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Here are some dramas for November

Sweet Family


Jung Hoon Ho and Moon Jeong Hee reunite again after appearing as man and wife in 2014 MBC drama, Mama.  Jeong Wung In (Yong PalHwajeong) will join them in MBC Wednesday/Thursday drama starting November 12 after She Was Pretty ends.  The director is Kang Dae Sun who also directed Golden Rainbow and I Do, I Do.  Son Geun Joo is the writer who also wrote the 5th movie Return of the Mafia of the movie series Marrying the Mafia which this drama is loosely based.  Jung Jun Ho also starred in the original 2002 movie, Marrying the Mafia as a businessman who ends up having to marry into the mafia because he slept with the boss’s daughter. The movies are romantic comedy and the drama should follow suit.  Min Ah (Vampire Idol) has also been cast.

Yoon Tae Soo (Jung Jun Ho) is a mafia boss and family man trying to manage his double life.  He is a loving husband and father at home while running the #1 gang in town.  He will attempt to stop his life of crime and become a respectable family man.  Kim Eun Ok (Moon Jung Hee) is Tae Soo’s wife who has to deal with a mean mother-in-law and two teenage sons.  Baek Gi Bum (Jung Woong In) is Tae Soo’s rival within the same organization as head of the construction company.   Baek Hyun Ji (Minah) is Gi Bum’s daughter who is an idol trainee that falls for one of Tae Soo’s sons. 


but here are some pictures of the script reading:


This is not my type of drama, but I’m tempted to watch it.  Jung Woong In is good at playing scary.  I hope that this time his character is more comical and inept.  I think it would be funny.

Sweet Home Sweet Honey


Song Ji Eun (Immutable Law of First LoveDrawing Spring), Lee Jae Joon (The Lover), Kim Min Soo (In Still Green DaysApgujeong Midnight Sun), and Seo Yi An (Warm and CozyHotel King) will star in KBS Monday - Friday drama, Sweet Home Sweet Honey, starting November 2 after Save the Family ends. The director is Kim Myung Wook who also directed A Tale of Two Sisters and Smile Again.  The writer is Kang Sung Jin who must be new because I couldn’t find any information.

Oh Bom (Song Ji Eun) is a bright and positive person although she works part time in a factory and has financial difficulties.  Kang Ma Roo (Lee Jae Joon) is a naive and kind man.  An Tae Ho (Kim Min Soo) is an ambitious section chief of a company who marries the heiress of a large company, Choi A Ran (Seo Yi An) for his own gain.  Choi A Ran is smart but has pain due to her parents abandonment and her missing sister. 


I probably won’t watch this.  Nothing about it looks appealing.  Plus, I am sure it is a 100+  episode drama.

Oh My Venus


So Ji Sub (The Master’s SunGhost) and Shin Min Ah (Arang and the MagistrateA Girlfriend is a Gumiho) will finally star in KBS2 new romantic comedy, Oh My Venus.  The Monday/Tuesday drama will start November 16 after Cheer Up ends. The director is Kim Hyung Suk who also directed Unexpected You.  The writer is Kim Eun Ji who wrote 2014 KBS2 drama special, The Reason I’m getting Married. Yoo In Young (MaskThe Three Musketeers) and Jung Gyu Woon (Birth of a Beauty,History of the Salaryman) will also participate in the drama.  

Kang Joo Eun (Shin Min Ah) is a lawyer who begins a diet challenge after becoming overweight in adulthood due to ignoring her own needs while preoccupied supporting her family.  Kim Young Ho (So Ji Sub) is a personal trainer for Hollywood stars who will assist Joo Eun in regaining her healthy look. He has a wealthy family background but suffered an injury during childhood that he has had to overcome.  Oh Soo Jin (Yoo In Young) is Joo Eun’s rival and boss at the law firm who was once overweight, but now is beautiful.  Im Woo Sik (Jung Kyeo Woon) is Joo Eun’s longtime boyfriend who leaves her for Soo Jin.  


but here are some pictures of the script reading:


I’m honestly unsure about the plot.  I HATE dramas based on looks and weight, but it is being promoted as “health healing romantic comedy”.  I hope there is no fat shaming or basing beauty on weight, but there probably will be.  What is the deal with this theme after She Was Pretty and Birth of a Beauty being popular?  I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it won't be horrible.  I will watch it no matter what because So Ji Sub is in it.  I also like Shin Min Ah and Jung Gyu Woon.

Reply 1988


Hye Ri (Hyde, Jekyll, MeTasty Life), Ryu Hye Yeong (Spy), Park Bo Gum (I Remember YouTomorrow’s Cantabile), and Go Gyeong Pyo (Tomorrow’s Cantabile, Potato Star) will star in the 3rd installment of the  Reply series from director Shon Won Ho and writer Lee Woo Jung.  Reply 1988 will start on November 6 on tvN Fridays and Saturdays after Second Time Twenty Years Old ends.

I couldn’t find much of a plot in the countless articles that I have read.  The series has launched careers and breakout stars have been made so there are high expectations for this drama.  Reply 1997 was about six friends and the mystery of who is getting married.  The story switched back and forth between the friends as kids in 1997 and their present time of 2012.  The next in the series Reply 1994 focused again on students and marriage with the story traveling between 1994 and 2013.  According to the producer Reply 1988 will be different as the story will focus on five families who live in the same neighborhood in 1988.  It is based on Three Families Under One Roof MBC program that ran from 1986 to 1994.


I'm glad I'm not Hye Ri, because the internet is full of people dissing her.  As much as some people love the series, I have read countless messages where people say that they will skip this Reply series drama due to her being the lead.  She may be an idol actor, but I didn't think she was that bad in Hyde, Jekyll, Me.   Anyway, I only watched the first one which I enjoyed.  I probably won't watch this.

Imaginary Cat


Yoo Seung Ho (Missing YouWarrior Baek Dong Soo) and Cho Hye Jung (Because It's the First Time) will lead cable station MBC every1 drama, Imaginary Cat.  This will be Yoo Seung Ho's first TV role since being released from military duty.  The drama is based on the webcomic "Sangsanggoyangi” written by Kim Gyung which was published from June 2, 2014 to April 6, 2015 via  

Hyun Jong Hyun (Yoo Seung Ho) is a webtoon writer who works part-time in a bookshop.  He has a stubborn and self-centered personality.  The only one he opens his heart to is a cat.  Their relationship is one of comfort and healing.  Oh Na Woo (Cho Hye Jung) is a woman who rescues stray cats because of the sadness she feels from losing her precious cat from childhood.  She falls in love with Jong Hyun and pursues him.


Yoo Seung Ho looks so cute and sometimes I'm in the mood for some light-hearted drama.  I will probably watch this.

Riders: Catch Tomorrow


Kim Dong Wook (MaidsDandelion Family), Choi Yeo Jin (The LoverEmergency Couple), Lee Chung Ah (Wonderful MamaFlower Boy Ramen Shop), Choi Min Sung (Super Daddy Yeol, My Dear Cat) and Yoon Jong Hoon (A Daughter Just Like YouOnly Love) will star in E-Channel Sunday drama, Riders: Catch Tomorrow starting November 8.  The director is Choi Doo Hoon who also directed The Empress and Unemployed Romance.  The writer is Park Sang Hee.

Cha Ki Joon (Kim Dong Wook) is an entry-level employee as a large corporation.  He has a great resume and specs due to his mom being involved in every aspect of his life like a helicopter mom.  He is unhappy with the life made for him and one day decides to start a business making rickshaws with his childhood friends Yoon So Dam (Lee Chung Ah) and Go Tae Rae (Choi Yeo Jin).  Yoon So Dam works part-time jobs while dreaming of being and illustrator.  Go Tae Rae is a former cycling athlete.  They mature in life and love together.


I will probably give this drama a chance.  Friendship and love while building a rickshaw business sounds pretty typical with a unique subject.

Madame Antoine


Sung Joon (High SocietyHyde, Jekyll, Me) and Han Ye Seul (Birth of a BeautyMyung Wol the Spy) are looking favorably at JTBC's romantic comedy drama Madame Antoine which will start November 27 after D-Day ends.  The director is Kim Yun Cheol who also directedCan We Love? and Can We get Married?.  The writer is Hong Jin Ah who also wrote Marry Him if you Dare and King2Hearts.  

The drama is about clinical psychologists.  I couldn't find much on the plot.  


Once more information comes in, then I may watch this.

Which one of the dramas looks interesting to you?