Queer women in movies and dramas.  (I might add some titles with sismance too)
I provide links where you can watch them all legally, if there is no link then I have not found a legal way to watch it. (I might occasionally link to fansubbers, but those are usually on youtube or dailymotion).

I also provide short descriptions for dramas where the plot does not revolve around the queer character, is just a small part of the story, or is only implied etc. 

Note: As I have not seen all of these, there might be some titles here that might not fit on this list, I added those based on MDL tags. 

[Last updated: 20 may 2024]

[Note: I haven't checked nor updated the links in a while, I will sit down and update when I have more time. If anyone is interested in helping, feel free to DM me with links for any of the dramas on this list, also thank you to those that have DM'd me with suggestions and titles I missed. Seems like GL is on the rise and more titles are coming, and since I have less time to keep up with the news it's easy for me to miss a lot more now. Thank you for liking this list!]

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