A Fuga dos Sete: Ressurreição Episódio 1

8.3/10 from 7 users
Mar 29, 2024
Min Do Hyuk recovers and returns to learn that K has become Lee Hwi So with the power of LUCA, something he plans to expose. As a wanted man known as Sim Jun Seok, Do Hyuk gets the… read more

A Fuga dos Sete: Ressurreição Episódio 2

7.9/10 from 6 users
Mar 30, 2024
Matthew abducts Myoung Ji's child as a real-life example to gain attention to TIKITAKA's new Children Home application. Mone sees the teaser for "Dear D" and tries to stop the movie… read more

A Fuga dos Sete: Ressurreição Episódio 3

8.1/10 from 7 users
Apr 05, 2024
Min Do Hyuk removes his mask and shows himself to Sim Jun Seok, who can't believe he is alive. He is furious that Do Hyuk's trickery got him to clear the charges against him, and he… read more

A Fuga dos Sete: Ressurreição Episódio 4

8.0/10 from 6 users
Apr 06, 2024
After rescuing No Han Na, Min Do Hyuk's plan to ensure her safety has Matthew scrambling to find her. The whole country watches as the remaining time runs out. Matthew accuses Mo Ne… read more

A Fuga dos Sete: Ressurreição Episódio 5

7.7/10 from 5 users
Apr 12, 2024
At Mone and Chan Sung's engagement party, Matthew tries to get close to Chan Sung, but Chan Sung shuts him down. With Chan Sung at her back, Mone exposes how La Hui and Matthew had… read more

A Fuga dos Sete: Ressurreição Episódio 6

7.1/10 from 7 users
Apr 13, 2024
La Hui risks getting exposed and stops Matthew from killing Do Hyuk and Ki Tak. Matthew believes Chan Sung is Medusa and puts Mone on her second mission. Meanwhile, Chan Sung reveals… read more

A Fuga dos Sete: Ressurreição Episódio 7

8.1/10 from 6 users
Apr 19, 2024
Geum La Hui takes matters into her own hands after getting revealed as Medusa. She begins to trap those involved in Da Mi's death one by one, and ultimately herself, to be judged and… read more

A Fuga dos Sete: Ressurreição Episódio 8

8.3/10 from 6 users
Apr 20, 2024
After leaving a letter for Ki Tak, Geum La Hui starts the game of survival that she plans to broadcast live over Save's network. However, Chan Sung has plans of his own and takes advantage.… read more

A Fuga dos Sete: Ressurreição Episódio 9

7.8/10 from 6 users
Apr 26, 2024
The Seoul mayor by-elections are nearing, but Yang Jin Mo trails behind in his campaign. Luckily, Hwang Chan Sung lends his help for something in return. Meanwhile, Mo Ne succumbs… read more

A Fuga dos Sete: Ressurreição Episódio 10

8.0/10 from 6 users
Apr 27, 2024
After the wedding, Mo Ne can't believe what she discovers at Chan Sung's house and hopes she can save her mother. However, she can only succumb to Chan Sung's demands and rely on Min… read more

A Fuga dos Sete: Ressurreição Episódio 11

7.7/10 from 5 users
May 03, 2024
After getting shot by Matthew, Go Myoung Ji struggles to hang on to her life with Jin Mo and the rest of the people by her side. Meanwhile, Matthew finds a way to escape police custody… read more

A Fuga dos Sete: Ressurreição Episódio 12

7.5/10 from 5 users
May 04, 2024
Matthew tries to stop Min Do Hyuk's press conference, but it's too late. However, he doesn't give up. Meanwhile, the reporters agree to reveal the evil deeds that stemmed from the… read more

A Fuga dos Sete: Ressurreição Episódio 13

3.4/10 from 11 users
May 10, 2024
Do Hyuk pushes forward with his plans to expose Matthew and starts by releasing S-CURI, an app that safeguards users' secret chats from being spied on. Matthew pours all his effort… read more

A Fuga dos Sete: Ressurreição Episódio 14

7.8/10 from 4 users
May 11, 2024
Yang Jin Mo dies. He leaves his heart for Go Myoung Ji and saves her life. Matthew uses his power and connections to make Min Do Hyuk look like Yang Jin Mo's murderer. Meanwhile, Min… read more

A Fuga dos Sete: Ressurreição Episódio 15

7.8/10 from 4 users
May 17, 2024
Despite Mo Ne's involvement in Da Mi's death, Ki Tak saves her from Chan Sung's wrath and keeps her out of harm's way. However, Ki Tak gets taken hostage by Matthew as she makes her… read more

A Fuga dos Sete: Ressurreição Episódio 16

9.2/10 from 11 users
May 18, 2024
Min Do Hyuk corners Matthew and exposes the truth behind all his evil deeds in front of the press as his final blow. With no way to escape the accusations, Matthew takes matters into… read more

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