as she arrives. But, it turns out to be much more.

It has comedy (lots of it!), romance, the usual bad guy for everyone to hate on together, and the possibility for all those who want to get second lead syndrome.

There’s no better way to get to know a new series than looking at its characters so…

Ming Xiao Xi

Ming Xiao Xi (Tseng Pets) is innocent, quirky and a Kung Fu Master. She takes her family’s pride very seriously, but at her new school she stands out mostly because of her style, that's much worse than even Geum Jan Di’s….

Seriously give up those toe socks!!

So far her character has been funny to watch as she has lots of cute scenes with Mu Liu Bing.

Mu Liu Bing

Mu Liu bing (Lin Sam) is the leader of the Elite Union, but he doesn't actually like the way it deals with things. He works with the president of the school to change the school. He is funny, calm, smart and well, just plain adorable.

Mu Liu Bing you're just too cute for words! 

On his down time he loves to come up with new antics to tease the lead lady (and melt your heart). He is actually the funniest guy in this series and Lin Sam does a good job showing what actually goes on inside his mind.

Dong Hao Nan

Hao Nan (Xu Kai Cheng) is the unfortunate second lead in this series. He is musical, calm and silent. He finds Xiao Xi cute but does nothing to win her over. Does he remind you of anyone yet?

He just silently watches over her...

Feng Jian Che

Feng Jian Che (Ma Evan) is the son of the school's president, and the only bad boy out of the three. He does not like Xiao Xi, but mostly due to the fact that his hopeless crush Sha Sha hates her guts. I really do feel bad for him sometimes as Sha Sha just ignores him...

Tie Sha Xing

Tie Sha Xing or just Sha Sha (Cao Xi Yue) is the queen bee of the school. She is more than mean to pretty much everyone. She especially dislikes Xiao Xi because she doesn't want someone else to take the attention of the main leads, especially Mu Liu Bing's from her...

She thinks that the whole world revolves around her just because she has a big shot dad. It is hard to think of something positive about her, but I have to say that she does spice up the series. Mostly I enjoy the moments Mu Liu Bing just plainly ignores her. :)

The chemistry between the main leads is good. Before every episode I’m waiting to see what’s going to happen next. Hopefully the writers are going to keep up the good work and give us more hilarious and sweet scenes between Mu Liu Bing and Ming Xiao Xi.

Right from the beginning their interactions with each other suck you into the story.

The drama isn't just BOF with a new name it has a lot more to offer so if you like the romantic comedy genre then this is a drama for you. The episodes are the perfect length and we get multiple of them in a week! What are you waiting for?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments!!