Be my baby is coming too, it's also a very good lesbian drama, these two series both come out of novels, it's very suitable, hope girllove will be produced more, not only in thailand market but also in many parts of the world, recommend this to let them know more
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Office romance >
age gaps> Both main leads have struggles with each pother before they beome official.
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- Lesbian romance
- Many lesbian couples
- Coming from a group, or artist
- Thai GL
- Girls Love
- For more information
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office romace> mutiple couples and differnt plots > Age gap>
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- Lesbian romance
- Girls Love, GL, Asian GL
- Lesbian drama life
- Drama life
- Many lesbian couples
- Lesbian life
- Work, life
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- Lesbian romance, lesbian heroine, Asian lesbian, LGBTQ+, lesbian life, GL, asiandrama, lesbian movie heroine
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Both shows feature boss-employee relationships in the workplace, with the young female leads navigating and experiencing these romances. Both GL productions seem to be of high production quality.
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- Lesbian Romance, female lead, Asian dramas, Asian lesbians, Lesbian life, Social love, Female aura, female lead loves women
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- Lesbian Romance, Female Lead Lesbian movies, Both had conflicts before it happened, Age difference relationship, Female lead love women
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- Lesbian romance, female lead lesbian movie, Female lead love women, thailand lesbians, asian lesbian movie, Thai GL, Girls Love, Thai Drama
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- Lesbian romance, age relationships, social family, female lead love women, Revolving around society, school, Thai lesbians, Thai GL
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- Lesbian romance, lesbian life, good plot, many lesbian couples, Asian lesbians, pretty girls, lesbian lead actresses, co-workers, drama life
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- lesbian relationship, asian drama, LGBTQ+, Thai drama, Female lead love women, asian lesbian movie
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in therms of the story contents:
-> boss - employee relationship
-> multiple lesbian couples
-> girls love
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