There is a strong relationship between the main male leads in both dramas. In addition, their backgrounds are more or less the same which messes with their in-between dynamics.
Recomendado por PHope
•how someone "impossible" or unpredictable takes the throne aka become the one in power.
•similar plot except maybe fantasy elements of reborn rich
•revolves around a chaebol family and the ultimate game plan to take it down like lego
•satisfying downfall of the rich hehe
Recomendado por foxyjo
A tale of power, ambition and corruption

The plots may seem very different, however they have some of the same noir, thrilling elements to it
Both are dramas that feature chaebols and normies, plagued by ambitions, who are playing dirty tricks on each other to achieve their goals. In both cases, the ML is an outsider from the corrupt chaebols ( in Doctor Prisoner, ML is a doctor that wants to destroy the people in power and get revenge, in Impossible Heir, ML wants to steal the company from said people in power )
Both have tense suspenseful moments, business tricks that shock the opponent, race against the clock to one-up the villain.

Nevertheless, there are also a lot of differences : there is no cute romance in doctor prisoner, don't expect kisses and confession. It is also darker in my opinion Than the impossible heir
Recomendado por kiseki
The lead are Climbing to the top in the business and corporate world.
the brotherhood between the lead
Recomendado por geniusfreak007
Two main leads: one is poor the other is rich, the poor one is smarter and able to conqueer the position the rich want to reach, but isn't that capable of.
Recomendado por Rejane
their relationship remind me of the protagonists bc they both fight like boxers and then became a strong friendship and i think that will be the case here bc at first they will be rivals then he will teach him how to fight and soon they become best friends ho help each other out at least from what i see in ep 1
Recomendado por Anto_Doramaniaco
We find a big similarity: two "friends" & "partner" will betray each other because of a woman. There is the rich ML and the poor ML. And the girl (because there is a love triangle) must marry the rich. A rivalry will follow. The rich is mean.
Recomendado por KAELEEDRAMAG
It has the same love triangle. The poor friend likes the female lead first but the rich friend finds out and out of curiosity, he steals her. The plot and genre are different though,
Recomendado por Meela
Similarity on the long-term goal that two leads made with each other from their late childhood years.
Recomendado por yelle
O Herdeiro Impossível (2024) poster



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