I recommend this both drama because , Male lead and Female lead
try to solve problem
In one drama explosion and another student murder/suicide
Recomendado por SerenityDiamond
My Unicorn Girl" é um dorama cativante que nos leva a uma jornada repleta de amor, sonhos e amizade. Estrelado pelos talentosos Sebrina Chen e Darren Chen, o dorama conquista o coração dos telespectadores com sua história envolvente e personagens encantadores.
Recomendado por Eduarda4567opppppp
Basically the same story just different universes
Both are miniseries with the same ML
Both have a great revenge plot with almost the same actors
In both the SML is jealous of the ML and feels inferior to him
Recomendado por Zabbie
Both are mini dramas with the same actors as the ML and FL, and both have great chemistry. FL is their reunion after MR.
Recomendado por emeraldarrows
The same universe, almost the same cast. It's pretty much a Chinese Lakorn. Lots of drama and a fantastic FL.
Recomendado por Little Lottie
Both have uncles that love their nephew's girlfriend
Both have MLs that secretly help the FLs
Both have uncles that are considered as head of the family

Maid's revenge is darker in tone while Don't mess is very lighthearted.
Recomendado por MicahEllen
For me, I think they are kind of the same when it comes to plot and the motives of the FL. In Fall In Love, she wants to find the truth behind her brothers death and her parents separation. While in Maids Revenge she misunderstands that the ML is the one who killed her father and she wants to find out the truth and the culprit. They're both set in the Chinese Republican Era and it has to do with conspiracies and political plots for both dramas leads to entangle.
Recomendado por Seraphyna
short length series
childhood crush
initially FL's unknown ML identity
revenge of the main heroine
Engaged to nephew, married to uncle

Recomendado por ASTER
Steamy short length series set in the Republican era. The FL is out for revenge, and is forced to work as a maid.
Recomendado por Little Lottie
both are short dramas with a revenge plot
both have romantic elements too
the time slots are different, yet there are royal families and their plots involved
Recomendado por tintin92
It is set in around the same time period. It is also similar in that she infiltrates the house to get her revenge after her entire family was killed. Of course the male lead is crazy in love with her and will do anything to save and protect her.
Recomendado por xclusivek0rean
Similar story setting although different plot. Female lead in both dramas act mature and not annoying. RAR has a darker, more serious theme and not so much focused on romance. Not sure what else to say to come up with 100 words so they'll take the recommedation. Nevertheless, I recommend that you try RAR to see if it's your cup of tea.
Recomendado por Cdrama_fan75
Both are historical Chinese dramas where the ML is in a position of power, fell in love with the FL after a brief encounter as children, and takes aggressive steps to prevent her from being with the SML. Both MLs are controlling, possessive and protective. By the end of both dramas, the FL is determined and ruthless.
Recomendado por AH
Both male leads purposely deceive the female lead about their identity from the very beginning in order to either protect her or keep her close to him. If you want a short length series with angst and a love-hate relationship, these are good picks.
Recomendado por Jwells
One is the drama, the other a deleted scene.
Recomendado por emeraldarrows
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