Both are intense conspiracy dramas. Three days is not exactly like Two weeks, because the journeys the protagonists are going through. But, both have a lot of heart in midst of desperation. While, the chips are down both heroes look for inspiration in people they care for and keep pushing through. The pace and the feel is very similar in both the dramas and both have pretty tight scripts.
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Both dramas are intense, with fast moving plot filled with action as they both fight the time limit given to solve the mystery and defeat their opponent. You won't regret watching them!
Recomendado por D_Angel
The plot is not similar but both dramas ML are elite agents in their fields
Both dramas are Action pack , thriller & many more (only in 3 Days he is an elite bodyguard agent to protect the President of Korea)
Both dramas will give the Action, Thriller vibes
Recomendado por Selby Thomas
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