Those are pure sci-fi dramas produced and released by Disney+, with full of thriller vibes and plot twists. While Grid is focused on time-travel, Blood Free is focued on genetic engineering and biotechnology.
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gritty and witty, amazing character development, AMAZING plot development! both of them revolve around maintaining business order and their journeys while keeping hold of their positions in their said 'business'. more of description will be a spoiler, just give a chance to A Shop For Killers.
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Both have some kind of genetic mutation kind of feel to them and both feature the same Female Lead with a few differences.
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Both are related to biotechnology and genetic engineering and both are sci-fi crime dramas and have a suspentual situations and different concepts
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This was probably the drama that brought Han Hyo-Joo (the FL) her fame and recognition. She did an exceptional job in that series.

It does have a bit more episodes than the usual dramas and it is a historical kdrama.

The story revolves around the real historical figures of the Joseon Era (also spelled as Choson) - King Suk-Jong and his wives: Queen In-hyeon, Consort Jang Hui-Bin, and Consort Choe Suk-Bin (played by Han Hyo-Joo). It's not a very accurate retelling of history but is based off actual event for the most part.

This drama was one of the pioneers of the Hallyu wave globally.
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This drama stars Ju Ji-Hoon as one of the two MCs (the ML in BF) and Jun Suk-Ho (Seo-Hui aka the goofy doctor that controls jang yeong-sil all the time in BF) as a supporting role.

The story revolves around the two lawyer MCs who are polar opposites off each other. Eventually, the conflicting ML and FL join the same side. It's mainly about how the rich bend the law and how the poor are at a disadvantage as they don't have access to the same high class lawyers that the rich have.

It's a very fun and interesting drama. It blends comedy amongst serious topics very well.
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