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Kisaragi Maaya, 16 anos. A primeira declaração de amor de sua vida terminou em completa rejeição. Ela promete “nunca mais confessar a alguém” na presença do estoico, mas popular Chigira-kun, enquanto estão juntos em serviço na biblioteca. Ao se encontrarem novamente e vê-la abatida enquanto relembra o passado, ele propõe que realizem um “jogo de amor não correspondido fingido”. À medida que o coração de Maaya começa a se curar, seus pensamentos se voltam para se aproximarem ainda mais… no entanto, ela definitivamente não pode se apaixonar pelo inatingível Chigira-kun…? (Fonte: Inglês = Mangaupdates || Tradução = Lucas em MyDramaList) ~~ Adaptado da série de mangá “Na no ni, Chigira-kun ga Amasugiru” (なのに、千輝くんが甘すぎる。) por Anan Kujira (亜南くじら). Editar Tradução

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  • País: Japan
  • Tipo: Movie
  • Data de Lançamento: Mar 3, 2023
  • Duração: 1 hr. 38 min.
  • Pontuação: 7.6 (scored by 1,988 usuários)
  • Classificado: #4913
  • Popularidade: #3084
  • Classificação do Conteúdo: G - All Ages

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Jan 14, 2024
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A Hopefully Eye-Opening Review of the Movie

As the title entails, this was absolutely OOZING with sweetness. I am currently in my japanese romance youth phase again and I came upon this movie. This was SO MUCH fluff that it had me kicking my feet and smiling like an idiot in the middle of the night. It's a good romance movie if you just want your heart to flutter or if you're a sucker for fluff romance, you'll absolutely love this. HOWEVER...if I was about 13 years old right now, I would've said this was the best romance movie I've seen but I have half outgrown that and I wanted to review some things.

First off, the story. Again, cute moments but I just wanted to commend the producers, the writers for having to expound the concept of unrequited love. In my 21 years, it's the first time I got to hear someone say, even if it is from a fictional movie, that unrequited love is "fun". At first I was thinking how utterly ridiculous that was, but then I realized the actual feeling of having a crush. It is fun. To love someone, to like someone, to have a crush on someone. The rush of feeling these emotions are quite thrilling. And also, these days, there's a thing called happy crush. Where you just find someone that makes your day, that inspires you, and for you to look forward to stuff because you get to see them everyday. It's so similar to that. This movie made me realize, it's not uncommon.

Next, the "unrequited love game". This isn't my first japanese drama/movie, I am a veteran to japanese dramas and movies already, and I am still baffled by the concepts that they often think about. Rental boyfriends/girlfriends, being someone's pet, or even "buying" a real human on the net (don't ask about that jdrama lol) This is just one of them, except this is kind of a little more tame? BUT Realistically, the "unrequited love game" WOULD NOT be ideal, you can already guess why *points the word "stalking" in bold letters* I was honestly so confused when they said that because, huh, what's the point? You want the girl to come after you, and look like a total loser and creepy stalker? And also, woah, is this what unrequited love girlies and guys do? However, I tried to be more open about it. As much as I found it weird, some of it is kinda true. When we like someone, when we have a crush on someone, we often do the stalking...that is, usually on the internet lol. Or we would come out of our way just to see them because they make our day, we love watching them from afar and knowing what they like and want to like what they like. It just shows how crazy love is because we end up doing crazy stuff.

And with that, I also want to say how interesting it is that they kind of broke the "pretend relationship" genre. Usually it's like this, girl has broken heart, meets the popular cold guy in school, and pretends dating guy who might want his fans to back off and girl wants to forget about her past love and then in the end they for real fall for each other. BUT THIS, this was a different approach, and I LIKED that. And it all made sense when the ending came, where it was revealed that Chigira had feelings for Maya from the start. It made me think how Chigira wanted to let Maya move on, but also he courted her without her even realizing it. He wanted Maya to come to him, he wanted Maya to like him, letting her realize that HE'S THERE. And the more I think about it, it's just so sweet T T


The acting. I wouldn't change the cast if it were me, they were perfect. But Takahashi Kyohei's acting kind of does need work. I REALLY LIKE THE PARTS WHERE HE SMILES but the expressions in some scenes irked me--I am very meticulous when it comes to, ESPECIALLY when it comes to expressions and emotions in the eyes. There were some scenes where I was looking for worry, pondering, sad expressions on his face but usually his expressions were just blank. That one scene where he was thinking if he should text Maya or not, I did not see any expression on his face.


All in all, I would personally watch it again if I want a good heart flutter or if I just want something light and fluffy. I would recommend it for those who are still hesitant to watch it because the story's good and kinda unique, also considering how I analyzed it. But would've loved to see this as a drama series though since it felt kind of rushed. But again, go ahead and watch it!

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Mar 26, 2023
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Very Loose Adaptation of the Manga.

While watching this in theaters I had two thoughts... "this is different from the manga," and "Itagaki Rhihito should have played Chigira-kun instead of Takahashi Kyohei."

•❅✧❅✦ Story ✦❅✧❅•

The film plays out exactly like the synopsis describes. Maaya and Chigira play the unrequited love game. It pretty much follows most of the flow of the manga, although the film does change quite a few things. The changes are big, but doesn't change much of the story or end goal. However, if I have to nit-pit, it would be that there is nothing that makes this film stand out in any way. Yes, it's beautifully done and it's romantic, but it's really just your average Japanese shojo manga adapted into a film. No drama, no amazing acting, no thing.

There is also quite a few plot holes and cliff hangers. The film brings up Chigira's past, but really does nothing with it. We know it's traumatizing for him, but because there is no dialogue during these flashbacks we don't know what is going on aside from his parents yelling at each other. We see Tezuka (Chigura's former, now rival) have a rivalry with Chigura, but we don't see them getting on good terms with each other. We only see Maaya tell him he doesn't actually hate Chigura, but he likes him. . . then the next scene they are now buddies. No closure. Lastly, the ending. We ended on a confession and kiss. . . but what about the whole school knowing about Maaya and Chigura? The whole school was messaging her and cursing her out, but she goes to Chigura's race anyways. They cuss her out then suddenly starting cheering Chigura on with her. Is her schoolmates over her dating Chigura because she was cheering her on? What happened here? I wanna have some closure, not just end on a kiss!

Anyways, the film wasn't bad, but when you think about it from a storytelling aspect, there are a lot of loose ends.

•❅✧❅✦ Manga vs Film ✦❅✧❅•

Sooooo. . . The film took their liberties and changed quite a few things. Some of them include. . .

• Yamada-kun being her classmate instead of being someone from her cram school. They also made him very very nerdy and unattractive.
• They didn't emphasis Maaya's thing for black haired guys with glasses, so Chigura randomly wears glasses at home.
• Maaya and Chigura don't ever do a "pretend dating game." Chigura just invites her on a date to the temple instead of the aquarium during their "unrequited love game."
• Tezuka is already Maaya's friend from the beginning and it's very clear he likes her.
• Maaya's friend doesn't seem to have a crush on Chigura in the film, unlike her having a crush on him in the manga.
• Maaya doesn't interrupt Chigura's fangirl's confession. She let's him go to her.
• The two keychains they have don't represent each other unlike the manga. Chigura buys it because Maaya thought it was cute.

And this list goes on.

I think it was a very loose adaptation where they changed lots of scenarios, but we still got the same end result.
I personally still like the manga better, but I enjoy how they changed Tezuka from being a random student Maaya meets to already someone who is her close friend with a crush on her from the beginning.

•❅✧❅✦ Acting ✦❅✧❅•

I feel bad saying this, but Takahashi Kyohei is not a great actor, not is he a great Chigura-kun. I had pictured Chigura-kun to be stoic only until Maaya says or does something that pulls on his heart-strings. However, Takahashi is stoic the whole time. He doesn't seem to be in love with Maaya. Furthermore, his acting is very stiff so his kissing, running, and lines are delivered a little to stiff to my liking.

Takahashi's performance wasn't terrible, but it was stiff to the point where half-way through the film I started thinking "why doesn't Maaya get together with Tezuka? Tezuka is so much better!" Itagaki Rhihito's performance was so natural and good, that I was looking forward to him appearing on screen more than Takahashi. I also started to think that with Itagaki's acting talents, he might make a better Chigura than Takahashi. Everything that Tezuka thinks is etched onto his face, so if Itagaki had portrayed Chigura maybe we would get the Chigura that is stoic until Maaya pulls on his heart-strings just like the manga. In the manga it's implied that maybe Chigura likes Maaya from the start since he blushes and gets upset based on her actions. Because of Takahashi's constantly stoic version of Chigura we can't really tell of Chigura likes Maaya until he takes her on a date and confesses to her.

•❅✧❅✦ Overall ✦❅✧❅•

This film wasn't terrible as a Japanese shojo movie, but it didn't really live up the the manga. There were a lot of plot holes and questions that weren't answered, as well as a stiff male lead. I just felt the magic that was in the manga was missing in the film simply because of his stiffness. Maybe if it were there I would like the film just as much as I do the film.

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  • Movie: And Yet, You Are So Sweet
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  • Pontuação: 7.6 (avaliado por 1,988 usuários)
  • Classificado: #4913
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