Same leads. Ancient setting. Good chemistry. Even better kisses. Intriguing story development; never gets brought to resolution however. It’s as if there was originally intended to be a sequel, but the team just abandoned the project. There definitely needs to be a Season 2 because the last episode had a huge cliffhanger.
Recomendado por nolatoo
Both dramas are about someone creating a robot to "replace" a beloved family member who is missing or they are separated from. The robots end up having a special bond with the FL and save her from a fire early on in both dramas.
Recomendado por emeraldarrows
In both dramas male and female lead are same.
Both are short length dramas only having episodes 24.
In both dramas chemistry between leads are cute...
Recomendado por RANJ Asian Dramas
You From The Future (2023) poster



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