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Storyline is string thin but watch for the comedy value

I was brought to this as a We Best Love (a BL) fan so needed to watch for the ML

Ok I think you need to approach this with a certain attitude. It's a comedy with a little drama as opposed to an original story or deep plot . It centres around couples where there is an obvious societal difference or value which they each have to work through.

There are 4 couples. The main 3 couples and 1 side. No spoilers so I won't say who gets with whom. One of the couples has a sexy ML and another couple give the most comedic laughs throughout.

There's the obvious family relationships, some good, some bad and some really annoying. Obligatory evil characters are thrown in for good measure.

Still watching so will update accordingly but with 3 episodes to go I am struggling with the FL . Her facial expressions and views just grate. Let's hope she bucks up.

Ok so I'm finished and the ending felt a bit rushed as it neatly wrapped up each couple's story and the parental issues in ep 24. Felt like it could have done with one more episode

It's a sweet cupcake kinda watch and I think forgettable so rewatch is low


Chelsea X

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