Both shows follow the same theme of body-swapping between the male lead and female lead, with the characters gradually falling in love after the swap.
Recomendado por NAY
In both shows, the male lead and female lead swap bodies, and the body swap occurs when they kiss. The main leads in both shows initially hate each other but gradually fall in love.
Recomendado por NAY
While not a body swap drama, the Main Leads share each other’s pain/emotions etc. From what I’ve seen, the funny scenes are quite similar and there are topics from the female/male perspective discussed like e.g. periods. The FL are also both strong and (at least in LU) the Main leads learn through each other.
Recomendado por Jay_Pine
Both have two big element:
Very strong and successful female lead with great sense of fashion
Both female leads work for marketing agency
Recomendado por Shin
Both shows deals with workplace drama and comedy. Both their main couple start up by desliking eachother and ends up falling for eachother. Both take place in the marketing sector.

Office drama, comedy, romance.
Recomendado por CrazyBlueCurls
This gives me major Mr Queen vibes... I think its the whole gender body swap. They are both great in their roles. Plus the voice over and the mystery give me the same vibes
Recomendado por Kessa Muffin
Both shows follow the same theme of body-swapping between ML and FL
Both gives the same vibes only difference is plot but concept is same
Recomendado por Selby Thomas
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