Both the fl lose their kid and go to prison… and also, Secret is really really a sad story . Czzzz
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the similar points that the both of dramas are sharing is that the female leads are living in depression with failed marriage and cheating husbands.

both of female leads are authors but obstacles were preventing them from continuing their jobs as the female lead in wonderful world was jailed for taking revenge from the culprit who did killed her son however in lost the female lead were accused to plagiarize the work of her colleague.

their relationship with the younger first male leads is more as healing friends and soulmates supporting each others in their calamity whereas the male leads are also in the same gloomy situation as the female leads.
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Both children of nobody and wonderful world are similiar in sense about how the mother lose their beloved son and also thier sanity while thier whole world collapse. CoNB is a serial killing atypical drama which focuses on healing which many twists while WW is a drama which focuses on redemption of a guilt.
Recomendado por coco_melon
younger man/older woman
fl seeking revenge - connects with ml during the process of finding revenge/solving her own mystery
fl is a college professor

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Similiar in some ways:
- thriller, melodrama
- revenge
- older female lead x younger male lead (without the romance in wonderful world)
- damaged people who need to heal
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FL of Eve and ML of WW lie about who they are, lost their parents, have been planning revenge for a long time.
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