- both of them are korean bl's
- both have a really similar feel to them
- both bl's also have school settings!
Recomendado por errormiles
-Both of them are Korean bl’s
-Both focus on the aspect of music
-Both have rich male leads
Recomendado por Mittyneko
Same director and production company.
Both feature Omega X members/ idol actors.
Both are Youth Dramas and have a school setting.
Recomendado por rak5
Both dramas explore grieving in a BL context so that makes them similar . This one mentions the death of the older brother of one of the protagonists.

Recomendado por Chelsea Black
-Both of them are bl's
-Both deal with grief
-Both center around music
-Jazz for Two is Korean
-Given is Japanese
Recomendado por Icy
I hope they work together I assure you they will be great together and a cute and sweet couple they will be I hope that there will be a romantic scene and kisses 5 or 4 And I look forward to them very much together, and we want their feelings to show and their chemistry to be wonderful, rare and exciting. I want the story to be romantic, school, situations they are together, romantic scene and action They can crush everything easily, really song byeong geun And park ji bin I really hope my dream is that they work together
Recomendado por logini
that's cause both main characters can't play the piano even tho it's their passion cause of their dads. Seon Yul's dad in Love Tractor forbade him to play it. Yoon Se Heon's dad in Jazz for Two forbade him to play jazz music.
Recomendado por Wu Bi ge ge
Both are music themed Korean BLs.
Recomendado por emeraldarrows
I really like the way south korea makes these beautiful BLs, where everything is just so clean and clear visually, and the acting isn't over the top. Jazz for Two and Light on Me are two of those for me. Both in a school setting with some similar tropes.
Recomendado por LousList
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