-contract marriage
-family drama
-both FL enter ultra wealthy families not knowing how to navigate the change
- both have evil sister/brother in laws trying to obtain power/more wealth and sabotaging FL/ML

Mask is wayyy more serious than Wedding Impossible but it is good for those who enjoy marriage contract tropes! It's one of my favorites!
Recomendado por seulgid
Family drama is almost similar, a grandfather who wants to give the company to his grandson. But the grandson refusing to accept that. Reasons are different thpugh. In one drama it's because of a health condition, while in the other, it's because he wants to be free from all of the ties. Its also similar in the places of contract marriage, having each other for support, and ML drifting away from grand father after marrying the FL.
Recomendado por Corn Salad
Both feature a gay guy ending up starting the love story for the main leads, and hiding being gay:

Wedding Impossible has FL marrying a gay guy, which leads to love story with ML

Ruk Nee Jae Jad Hai FL spending time with what she thinks is her gay BFF (is really the straight twin/ML), which leads to love story with ML.

Recomendado por JulySnow2
Im both drama
all are human being
Boht ml are handsome
both fl has hair
Both drama people wears cloths

Recomendado por bhvyshrm
Plot is very similar to the Thai drama :
- FL decide to marry Gay heir friend in order for him to succeed
- ML is not happy

Waiting for this Kdrama impatiently.
Recomendado por Morgoth
First of all, Both give a similar vibe with how the character were written to be. Both shows plots are a ridiculously scenarios. Both shows main leads have to figure out how to coexist and eventually they find that they enjoy spending time together. I don't know if it's just me but I think since they both are from the same network company maybe writers or producers from one show worked on the other show, making them very alike.

Other Similarities:
Both Female Leads are strong, hardworking, quick witted women.
Both Male Leads are misunderstood in the beginning and overtime learn to be understood.
-It's still too early to say that the ML from wedding impossible is misunderstood but I think he acts out but he's intentions are different from what the FL sees.
Recomendado por Yendigar
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